This Is ALWAYS In My Bag

I want to talk to you today about a LiveView. LiveView is the best feedback source, the best training aid in golf. Here’s why it’s so awesome. You guys hear us say in the videos all the time, you need to be able to see yourself on video. You need to see what your swing looks like. Right? Feels and reels are two different things, and this is where LiveView comes into play. When you purchase a LiveView you get this device, and when you go out to the range or you’re practicing at home, you simply take the LiveView, put it on the little stand, right on your golf bag, or simply put it on a stick on the side, and you’re able to see yourself live, instantaneously as you’re swinging.

I’ve never seen anything this good before. I personally use the LiveView all the time. I recommend it to all my students. When I put the LiveView on, and I connect it to my iPad, iPhone, or any mobile device, I’m able to put that iPad or iPhone on the ground. The LiveView comes with its own Wi-Fi, so you just press one button, connect the LiveView to your phone or iPad. Put the LiveView in front or behind you, and simply watch your iPad, phone, or mobile device as you’re swinging. Right? You can go behind you and put your phone behind, but then you got to walk back, and look at every video. It’s tough to do. This you can do as your’e swinging. That’s why I love it so much. You’re going to love it as well. Easy to fit right in your bag. You can see it’s very small. Comes in a nice little compact case, put it right in your golf bag with the holder, simply pop it out at the range, on the golf course, or at home.

It’s how you can make your practice sessions the most efficient, and really make the changes you’re looking for both in your swing, and your game without any guessing. There’s a ton of different videos. There’s a ton of different ways you can use it, drills you can do, but LiveView Golf is the only way you know for sure if you’re doing the moves in your swing that you want. Now, we’ve got an awesome deal for you LiveView. If you’re interested in making your practice better, more efficient, actually improving, go ahead and check out the link down below.