Tiger’s Former Coach & One Of His Trusted Engineers At Nike
Team Up To Finally Create “The World’s Fastest Slice Fix”…

Tiger Woods’ Former Coach Hank Haney says The Launch Deck is “the fastest way to fix your slice AND give you an extra 17-40 yards off the tee!”
It’s the ONLY way to get instant feedback on your path and attack angle so you improve your game with every swing you take.
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Backed By Our 365-Day,
100% Money Back Guarantee
& Unconditional Refund Policy
“The Launch Deck fixed my slice AND I added over 40 consistent yards to my drives.”
-Dan C. | Launch Deck Customer

The Launch Deck is the ONLY swing trainer ever designed to get amateurs to naturally swing from the inside and increase your attack angle.

That means you’ll:

  • Start swinging up on the ball…
  • Correct even the worst over the top swing in a matter of seconds…
  • Get instant EXTERNAL FEEDBACK on every swing you take so you’ll HEAR and FEEL what’s REALLY happening in your swing…

So you can eliminate your slice AND add up to 40 yards of distance off the tee.

The Launch Deck Gives You Higher, Longer, And
Straighter Drives
By Fixing The ONE Reason You Slice
And Hit Short Drives: An Over-The-Top Swing

The truth is… 

Until you fix your over-the-top swing… 

You’ll always struggle with 2 major problems:

Problem #1

An Open Clubface Relative
To The Path Of Your Swing.

When your clubface is open even 1 degree to the over-the-top path…

Your ball is always going to slice right.

Problem #2
A Downward Attack Angle

As you’re about to see, a downward attack angle robs you of 17 to 40 plus yards off the tee.

Have you ever heard the saying, “You need to hit down to make the ball go up?”

Well… that is completely false when it comes to your driver.

The good news is, you DON’T need hours of expensive lessons… 

Technical launch monitor data… 

Or years of practice to fix your over-the-top swing… because…

The Launch Deck’s Two Innovative Features Dial In Your
Inside-Out Path And Optimize Your Attack Angle
FOR You… In Just A Few Swings Each Week!

Feature 1

Auto-Path Swing

The Auto-Path Swing Gates give you
feedback about your swing path…

So you start swinging from the inside —
in just a
matter of seconds.

These Swing Gates are specifically calibrated for
amateurs who struggle with a slice…

And they give you the perfect external feedback to make fixing your slice EASY.

As you know, I’ve fixed tens of thousands of slices during in-person lessons over my career…

But I’ve never seen something correct a slice as fast as these Auto-Path Swing Gates.

That’s why there’s growing buzz in the industry saying the Launch Deck is truly the
“World’s Fastest Slice-Fix”.

It Can Literally Take The Worst Over-The-Top Swing
And Correct It… In A Matter Of Seconds

No overthinking.

No complicated mechanical adjustments.

No taking two steps backward to take one step forward.

It couldn’t be easier for you…

Simply step up to the Launch Deck…


And let your body and brain naturally take care of the rest.

It really is that simple.

And while I know that 90% of amateur golfers struggle with a slice…

I wanted to make sure The Launch Deck works for everyone.

And that’s why we’ve made the Swing Gates adjustable.

That means, if you’re the rare player who struggles with too much of an in-to-out path…

Then simply move the Swing Gates to the appropriate holes for fixing YOUR path.

The Adjustable Swing Gates Quickly
And Easily Dial In The Perfect Path…

To Hit The Shot You Want

Slice Fix Setting

Hook Fix Setting

Straight Shot Setting

They guide you to make practice swings to feel the correct path…

So you can focus on letting go of too many internal swing thoughts…

And only concentrate on swinging through the gates.

That means with just a few swings each week…

You’ll retrain your muscle memory so when you tee it up without The Launch Deck…

Your club path is naturally grooved…

And you always have a mental image of the Swing Gates to keep you dialed… because…

Once You SEE The Swing
You Literally Can’t

But We Didn’t Stop At The Swing Gates… We Invented
Something That Has NEVER Been Done Before!

Feature 2

The Launch Hurdle

Unlike a launch monitor, which just shows your
attack angle data…

The Launch Hurdle makes the Launch Deck the
FIRST and ONLY swing trainer that optimizes your
angle of attack FOR YOU…

So you automatically IMPROVE your ball’s launch trajectory…

For higher, longer, and straighter drives — in just a few swings each week.

As soon as you tee up a ball on the Launch Deck…

You Simply Focus On Clearing The Hurdle
And The Launch Deck Immediately
Optimizes Your Attack Angle…

Forcing you to stop swinging down…

And START swinging level or UP at the ball.

Pick Your Tee Placement To Optimize Your
Attack Angle For Maximum Distance

The “optimal attack” tee placements are
meticulously calibrated at the EXACT distance
from the hurdle…

So you either get a LEVEL attack angle…

An attack angle 3 degrees up…

Or even a positive 6 degree attack angle… which
is more than Rory.

Now, I’m not saying I want you to swing like Rory.

I’m just saying The Launch Deck optimizes your attack
angle so easily and naturally…

You’ll have the confidence to let it rip off the tee.

Bottom line is…

NOTHING Like The Launch Hurdle Has
Ever Existed In ANY Swing Trainer… Until Now

And it gives you NO CHOICE but to improve your attack angle…

So you can add 17 to 40 yards of distance.

