Proven With Over 90 Wins Worldwide And 5 Major Championships…

The Secret Of The World’s Greatest
Short Game Player

Golf Digest’s 2018 Teacher Of The Year Reveals How It
Could Shave 8 To 10 Strokes Off Your Round.

What if everything you’ve been told about the short game is wrong?

And when I say everything, I mean it. Advice like:

  • “Keep your lead arm straight and don’t ever let the clubhead pass your hands”…
  • “Lean your weight forward”…
  • “Keep your head still”…
  • “A chip is just a mini version of the full swing”…

That’s right…

These Common Tips (That Many Call Fundamentals)
Are All Flat Out Wrong!

In a moment, I’m going to show you proof beyond the shadow of a doubt.

This might make you angry. You have every right to be. Especially if you’ve been practicing these things for years.

But it’s actually great news. Because once you learn what really works, you can get on the right track and easily knock 4 to 6 strokes off your game permanently.

Think of it like driving around with a map that’s incorrect. Once you get the right one, getting to your destination becomes easy.

So let me show you…

The Real Secret Behind Short Game Success

It’s based on thousands of hours of video analysis of a well-known golf legend.

Titleist wedge maker, Bob Vokey, said this golfer “had the best short game ever.”

It’s not Tiger, Jack, or Phil…

It’s a former world number one who Golf Digest called “the ultimate match-play golfer.”

Golfers hated going up against this guy because his short game was magical. He was always in the match even after he hit bad tee shots.

But the important thing to know is that there was a method to everything he did.

And it’s much different from the advice you typically hear.

Once you use it for yourself…

Your Short Game Will Dramatically Improve After
Just 1 Short Practice Session

You’ll stop chunking greenside shots… or skulling them across the green.

Instead, you’ll have complete control over your short game shots from every lie imaginable. Even gnarly rough and deep pot bunkers.

You’ll find yourself with more easy tap ins for par. So you can shoot lower scores consistently.

Tour pros and typical weekend golfers have seen big leaps forward with what I’m about to share with you today.

Yes, even tour pros are seeing they can make dramatic improvements in their short games in a short period of time.

It’s All Thanks To A Guy Named James Sieckmann

You may have heard of him…

In 2018, he was named Golf Digest’s Teacher Of The Year.

And the year after that, in 2019, he earned Golf Digest’s #1 Short Game Teacher Of The Year for his techniques… the same techniques he’s going to share with you today.

He’s coached over 150 tour pros including:

Charlie Wi

Justin Rose

Brad Faxon

Charley Hoffman

Nick Watney

Patrick Reed

Stewart Cink

David Toms

Lexi Thompson

Matt Harmon

Kenny Perry

Bo Van Pelt

Ben Crane

Jhonattan Vegas

Tom Pernice

And more…

Tour pros can pretty much learn from whoever they want. So why are all these players flocking to James Sieckmann?


He Cracked The Code To Short Game Success

And today, you’ll see how to use it for yourself to knock 4 to 6 strokes off your golf game.

You see, James has been teaching golf for the last 30 years. And most of his time has been dedicated to helping people develop better short games.

But even though he worked with one of the most sought-after teachers in the country — a name you would recognize — he saw students still struggling with their short games.

It didn’t make sense. They were practicing hours upon hours based on the instruction they were getting — from a great teacher nonetheless — but not making any progress.

In some cases, they were getting worse!

That caused James to step back and critically analyze everything golfers are being taught about the short game.

Luckily, he had a connection to the greatest short game player who ever lived: The late Seve Ballesteros.

Seve Ballesteros

Seve racked up 90 professional wins worldwide including 5 major championships.

And back in the ‘80s, James spent time caddying for his brother, Tom Sieckmann, who played on the PGA and European Tour.

Tom Sieckmann (middle) and James Sieckmann (right)

Tom was good friends with Seve.

During tournament weeks, the two would play practice rounds together.

And one week in 1994 at TPC Sawgrass, James took video of every wedge shot that Seve hit during practice rounds and range sessions.

He filmed bunker shots… short chip shots… lob shots… 30 yard shots… 50 yard shots… and even shots in the 75 to 125 yard range.

Before James sat down to analyze all this video footage, he forgot everything he thought he knew about the short game. He basically wiped the slate clean and assumed he knew nothing.

Now, Seve was known for pulling off insane shots. Like hitting high lob shots out of bunkers with a 3 iron. Or he’d find openings through bushes and trees to land his ball on the green.

This led many people to believe that he was a feel player with no technique at all.

