4-Time PGA Teacher of the
Year Adam Bazalgette says
this fully legal
hybrid launches
high, straight shots FOR YOU…
using your 8-iron swing


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve discovered the most effective way to learn golf online is by watching it as most techniques cannot be understood by words and pictures alone. In order to master these drills, you need to watch precisely how they’re done in motion.

Because the video contains customized teaching and drills, the video length will be different depending on which instructor and approach interested you and what site you originally came from. Be sure to watch the entire video to get the full tutorial.

Because we very frequently circulate different instructors, approaches and drills to find what’s working best for amateurs, we cannot guarantee that you will see a link to this particular tutorial once you leave.

Get Your AnyLie Hybrid


The AnyLie Hybrid

This is the FIRST and ONLY hybrid with AnyLie Technology… where every single feature is working together to launch perfect approach shots from
ANY LIE… using your normal “8-iron swing”… so you’ll never miss a green again.

Now you can finally STOP making DIFFERENT swings with your hybrids and irons… worrying about hitting behind the ball… or making other swing changes.

Bonus: AnyLie Approach Shots Video Training (instant online access)

This simple training program guarantees you start improving your approach shots… BEFORE the AnyLie hits your doorstep. Combined with the AnyLie Technology that powers your clubhead through the contact zone for you… Your fat, thin, and mis-hit approach shots will be a thing of the past.

BONUS: Tee-To-Green Video Training (instant online access)

This training levels up your ON-COURSE STRATEGY… So you stop making the silly mistakes that cost you unnecessary shots. These proven tactics help you dominate under pressure… So you shoot lower scores without changing ANYTHING about your swing.

BONUS: The 4 Fundamentals Of Good Golf Video Training (instant online access)

In this training, Adam reveals his 4 pillars of good golf… And walks you through his most potent practice drills in each area. These are the SAME drills he shows his private students to get them the fastest results… with the least amount of boring practice.

BONUS: 14-Day Pass to Exclusive “Scratch Club”

Scratch Club 14-Day Free Pass – Advanced tools and training to drop 5 strokes from your handicap. (14 days FREE, then $29/month. Cancel anytime.)



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If at any time within the next 365 days you decide you’re not fully satisfied, simply send us an email at support@performancegolf.com and you’ll receive a 100% full and prompt refund, no questions asked.

“The first time I picked up the AnyLie, I stuck a green from
165 yards – from a Fairway bunker. In the past, I would
have laid up, but for the first time I feel good standing
over the ball… no
matter what the course throws at me.”

-Larry M. – 17 Handicap