All you have to do is…

Start hitting balls from the Level tee placement… taking a few swings each week.

And while taking your angle of attack from negative 3 degrees… to a positive four degrees… may not seem like a huge deal…

This Player Fixed His Attack Angle And Gained
40 Yards Off The Tee While Swinging SLOWER…

PROOF: Here’s What Happens When You
Tee It Up On The Launch Deck

The Launch Deck will do the same for YOU.
Here’s What You’re Getting Today:

  • The Launch Deck: The world’s first swing trainer that gives you no choice but to swing from the inside and optimize your angle of attack. This means you stop swinging over the top and fix your slice… PLUS start swinging up on the ball to add 17-40 yards off the tee.
  • The Launch Deck Quickstart Video Series: This short Quickstart Video Series helps you immediately personalize the Launch Deck to your swing… So you can fix ANY issues you have with your swing path or attack angle – right away. 
  • The Launch Deck Distance Accelerator: We designed this series of warmups, practice, and home-use routines for you to use exclusively with your Launch Deck… That add 10-25+ MORE yards to your drives.
  • Launch Deck Secrets For Flushing Irons: The Launch Deck is “reversible.” Simply flip it around and do the simple drills revealed in this training – to make that addictive feeling of pure contact your new normal.
  • Exclusive Access to hands-on feedback with Hank Haney – Hall of Fame coach to Tiger Woods, Mark O’Meara, and over 200 Tour Pros – to ask literally ANYTHING you want to about your game.

The Industry’s FIRST
“Swing-From-The-Inside-Or-It’s FREE”
100% Money Back Guarantee


PLUS, our unconditional refund policy.

That Means You Can Try The Launch Deck Out

And take up to an entire YEAR to see the difference it makes.

If you’re not completely thrilled with the way The Launch Deck transforms your swing path…

Optimizes your attack angle… 

And maximizes your distance — on literally every single shot…

All you have to do is send us an email any time within the next YEAR to support@performancegolf.com…

And our trained customer support staff will send you instructions on how to return it…

So we can issue you a 100% refund.

The Launch Deck either makes your slice disappear AND gives you more distance off the tee… or you get your money back.


That said, we only expect amazing things to happen.

Fix Your Slice For Good AND Start Swinging Up On The
Ball  After Just A Few Minutes of Practice Swings
Get Yours Today
For Just $55
& We Pay Shipping in the USA!
365-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
And Unconditional Refund Policy
Backed By Our 365-Day,
100% Money Back Guarantee
& Unconditional Refund Policy

You Can Order By Phone!
If you have any questions or if you’d like to order by phone, call our friendly 
customer service team at 1-800-523-5760 (Monday – Friday, 9:00 am-5:00pm EST).
You can also send an email to support@performancegolf.com.

Just “swing through the gates and over the hurdles…”
to dial in your path and attack angle AT THE SAME TIME!

Here are some of the reasons golfers are saying this is the easiest and most effective training aid they’ve ever used:


The Launch Deck easily fits in your golf bag.

Whether you use it at the range… in your living room… or in your garage…

It’s easy to tee it up wherever you want… and take practice swings with or without
a ball. 

That means you’ll finally have NOTHING standing in your way… 

Of fixing your slice and gaining 17 to 40 yards of distance.


The Launch Deck is built with a heavy-duty hitting surface…

And the “twist and lock” feature ensures the Swing Gates and Launch Hurdle stay snapped in…

That means you can swing as hard as you want… 

Even if you swing over 120 miles per hour… 

And you won’t break it… we promise


You don’t HAVE to hit balls to get results with the Launch Deck.

To fix your slice and add 17-40 yards of distance… Just throw it on the ground…

And concentrate on swinging WITHOUT hitting the Swing Gates and Launch Hurdle. 

Do that for just a few swings each week… And the next time you tee it up…  

You’ll hit it higher… farther… and straighter… than you EVER have before.

Meet The Team Who Invented And Engineered The Launch Deck

Hank Haney

  • Tiger’s Former Coach For 6 Years
  • Fixed Over 100,000 Slices
  • Golf Legend

“I’ll tell you this… I can fix a slice pretty darn fast. But I’ve never seen anything do it as fast as the Launch Deck. And that’s exactly what I intended when I came up with the idea!”

Josh Boggs

  • Former Senior Advanced Innovator
    at Nike
  • One Of The Former Designers For

“I designed this specifically for amateurs looking to get instant feedback on their swing path and attack angle — the two MOST important aspects of the golf swing with a driver.”

Brixton Albert
& Performance Golf

  • CEO and Founder – Fastest
    Growing Online Golf Company
    (Inc. Magazine)
  • Over 300,000 Happy Members

“The Launch Deck is going to do what so many other swing trainers have promised… but not delivered. I’ve tested this swing trainer with over 200 amateurs and the feedback is always the same — this is “the world’s fastest slice fix!” The market has never seen a training aid fix your path and attack angle at the same time. I’m pumped!”

Brixton from Golf Performance Picture
Get Yours Today
For Just $55
& We Pay Shipping in the USA!
365-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
And Unconditional Refund Policy
Backed By Our 365-Day,
100% Money Back Guarantee
& Unconditional Refund Policy