But that’s not the case…

James analyzed every split second of the video footage he had of Seve. He rewound and paused to examine everything that was happening in every frame on his wedge shots. He drew lines on his TV with a dry erase marker to check the position of the club and hands throughout the swing.

As James continued watching and analyzing video, the more he realized there was a technique to everything Seve was doing.

And the more certain he became that traditional short game advice like…

“Keep your lead arm straight and don’t ever let the clubhead pass your hands”…

“Lean your weight forward”…

“Keep your head still”…

And “a chip is just a mini version of the full swing”…

…Were all WRONG.

He had hours of video of the most talented short game player on the planet actually breaking all these so-called rules and fundamentals.

That’s how he came up with a brand new set of fundamentals.

It’s Called The Finesse Wedge Sequence

…And once you start using it, knocking 4 to 6 strokes off your game will become a breeze.

Unlike other random tips, the Finesse Wedge Sequence is proven from top-to-bottom based on the fundamentals of the greatest short game player who ever lived.

Tom Pernice Jr.
PGA Tour Champion

“In basing his systems on Seve’s methods, James has become the best short-game instructor in the world.”

Tom Pernice Jr.
PGA Tour Champion

Mike Adams
Golf Digest & Golf Magazine Top 4 Teacher In The World

“James Sieckmann is the number one short-game teacher in the world.”

Mike Adams
Golf Digest & Golf Magazine Top 4 Teacher In The World

And now science is confirming what James teaches. If you want to consistently shoot better scores, the Finesse Wedge Sequence is the only method to follow.

Dr. Greg Rose – the founder of the Titleist Performance Institute – has been collecting data on all the Titleist sponsored players on tour since the mid 2000s.

By 2009, they had thousands of data points from hundreds of players competing at the highest levels. They had data on all kinds of shots from driver swing all the way down to 10-yard chip shots.

For the full swing they discovered that the hips reach maximum speed first, followed by the torso, the arms, and finally the clubhead.

This is known as the proper kinematic sequence of the golf swing. Like a chain reaction where one thing leads to the next.

But the data from the short game was different. And nobody at the Titleist Performance Institute could crack the code on what it was telling us.

That is… until James Sieckmann came along.

He Discovered The Short Game Sequence Is Actually The Opposite Of The Full Swing

First, the club starts down… the arms go next… followed by the torso and hips.

In other words, it’s the exact opposite of the full swing!

This is what Seve Ballesteros was doing when he hit his wedge shots.

And many of the world’s best players today are either knowingly or unknowingly doing the same thing.

Isn’t that something?

They’re NOT following random tips or trying different things on a weekly basis.

They’re just imitating what worked for Seve and then making it their own based on their height… their body type… their age… and any injuries or limitations they might have.

Which is why Dr. Greg Rose of the Titleist Performance Institute is saying:

Dr. Greg Rose
Titleist Performance Institute

“James Sieckmann has the correct information and experience to help you quickly build a short-game arsenal for maximum confidence from 120 yards and in.

Once you learn the secrets to making solid contact with a wedge, there’s no looking back. You’ll be the envy of your regular foursome.”

Dr. Greg Rose
Titleist Performance Institute

So by now, I’m sure you’re dying to know:

What Exactly Is The Finesse Wedge Sequence?

The best way to explain it is with a simple ball toss analogy.

If you’re trying to throw a ball across the baseball field, you’re going to use everything you’ve got. Your legs… your hips… your torso… your arms… and even your wrist and fingers.

You need all these power generators to accomplish your goal. And they need to happen in the right sequence. You can’t have your wrist and fingers flinging the ball before you’ve generated the power in your lower body.

The full golf swing is the same way. You’re trying to use your body to generate maximum clubhead speed at impact.

But The Short Game Is Completely Different…

You don’t want your lower body to be a power generator. Instead, it’s there to provide stability and balance.

It’s like throwing a ball to a target 10 feet away. You’re probably not going to throw it at all.

You’d probably quiet the lower body and toss it underhand instead.

So you can say that the Finesse Wedge Sequence is inefficient for creating speed, but optimal for controlling it.

Basically, what James discovered was that great wedge players like Seve swing “weak” on purpose.

  • Power Game

  • Maximize clubhead speed

  • Create a penetrating ball flight

  • Decrease loft at impact

  • Take a divot in front of the ball (iron shots)

  • Short Game

  • Control clubhead speed

  • Create a soft ball flight

  • Use the loft and bounce of the club at impact

  • Brush the turf

And by making simple adjustments to your stance, club head path, and release you can “shut off” the power generators that are good for the long game… but can wreak havoc on your short game.

