How To Use The

A.F.S. Putting Technique

To Eliminate 3-Putts, And Hit Less Than
30 Putts Per Round

How To Use The

A.F.S. Putting Technique

To Eliminate 3-Putts, And Hit Less Than 30 Putts Per Round

Do you ever 3-putt?

Do you push or pull putts, and not really understand why?

Do you find yourself misreading putts, and struggling to read greens properly?

Or perhaps even worse; not knowing how hard or soft to hit it?

Well, you’re definitely not alone in these experiences…

I’m Eric Cogorno, and after giving over 20,000 golf lessons over the past 11 years as a golf teaching professional, I hear unfortunate stories like this all the time.

The good news is, I’m going to share a unique training method with you today… normally reserved for my in-person coaching students… that has the power to change your putting forever.

…And drastically lower your handicap.

There are 3 critical things you need
to hole more putts:

Get your putts rolling on line

Dial in your speed control on different courses

Improve your green reading ability

…All great putters do these three things well.

And that’s exactly what this training technique does for you.

It’s called A.F.S. training… and in the next few minutes I’ll show you how to use this training technique to:

  • Dial in your start line, speed control, and green reading skills…
  • Master your putting stroke, and get 25% more putts tracking the hole…
  • Eliminate 3-putts and start consistently two putting and one putting…
  • Have less than 30 putts per round…
  • Shave 5 strokes off your game or more…
  • And play the most consistent, stress-free, and deadly accurate game you’re humanly capable of…

There are 3 parts to this
A.F.S. training strategy:


First, it gives you a crystal clear AWARENESS of your putting flaws… Revealing exactly why you’re missing those vital putts inside 6 feet, and struggling with three putting.

We’ll talk about your start line, and you’ll become crystal clear on why you miss putts left and right AND how to consistently get your line and alignment locked in.

And if you think you’re missing putts just because of your putting stroke, then think again…

You’ll see why your eye line, ball position, grip, and 4 other often-overlooked factors are actually the root cause of why you’re missing putts.

You’ll see 10 critical checkpoints you need to understand in order to easily master your start line with putts.

“It’s like having your own putting flaw
radar detector…”

This “Awareness” stage of the A.F.S. training strategy, pinpoints the exact cause of each issue that’s crushing your ability to average less than 30 putts per round.

It’s like having your own “putting flaw radar detector.”

When you use this A.F.S. training technique to master your start line, you’ll experience that amazing feeling of seeing your putts track dead center towards the middle of the cup from inside the 10 foot range.

Rolling beautifully end-over-end and then diving into the middle of the cup…

And then walking up and picking the ball out of the hole as your buddies look on in envy.


From here, we move into the FEELS to really hone in your stroke, along with feedback drills to engrain the correct habits on the green…

The feedback drills you’ll be doing will allow you to focus your minds eye on simply reacting, instead of thinking about the mechanics…

…So that the correct movements and
patterns become second nature to you!

Unlike other training methods, this doesn’t rely on mechanical thoughts to try and fix your weak points.

The last thing you want to be doing on the green is thinking to yourself, “Okay… am I aimed properly, take the putter back a certain way, release the putter like this…”

Instead, this A.F.S. training strategy uses specific workstations to correct each weak point in your putting technique, which allows you to simply FEEL the correct movement…

This is the OPPOSITE of what happens
with most traditional golf training…

When you take a lesson or see a tip online, and then practice the mechanics… Sometimes it works for a bit, but then over time your results gradually wash away, and you have no idea how to get back on track.

When you use A.F.S. training you never have to worry about temporary results, because it actually engrains the correct putting stroke into your subconscious…

Essentially re-training your muscles and nervous system so that every putt you stroke starts to feel easy and natural

In about 10 minutes, you’ll start to feel your perfect stroke… and develop a feel for the correct speed for every putt.

And you’ll begin seeing your putts track right into the center of the cup and disappear.


And finally, the last part of the A.F.S. strategy builds your SKILLS, allowing you to take your new feels from the practice green onto the course.

Because we all know that making a 4-foot putt on the practice green and doing it on the course with the pressure of your partner being out of a hole are two different things.

…That’s why this A.F.S. training strategy includes SKILL oriented training drills that drastically enhance your ability to adapt to course conditions and simulate pressure when you practice.

So if you like…

I’ll walk you through this A.F.S. training
strategy in detail, so you can finally gain
control over your putting…

Discover how to get lined up perfectly – with your putter face completely locked in to your target line…

Make a high percentage of those VITAL putts inside 6 feet…

Say “goodbye” to 3-putts…

Develop a pressure-proof stroke…

Make more birdie and eagle putts…

And drive your golfing buddies crazy as you sink a ton of putts and take their money.

It’s all part of a new training called:

Putting Mastery

How to eliminate 3-putts, and have
less than 30 putts per round

Shot in full HD quality video, this advanced training provides the secrets to pro-level precision putting.

Here’s a small sample of what’s covered:

The reason why you pull and push putts… And 2 simple adjustments that can turn any bad putting day into one of your best

A 10-second putting test to make sure you’re engaging your bigger muscles to make your stroke silky smooth

Struggle with your green reads? Use my “Clock System” for dialing in your green reading and allowing you to truly just trust your line

My “Palm Secret” that gets 20% more putts tracking the hole, and dramatically reduces your number of three putts

Struggle with left to right breaking putts? Use my number one practice drill to help you hole putts consistently inside 10 feet

Learn my top putting hacks to adapt to all different types of green speeds to become an exceptional lag putter.

And SO much more…

Access the “Putting Mastery” training
to eliminate 3-putts, and have less than
30 putts per round

Just $69


Putting Mastery is an online course. After your payment you will receive
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Works on all desktop and mobile devices.

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When you get started today, you’ll have a FULL YEAR to test-drive the Putting Mastery training for yourself…

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Go through everything, then apply what you’ve learned, and I guarantee you’ll break whatever scoring barrier you’re up against.

If you’re not completely happy with the new speed control and accuracy of your putts…

With the amount of birdie and eagle putts you’re now making…

With the increased confidence you have on the green…

With how much more fun you’re having playing the game of golf…

And if you haven’t significantly reduced or eliminated 3-putts…

Then I’ll give you DOUBLE your money back, just for wasting your time.

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That’s how confident I am that this advanced training will have you playing the best golf of your life

Click the “Instant Access” button below right now, and take advantage of this rare opportunity and incredible discount.

Your coach,

Your coach,

Eric Cogorno

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Think back to your last full round of golf…

How many short putts did you miss?

How many 3-putts did you have?

Once you develop a rock-solid putting stroke, you can sink an extra 5-10 putts a round… in the next 15 days.

And this will lower your scores dramatically.


Not everyone can hit a 350-yard drive…

But ANY golfer aged 7 to 97 can become a superb putter. You simply have to acquire the skills.

You know that in order to lower your handicap, you need to improve your putting.

And today you have the opportunity to do just that.

It would be a shame for you to just continue doing the same things you’re already doing now… And never reach your full potential in golf.

Get started now so you can be certain you have what you need to develop your putting, so you can knock a pile of strokes off your score…

Start enjoying the new speed, control, and consistent accuracy of your putts…

Avoid those awful 3-putts…

And have more fun playing the game of golf…

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