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If you have an iPhone or iPad you can access your training programs on the new Performance Golf app using your same login and password.

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Message From Our Founder

My name’s Brixton Albert, founder and CEO of
Performance Golf.

I’m on a mission to help 1 million amateur
golfers play the best golf of their lives, and enjoy
every minute of it.

As a scratch golfer myself, I understand what it
takes to improve every area of your game…
And how to avoid the time-wasting pitfalls along
the way.

That’s why I created Performance Golf as a
one-stop resource for the amateur golfer to
elevate every area of their game.

I’ve assembled top coaches like Hall of Famer
Sir Nick Faldo… Tiger’s former coach Hank Haney…
the legendary instructor David Leadbetter… 6-time PGA Tour winner Rocco Mediate… the number one short-game teacher James Sieckmann… and many more.

Now – I want to give you access to some of our top training to help you play your best golf.

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Owners Also Buy…

Straight Stick Driver

Boost your swing speeds by 5-10 MPH and add 15 to 25 yards of laser-accurate distance with the Straight Stick Driver.

This automatic swing trainer gets you dropping the club into the slot, swinging from the inside, and generating massive amounts of lag… so you can release maximum speed into the back of the ball.

This is the #1 way to effortlessly increase your distance off the tee.

If you’re serious about hitting longer, straighter drives and quickly lowering your handicap — look no further

Retail Price: $299

You Pay Only: $189
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Speed & Distance
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VIP Experience Today

We’re fortunate to partner with some of the best coaches in the world — like Martin Chuck and Brian Mogg — who also offer elite in-person clinics for golfers looking to transform their game in a resort setting.

These experiences are not for everyone. They are for golfers with the time, dedication, resources and commitment to take their game to another level.

To see whether you’re the right fit for one of these in-person VIP academies and which one is potentially right for you — book a call with a team member who can walk you through all the details.

Expect to invest more than you would on a new driver and set of irons — and know it will be worth every penny.

Learn More About Our
In-Person VIP Camps
SF1 Slice-Fix Driver

The first driver where EVERY feature is engineered to fix your slice… FOR YOU… on the course, where it counts.

The SF1’s Square Face Technology combines all the best anti-slice features into ONE club, creating a phenomenon called the “slice-fix effect” — so that you:

  • Fix the hardest part of what’s causing your slice right now…
  • Measurably increase toe speed in the downswing to square the face, relative to your path…
  • Get visual feedback to install an on-plane takeaway and an inside-out path (giving you a draw-pattern swing)
  • And most importantly, so you turn your slice into a straight shot (or controlled cut)

Retail Price: $399

You Pay Only: $299
Yes, I Want A Driver That
Fixes My Slice FOR ME!