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What Products Can
You Promote?

The Straight Stick 7-Iron is a first-of-its-kind swing trainer that gives you no choice but to makes solid contact. Just set the adjustable AccuGrip to neutral, strong, or strong plus and start taking swings. The Straight Stick’s “Compression Clicker” feedback will do the rest!

Backed by 6-time PGA Tour winner, and 4-time Champions Tour winner, Rocco Mediate, the simplicity, convenience, and precision of the Straight Stick is unlike anything the golf world has ever seen — making it a MONSTER seller.

The Straight Stick Driver takes the same revolutionary “Compression Clicker” technology from the 7-iron version and applies it to the longest club in your bag. Meaning, this is the fastest way to help dial-in your swing for longer, straighter drives.

The Straight Stick driver is built to automatically get you releasing the club with perfect timing, which grooves Ben Hogan-like lag into your swing and produces more speed and distance off the tee — without you swinging any “harder”.

The EZ3, 5, and 7 are the most forgiving, high percentage, and easy-to-hit-off-the-deck fairway-woods EVER designed.

Backed by Forbes-Featured Instructor, Eric Cogorno, these breakthrough fairway woods use “Easy Strike Technology” and a higher loft that produces more spin, control, and a higher peak flight. This gives amateurs the ability to land softer approach shots and hold more greens in regulation.

The EZ “Player’s Set” is hands down the most consistent and reliable fairway wood set for low, mid, AND high handicappers from 140 to 220 yards.

Backed by Tiger’s former swing coach, Hank Haney, the Launch Deck corrects a slice in a matter of minutes and gives you an extra 30+ yards of controlled distance off the tee in just a few practice swings.

The Launch Deck is a revolutionary practice mat that forces you to swing from the inside and hit up on the ball, giving you an easy way to hit longer, straighter drives.

Legendary golf instructor David Leadbetter’s new simple swing technology gives you repeatable, flush contact by focusing on just ONE thing — the RIGHT takeaway.

Simply clip The StraightAway on to any club, take the yellow line back over an alignment rod, and it becomes nearly impossible to miss the center of the clubface and make solid, consistent contact.

Who’s Behind Performance
Golf Products?

The Best Of The Best…

David Leadbetter

50-year Tour Instructor, Coach to
7 Former
World #1s, Top 3 Instructor
In The World

Hank Haney

Tiger’s Former Coach, Given Over 70,000

Amateur Lessons, Legendary Swing

Rocco Mediate

38-year Tour veteran, 6-Time PGA Tour
and 4-time Champions Tour winner

Eric Cogorno

Forbes-Featured Instructor, 35,000 Lessons

Under His Belt, YouTube Star

Josh Boggs

Legendary golf club engineer, former club

designer at Nike assigned to Tiger Woods

Jeff Sheets

Prolific golf engineer who has customized

clubs for over 60 Major winners, including

legendary names like Sir Nick Faldo, Arnold

Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus

The fastest growing online golf company in the world, according to INC Magazine, who
has helped over 300,000 golfers transform their games on every level — by delivering
breakthrough teachings from leaders like Tiger’s former coach, Hank Haney, 6-time Major
winner Sir Nick Faldo, “The people’s coach” Martin Chuck, and many more.

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Please note: The PG Product Influencers partnership is ONLY for individuals with a highly engaged, medium-to-large sized golf audience who are looking to promote high-quality, lucrative products.

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