That’s why trying to make a miniature version of the full swing is such harmful advice. Your power generators are still engaged and they can make you flinch unconsciously.

It’s like your body wants to do one thing. But your mind knows it shouldn’t.

That causes hesitation, inconsistent contact, and poor distance control.

Once You Shut The Power Generators Off, You Can Go Freely After The Ball And Make Solid Contact…
With Complete Confidence The Ball Will Fly Your Intended Distance

That’s how Seve was able to hit high lobs out of the bunker with a 3 iron. And that’s how he could make those nice, easy greenside shots under pressure.

He knew his power generators were shut off so he was free to make a free and relaxed swing through the ball.

That’s why the average golfer has a very loose idea on what the fundamentals of the short game are.

They try out random things. And if they don’t work, they try something new. This leads to what James calls “a never-ending hamster wheel.”

And years go by without any progress.

The bigger fundamental that you need to understand before anything is this:

You’re Either In Finesse Mode…
Or Power Mode. It’s One Or The Other.

The Finesse Wedge Sequence is revolutionary in its simplicity. It shuts off the power generators and your wedges go on autopilot.

You don’t have to think about how much “oomph” you need to get the ball to the target. It all becomes instinctual.

Think about tossing a ball to a target that’s 5 feet away from you…

Now think about tossing a ball to a target that’s 10 feet away…

And then doing the same for a target that’s 20 feet away.

You’re not changing your technique at all. You’re just letting your arms swing a little more. Maybe even letting your head go with the movement a little.

And you could keep doing this until the target becomes too far away and you need to engage your power generators.

The Finesse Wedge Sequence works the same way.

It’s Natural… It’s Intuitive…
And It Works No Matter What Your Age Is

In fact, the older you get, the better it works.

Because it becomes easier to shut off the power generators that are good for the long game… but bad for the short game.

Even if you’re over 50, this will become your secret weapon out on the course.

Terry McGuirk, the chairman and CEO of the Atlanta Braves is nearing 70 years old and he said this:

Terry McGuirk
CEO, Atlanta Braves

“The short game is so important for the senior player, and when I use Sieckmann’s techniques on the course, other players often ask me what I’m doing that allows such precision with ordinarily difficult shots.

It’s breakthrough stuff that will make a big difference to your game.”

Terry McGuirk
CEO, Atlanta Braves

It’s All Possible Once You Tap Into The
Finesse Wedge Sequence

It has improved the scores of everyone from tour pros to weekend golfers.

Greenside chips, pitches from tight lies, and bunker shots off a downslope will start to look much easier with this technique.

James first discovered it in 1994 when he analyzed all the video footage he took of Seve.

Then, he took what he learned and started teaching members at his prestigious private club.

But then word started to get out that he had an entire short game system based on Seve Ballesteros.

And one day he got a call to work with PGA tour player, Ben Crane.

After just a short session, James overhauled Ben’s short game. He went on to win the 2010 Farmers Insurance Open – his first victory in almost five years.

And get this: He led the field in scrambling at 89%.

To give you an idea how good that is, the average on the PGA tour is 57%.

And Ben went on to win two more tournaments after the Farmers!

So it’s easy to see why James’ phone started ringing off the hook.

He worked with many more tour players and they saw rapid improvements in their short games.

Here’s a glimpse into what they’ve accomplished after working with James:

  • Charlie Wi was #1 in Total Putting in 2011.
  • Kevin Chappell ranked #1 in approach shots from 50 to 125 yards
  • Charley Hoffman won a FedEx Cup Playoff event.
  • He became the exclusive short game coach for Tom Pernice who is known as one of the greatest wedge players ever.
  • Nick Watney went from 146th in Scrambling to 12th in just one year. Nick also became one of the tour’s most prolific wedge players, going from ranking 76th in Approaches from 75 to 100 Yards all the way to #1 in 2011.

I can go on and on…

So many teachers work with talented golfers who are already good. And then use that association to bolster their reputations.

Let’s get real, I can coach Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson and they’d still be good. They’re Tiger and Phil!

The mark of a truly gifted teacher is the ability to transform players. To take someone from the bottom of the pack to a leader on tour.

And James has done just that over and over again throughout his career. He built his reputation as the world’s best short game teacher from the ground up by examining what works and what doesn’t. And then putting it all into an easy-to-follow system.

For over 30 years, James has been refining his Finesse Wedge Sequence.

All His Drills Have Evolved Over Time So That You Can
Shave 4 To 6 Strokes Off Your Game
Faster Than Ever Before

Let me tell you, Finesse Wedge Sequence drills are unlike anything you’ve seen before…

They detect your faults (probably the wrong advice you’ve been following all this time) and automatically correct them.

