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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve discovered the most effective way to learn golf online is by watching it as most techniques cannot be understood by words and pictures alone. In order to master these drills, you need to watch precisely how they’re done in motion.

Because the video contains customized teaching and drills, the video length will be different depending on which instructor and approach interested you and what site you originally came from. Be sure to watch the entire video to get the full tutorial.

Because we very frequently circulate different instructors and approaches to find who connects best with amateurs, we cannot guarantee that you will see a link to this particular tutorial once you leave.

When you watch the full explanation in this video, it will ensure you understand how each drill works biomechanically so that you can make it work for you immediately.

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The world’s leading Impact Program based on a Y-to-Y Impact Technique that Hall of Fame Coach, Rick Smith, has used to help multiple major winners – and over 85,000 amateurs dial in pure impact… in his 45+ year career. It’s a proven technique that gets you to STOP hitting AT the ball… and instead hit THROUGH the ball.

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This training contains the secret to mastering the pure impact point with your DRIVER… So you can add 25 to 35 laser-accurate yards off the tee… Without swinging out of your shoes or killing your body with a big rotational swing.

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Ask Phil & Jack’s former coach Rick Smith any question LIVE and get immediate feedback designed to help fix your impact even faster. If you miss the live stream, you’ll have access to the replay for life.

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Bonus: 14-Day Pass to
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“I’ve never seen such an in-depth and impactful program in golf. My contact, my swing, and my understanding of the game have never been better. Thank you, Rick.”

– Ben M. – 16 Handicap