Former Product Innovation Expert
At Titleist Make History With This
New Slice-Fixing Driver Technology

New 3-Wood Launches High Using An Iron Swing

Fully legal 3-wood makes hitting higher approach shots 15 to 20 yards farther easy for any amateur

Golfer placing a golf ball on the tee

This driver leverages the
same engineering as
Pro Racing cars to enhance
precision… speed… stability…
and TOTAL Control —
On The Golf Course…
When It Matters Most

What is it?

It’s a 3-wood for AMATEURS designed by Tiger’s former club engineer at Nike.

It’s the easiest 3-wood for amateurs to hit off the deck – or from ANY lie.

It’s NOT a training aid…

And it’s FULLY legal.

What does it

Unlike other 3-woods it gets the ball in the air even if you swing slow…

And prevents mis-hits… Even if you hit behind or top the ball.

Just make your 7-iron swing… and it WORKS.

Even off the deck.

Now you can finally STOP doing these:

  • Stop mis-hitting your 3-wood off the deck and wasting your good drives…
  • Stop struggling to get the ball in the air as you lose swing speed…
  • Stop leaving your 3-wood in the bag because it’s so dang hard to hit…
  • Stop making DIFFERENT swings with your 3-wood and irons…
  • Stop relying on traditional 3-woods built for the pros…

Why is that

Leading golf technology researchers have discovered that VANITY LOFT is the ROOT CAUSE of your struggles with a 3-wood.

Major club manufacturers have altered the design of new 3 woods to be LONGER…

NOT easier to hit… higher-launch… more accurate… or more forgiving.

That’s okay for pros with perfect swings trying to maximize performance but for amateurs:

Reducing loft causes these problems:

#1: Harder to hit the center of the clubface

#2: Harder to launch your ball in the air

#3: Harder to hit your target with any type of consistency

Did You Know?

These research findings came from a club innovation expert who dialed in clubs for Tour players like TIGER WOODS while working at Nike…

And has won a dozen Golf Digest Hot List medals for his innovative club designs…

That’s why the new EZ3 3-Wood gives you a bigger sweet spot for flush contact and a high-launch trajectory that lands soft.

  • Launch it high off the deck – even from bad lies…
  • Use your normal 7-iron swing…
  • Without needing any special training

How does it

The EZ3 combines 4 “high-launch” features into ONE 3-wood.

We call it “Easy Strike” Technology…

And it overrides the #1 design flaw in modern 3-woods.

Unique Feature 1:

Precision-Launch Loft

Gets your ball sailing into the air effortlessly… even if you swing under 100 miles per hour.

We discovered the optimal loft for a 3-wood was 17.5° by analyzing millions of amateur golf swings.

It makes the EZ3 feel like a hybrid while being longer than your current 3-wood…

Perfectly calibrated using a proprietary “Pure-Loft” calibration system…

Easy to hit high-trajectory shots off the deck…

Iron Byron Robot Test: Traditional 3-Wood VS EZ3

We put the EZ3 head-to-head against a big-name 3-wood in a high-tech test.

With EVERY variable the same…

– 85 miles per hour of swing speed…
– 0.0 face-to-path angle…
– Level attack angle…
– Clean lie…
– External conditions…

In 10 out of 10 swings…

Easy Strike Technology:

Launched the ball over 40 feet higher than the modern 3 wood…

Increased ball speed…

Produced more backspin…

Stayed closer to the target line…

And hit the ball farther!

Unique Feature 2:

“Pure Strike” Leading Edge

This forgiving, softly curved leading edge feels more like an iron than a fairway wood.

Reduces ground friction to glide across the turf and sweep the ball into the air…

Makes it easy to hit pure, flush shots off any lie…

No need to tweak your angle of attack…

No need to stress about where you position the ball in your stance…

No need to change your swing AT ALL.

Unique Feature 3:

Zero-G Clubhead

The lightweight design with its “Hot Launch Face” and “Aero-Crown” makes the EZ3 truly effortless to swing.

And it lowers the center of gravity below the ball’s midline…

Giving you a higher launch angle…

Perfect trajectory with more backspin control…

Better contact, more consistency, and deadly accurate shots off ANY lie

Feature 4:

High-Velocity Shaft

This lightweight shaft gives you maximum natural swing speed… with an EASIER swing.

It’s the standard 3-wood length so it’s easy to move around your body and make consistent center-face contact…

Optimized for slower swing speeds so it works WITH your swing…

You can customize your shaft from 5 different options depending on your swing speed.