So after just a few sessions you can ingrain the feel of a proper short game shot that’s not engaging any of your power generators.

Think of it like autocorrect on a smartphone. You can make a mistake typing but the computer recognizes the context of everything and fixes it for you so that you have a complete sentence before you hit send.

Finesse Wedge Sequence drills do the same thing for your short game.

Here’s the thing…

You Can’t Find Video Footage Of His Finesse Wedge Sequence Drills Anywhere Else…

You can’t get them in his bestselling book…

You can’t get them in various online videos you’ll find of him floating around…

And even if you could afford Jame’s day rate of $5,000, he’s not accepting any new students.

So if you wanted to learn the Finesse Wedge Sequence you were out of luck. Until today.

…Because James Sieckmann is now on our teaching staff here at Performance Golf!

We have a special relationship with him to get you privileged access to his entire series Finesse Wedge Sequence drills…

The same drills that have made PGA tour careers… and the same drills that have helped weekend golfers knock 4 to 6 shots of their rounds.

They’re All Available In His Brand New
Training Program, Finesse Wedge Mastery

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover inside…

  • The simple stance “hack” that makes it impossible to engage your power generators when they’re not needed… and sets your body up for
    short game success.
  • A little-known Ben Hogan grip trick for control.
  • How to angle your chest at setup to ensure you’ll make solid contact on all your short game shots.
  • The secret of the Finesse Wedge swing plane. It took hundreds of hours of analyzing Seve’s swing to discover this. But you’re going to get a crash course, plus a series of drills to help you instantly get a feel for it.
  • How to swing your arms and release the club properly. Once you see how to do this, you’ll eliminate fat shots entirely because the Finesse Wedge Sequence produces minimal ground interference.

    So you’ll eliminate fat shots from your arsenal completely. Even if you accidentally hit behind the ball, it will still go up in the air and next to the hole.

    In other words, you’re increasing your margin of error and decreasing your level of stress out on the course.
  • The secret of letting your energy flow to the target so you can hit those 25 to 30 yard shots with ease.

What Short Game Shots Make You Nervous
Just To Think About?

Chipping off a tight lie?

High bunker shots?

A pitch from deep rough?

Once you’ve gone through Finesse Wedge Mastery, these will become a cakewalk. You might even start to look forward to them.

PGA tour pros have won millions with the Finesse Wedge Sequence…

Ben Crane
8 professional wins

“James has saved me 1 stroke a round… On the PGA Tour, if you know what 1 stroke a round means… it’s INSANE!”

Ben Crane
8 professional wins

Tom Pernice
13 professional wins

“He’s made a HUGE difference in my career… that’s for sure. A lot of credit goes to James.”

Tom Pernice
13 professional wins

And everyday golfers are experiencing incredible results as well…

Dick Sponhauer
Age 78

“I struggled with skulling across the green or chili dipping it…

After just a short lesson with James, I hit three that were almost gimmes. It didn’t take much time at all to correct my problems.”

Dick Sponhauer
Age 78

Dan Komer
Age 66

“My normal miss is hitting it thin… What James taught me was very easy, and it improved things immediately.

I’ve had lessons with different people… I’ve never had someone help me as quickly as that.”

Dan Komer
Age 66

Make no mistake…

Once you go through Finesse Wedge Mastery, making solid contact with your wedges will be like breathing. Something essential, but you won’t have to think about it.

The impact on your wedges will start to look like a tour pros’. You’ll just see the little dime-sized spot of rust where you hit it over and over again.

Listen, if you’re watching this, I know you’re the type of person who wants to improve your golf game. And this is the training program that can help you do that.

So let me ask you…

How Much Have You Spent So Far Trying To Improve?

How much time have you committed? Have you given it much thought?

The average cost of a private lesson is $150 an hour…

If you go once a week for a month that’s $600 right there!

A large bucket of balls at the driving range runs about $12. If you’re going every week that’s over $600 as well.

And if you’re going twice a week, you can double that!

But none of these will lead to improvement if you’re not working on the right things. You’re just spinning your wheels and not moving forward.

Momentum can be cruel in golf. You can’t afford to take too many steps back along the way. Otherwise, you’ll lose focus and interest.

And you’ll have devoted a lot of time, money, and energy without anything to show for it.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

James has proven through his students… through motion capture data… through video analysis of the greatest short game player ever… that the Finesse Wedge Sequence is the only technique that works.

Many people have paid his day rate of $5,000 to learn it.

Tour pros fly him out to their home courses and put him up in hotels to learn it.