Can’t I just
fix it on

Yes, you could…
But in my 20+ years of coaching…
I’ve never seen a 3-wood blast high-launch, land-soft approach shots off the deck like this.

I’m Eric Cogorno

I’m a Forbes-Featured Instructor…


I’ve given over 35,000 amateur lessons…

My instruction videos have been viewed millions of times…

And I Think Our Former Nike Club Designer Says It Best…

“The EZ3 is the only 3-wood that has every feature working together to fix bad shots and work WITH the amateur golf swing!”

How can I be
sure it
work for me?

Thousands Of Average Amateur Golfers And Elite Teaching Pros Already Love The Club…

Because it works no matter your age…

No matter your skill level…

And no matter how long you’ve been struggling with your 3-wood.

The results speak for themselves.

Does it come with
when I
get it here?

You’re Also Getting A Series
Of Exclusive

On This Page For New
EZ3 Customers Only


EZ Swing System Video Training

This is a step-by-step video training you can use WITH or without your EZ3…

Designed to fix the ROOT CAUSE of the three most common amateur swing faults with a 3-wood… in minutes:

  • A negative attack angle

  • A lack of clubface control

  • And swing speeds below 100 miles per hour

This means you can make perfect contact “on the screws” with machine-like consistency…

While immediately gaining even more accuracy and distance.

Now, you can use your EZ3 without watching any of this.

But the moment you secure your EZ3, you can instantly watch these videos and start improving your approach shots… BEFORE it hits your doorstep.

Combine this training with the Easy Strike Technology that powers this revolutionary 3-wood…

And your fat, thin, and mis-hit approach shots will be a thing of the past.


Easy Tempo Technique Video Training

Eric Cogorno teamed up with 6-time Major Champion Sir Nick Faldo…

To share a simple “Easy Tempo” technique that dials in your consistency and accuracy off the tee…

So you easily hit 10 to 12 fairways per round.

Sir Nick says: “Tempo is the glue that holds the swing together.”

And this training installs rock-solid confidence into your swing… with the trickiest club in the bag.

Add long, accurate first shots to the Easy Strike Technology on your second shots… And it’s a LOT easier to reach long par 4s… and even some par 5s in two!


Winning Wedges Video Training

In this training, Sir Nick and Eric Cogorno share a proven method to dial in your wedges…

Develop an AUTOMATIC short game…

And attack flags with confidence from 50 yards and in.

This is one of the most common areas amateurs pick up unnecessary strokes…

But with this simple technique in your bag…

You’ll be a wizard with a wedge in your hand.



During this LIVE video lesson…

You’ll SEE Eric Cogorno demonstrate key drills and practice routines with the EZ3.

Plus you can ask him anything else you want to about your game…

And he’ll give you personalized feedback on your swing.

This is all about solving your biggest problems and getting you the FASTEST results.

And of course… if you can’t make it LIVE, you’ll have access to the replay for life.


Scratch Club All Access Pass

You’re also getting an all-access pass to the Scratch Club’s Strategic Improvement System.

Over 121,000 amateur players have already used this system to improve every area of their game.

Driving… ball-striking… short game… chipping and bunkers… putting… and even mental game.

On average, golfers who follow this system drop 5 strokes from their handicap in the first month alone.

What if I
don’t  like

Try the EZ3 risk-free for an entire year.

guarantee badge guarantee badge

If you’re not completely thrilled with how the EZ3 transforms your confidence with a 3-wood, send it back and we’ll give you 100% of your money back.

Send us an email any time within the next YEAR to

How much does all of this cost?

The EZ3 Fairway Wood

  • First and only 3-wood designed with Easy Strike Technology that gives you NO CHOICE but to consistently launch high, straight, approach shots from ANY LIE…
  • Longer than a traditional 3-wood so you reach more greens in regulation (and lower your scores fast)
  • More forgiving Leading-Edge than a traditional 3-wood built for the pros
  • Works with a 7-iron swing (so you don’t have to change swings with irons and woods)
  • Speed Shaft increases your swing speed without swinging harder
  • High-launch features to get the ball in the air and land soft (even from thick rough)…

PRICE: $299.00 ONLY $189

EZ Swing System Video Training

FREE BONUS 1:  EZ Swing System Video Training

  • This step-by-step video training system immediately overrides the root cause of the three most common amateur swing faults with a 3-wood… and makes hitting the EZ3… that much easier.


Easy Tempo Technique Video Training

FREE BONUS 2:  Easy Tempo Technique Video Training

  • This exclusive video series will dial in your consistency and accuracy off the tee…
  • So you easily hit 10 to 12 fairways per round. Combine highly accurate tee shots with the Easy Strike Technology on your second shots…
  • And it’s a LOT easier to reach long par 4s… and even some par 5s in two!

PRICE: $197.00 FREE

Winning Wedges Video Training

FREE BONUS 3:  Winning Wedges Video Training

  • Become AUTOMATIC from inside 100 yards. The Winning Wedges formula will have you instantly throwing darts, and sticking more shots around the pin.

PRICE: $97.00 FREE



  • Get all your questions answered LIVE by Eric Cogorno – and get real-time feedback on your swing – during this LIVE video lesson. (Replay available if you can’t make it live.)

PRICE: $300.00 FREE

14-Day Pass to Exclusive “Scratch Club”

FREE BONUS 5:  14-Day Pass to Exclusive “Scratch Club”

  • Get a 14-Day Free Pass to “The Netflix of Golf” — with the world’s leading collection of advanced tools and training from some of the greatest golf coaches in the world.
  • All so you can drop 5 strokes from your handicap in the first month alone. (14 days FREE, then $29/month. Cancel anytime)

PRICE: $97.00 FREE


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If at any time within the next 365 days you decide you’re not fully satisfied, simply send us an email at and you’ll receive a 100% full and prompt refund, no questions asked.
“I’ve NEVER hit a 3-wood this high in my life. And I’ve definitely never hit 3 shots in a row that high, that far, and that straight. This thing feels like a magic wand.”

-Bruce C., 16 Handicap

Frequently Asked

You’ll get results immediately… because the EZ3 is designed to fix the root cause of the 3 most common mistakes amateurs make with a 3-wood. Just take your 7-iron swing to leverage the Easy Strike Technology… And hit the highest, straightest, farthest approach shots of your life.

Simple. Every feature of the EZ3 is designed to help AMATEUR golfers hit high-launch approach shots. It’s NOT for pros like traditional big-name 3-woods. The club’s Easy Strike Technology eliminates the root cause of bad approach shots – Vanity Loft – and gives amateurs EVERY advantage when they’re going for the green.

It’s an optional video training that complements the technology of the EZ3… and helps you improve with your fairway woods before your club is even in the mail.

The short answer is, yes, but you’re going to have to start swinging at least 100 miles per hour… Learn a DIFFERENT swing for your 3 wood than your irons… And master hitting shots out of every lie.

That’s why the EZ3 is so powerful… because it’s designed so you can use your normal 7-iron swing to bomb high-launch, high-spin approach shots that never leave the flag… and land soft on the green.

Well, first off… that’s rare… Because it’s already working for thousands of amateurs like you. Still, in the extremely unlikely event it doesn’t work for you… You’re covered by Performance Golf’s industry LEADING 365-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee… Which includes a no-questions-asked, unconditional refund policy.

If you’re not completely thrilled with the way the EZ3 transforms your approach shots, infuses confidence into your game, AND shaves 6 shots or more off your scorecard… Just send us an email any time within the next YEAR to Our trained customer success staff will send you instructions on how to return it… So we can issue you a 100% refund.

It’s typically shipped out within 48 hours of order placement and then takes another 2 to 5 business days — depending on where you live. International customers might need to wait up to 2 weeks for their EZ3 to arrive, not including any additional time for customs clearance. But if you want to get your fairway wood faster you can choose priority shipping on the next page and we’ll rush it out to you even faster.

Yes, the EZ3 works equally well for players of all levels. As I’ve said, it’s designed to fix the most common issues high-handicap amateurs face with a 3-wood. But low-handicappers are also raving about this club’s performance. That’s because ALL players benefit from eliminating the root cause of fairway wood problems… And using a club that automatically gets the ball in the air… off the deck or from ANY LIE.

When you order TODAY — you get the EZ3 Fairway Wood, plus all these must-have bonuses:

– EZ Swing System Video Training…

– Easy Tempo Technique Video Training…

– Winning Wedges Video Training…


– Scratch Club All Access Pass (14 days free)

Plus, you get peace of mind knowing your investment is protected by Performance Golf’s industry-leading, 365-day money-back guarantee. It doesn’t get much better than that.

So if you’re ready to launch high-flying, easy-to-control shots with your 3-wood… no matter how difficult the lie or situation is… Click the button above, secure your EZ3, and we’ll prioritize your shipment today.

If you have other questions… feel free to email and our friendly customer success team will take care of you. I hope that helped… and I can’t wait to hear how well you play after using the EZ3.