He’s earned his reputation as #1 short game teacher in the world through his results with students.

With that said, we could easily charge $1,000 for Finesse Wedge Mastery… and it would be worth every penny.

After all, this is James’ life’s work.

He jumped through all the hoops of learning the wrong short game fundamentals… struggling in his own playing career… and then wiping the slate clean to learn everything he could from analyzing Seve’s technique.

But if you’ve made it this far then I know you’re serious about improving, so…

You’re Not Going To Pay $1,000 For It…

You won’t even pay $500…

Finesse Wedge Mastery can be yours today for just $57.

That’s less than the price of a twosome at your local muni with snacks and drinks at the turn!

However, There’s A Catch…
We Can Only Offer This Deal To 500 People Today.

Throughout his career, James has worked almost exclusively with elite golfers. And while you don’t need to fall into this category, you do need to be serious about improvement.

This limit ensures only the most passionate golfers get access.

I know the Finesse Wedge Sequence will help you take 4 to 6 shots off your game.

So click the button below and you’ll be taken to the secure order page.

Fill in your details, and you’ll get instant online access to the Finesse Wedge Mastery course.

Finesse Wedge Mastery

The short game secrets used by over 150 Tour pros… Now available to the amateur golfer

$1,000 Just $57 Today

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And it gets even better, because…

When You Get Access Today, I’m Also Throwing In
These FREE Bonus Gifts:

You see, the Finesse Wedge Sequence is just scratching the surface of the score-dropping tricks that James picked up from Seve.

Between walking up to their ball during practice rounds, and talking on the range and over lunch, James asked Seve everything he could about the short game.

Can you imagine that? Having direct access to one of the greatest players who ever lived. The advice and insights you’d get would be second-to-none.

And James has put all his best insights into these easy-to-follow lessons.

You’ll discover the magic move for bunker play…

You’ll learn simple adjustments to hit the ball off different lies. (This is a great lesson if you play a lot of hilly courses)…

You’ll get a streamlined practice plan so you can knock 4 to 6 shots off your round in the fastest, most direct way possible. So you don’t waste years of practicing without anything to show for it.

And you’ll learn the mental game secrets of the world’s best golfers.

Too many golfers “work” golf. They’ll hit a bad shot and then kick themselves all the way to their ball. And they stand over their next shot still thinking about that bad shot and what kind of score they’re going to post.

But not Seve…

He “played” golf. His entire focus was on the shot at hand. Not on what just happened, or what could happen in the future. That’s why he was never rattled on the course when he was in bad situations.

And once you know how to reboot your mental game, you can stand over shots with confidence.

Everything will seem easy.

You’ll stand over that 15-yard bunker shot to save par on the 18th hole just like it’s a practice shot.

You’ll experience what it’s like to play freely out there… without any mental clutter holding you back.

Again, I could easily charge $1,000 for each of these bonuses and they’d be worth it.

You’re getting the life’s work of the world’s best short game teacher based on the fundamentals of the greatest short game player ever.

But they’re yours free when you order Finesse Wedge Mastery today.

And you’re not risking anything when you purchase today.

You’re Backed By Our 365-Day,
Money-Back Guarantee

That means you have an entire year to check out Finesse Wedge Mastery risk-free.

That’s more than enough time to go through the drills, practice them on the range for a few sessions, and then take it all out onto the course.

If you don’t see improvement… if you don’t take 5+ strokes off your game… or even if you don’t like the color shirt James is wearing in his training videos… just contact our support team at and they’ll refund every cent you paid.

How many times have you had a golf lesson where they guaranteed your improvement like that?

That’s how confident I am in the Finesse Wedge Sequence. It’s the only technique any golfer should be following for their short game.

Here’s Everything You’re Getting Today…

  • You’re getting Finesse Wedge Mastery — where James will take you through all his best drills and instruction to easily master the Finesse Wedge Sequence.
  • FREE – How To Hit From Any Lie
  • FREE – Secrets Of Short Game Practice
  • FREE – Short Game Mindset Mastery
  • FREE – Bunker Mastery
  • FREE – Bunker Game Specialty Shots

$1,000 Just $57 Today

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365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Many tour pros credit working with James as the turning point in their careers.

  • Ben Crane went on to win his first victory in five years. And he led the field in scrambling at 89%.
  • Nick Watney went from 146th in Scrambling to 12th in just one year.
  • Charley Hoffman won a FedEx Cup Playoff event.

A few weeks from now, you’ll look back on this moment as the turning point in your golf game.

So don’t waste another moment with techniques that don’t work. Click the button below to get Finesse Wedge Mastery today at the lowest price possible.

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