Stop Hitting The Ball:  An Untold Jack Nicklaus
Story That Will Change
Golf Forever And Help
You Make…

In this video, you’ll discover:

  • The swing technique that made Jack Nicklaus the greatest player of the century and how this simple approach is fixing contact for thousands of amateurs.
  • How the 80/20 rule in golf explains why players with “unconventional” swings can make consistent, solid contact and score…
  • What it takes to eliminate the “perfect swing syndrome” and start dialing in the 20% of the swing that matters most.
  • Why hitting “AT the ball” is perhaps one of the most significant issues in amateur golf and causes fat shots, thin shots, mis-hits and even shanks for most players…
  • And discover the exclusive story of how Jack Nicklaus gave his coach Rick Smith one of the greatest lessons in the history of the game and why we believe this is the ONE lesson every amateur needs

About Rick Smith

Hi, I’m Rick… You may know me as the swing coach who worked with major champions like the golfer of the century Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Lee Janzen, Paul Azinger, Vijay Singh, and Greg Norman.

But what you may not know is that I’ve given over 85,000 lessons to amateur golfers in my 40 plus year career…

And most people come to me for my PROVEN ability to fix any golfer’s IMPACT.

That means… I’ve worked with thousands of the worst golfers on the planet and spent decades correcting their impact issues — without dozens of hours on the range.

You see, my career took off after working with legends like Jack Nicklaus…

And The Experience I Gained Inside-The-Ropes Gave Me The Most Well-Rounded Understanding Of The Golf Swing I Could Have Ever Asked For…

But it also made me realize that what I’m most passionate about is helping amateurs…

And that’s why I’ve spent the last 15 years out of the limelight.

Because I was working at all my academies around the world helping the everyday amateur golfer reach their full potential.

And I want my ultimate legacy to be about helping millions of players play good golf… starting with the drills in this tutorial.

These are the most guarded drills I learned while working with the golfer of the century, Jack Nicklaus, for over 11 straight years. And today, I want to give it all to YOU.

Get Access To The World’s #1 Training
For Eliminating Poor Contact… Simplifying The
Swing… And Dialing In The 20% That Determines
80% Of Your Impact…

It’s A Technique Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, And Lee Janzen Have All Used To Win Majors…

And it’s the only training program that’s been an “instant impact” fix for over 85,000 amateur golfers.
  • Eliminates the need to focus on positions in the golf swing… and naturally unlocks flush contact
  • Simplifies the swing by focusing on the 20% that ACTUALLY matters
  • Fixes fat shots, thin shots, and a lack of clubface control at impact… 
  • Unlike “positional” swing methods that work for some golfers and not for others, this technique is proven to work for any swing type, any grip, and any swing flaws you THINK you have
  • And most importantly, it fixes your impact permanently (without building the “perfect” swing)
Ending the battle with bad contact
once and for all!

Here’s Everything
You’re Getting
To Fix
Your Contact Today

Perfect IMPACT

The world’s leading Impact Program based on a training technique Jack Nicklaus revealed to only ONE coach. Rick Smith used this exact Y-to-Y Impact Technique to help Phil Mickelson win his first major. And has also used it with 85,000 students in his 40+ year career. It’s a proven technique that gets you to STOP hitting AT the ball… and instead hit THROUGH the ball.

For 15 years, Rick Smith has protected this impact program by never releasing it to the public. But now, to fulfill his life’s mission to help millions of struggling amateur golfers, Rick’s delivering it to the world and giving away everything he’s ever learned about the game. 

Unlike other training courses out there, the Perfect Impact Program only focuses on the 20% of the swing that really matters when it comes to making flush impact. This approach simplifies the golf swing and makes practicing fun and easy.

This step-by-step contact-fixing program works no matter how old you are, how long you’ve been playing, or how high or low your handicap is. It’s already becoming the most popular impact program on the market today.

Here’s how the Perfect Impact Program works:

  • Step-by-step, interactive video training with Rick Smith walking you through the Perfect Impact Progression…
  • In-depth modular training breaking down ALL faults & fixes that lead to your poor impact right now (Rick’s covered all swing types, grips, and physical limitations possible)
  • Feedback Feels videos that use ordinary golf equipment to make sure you never get off track and always have a point of reference while you’re dialing in your contact…
  • Perfect Impact Under Pressure Protocol reveals the difference between “practice feels” and “on-course reals.” This module gives you the exact protocol to take what you’ve learned and have it work when it counts. No guessing. No overthinking. Just on-course results 
  • And most importantly, you’re getting an up-close and personal experience to work with Rick Smith as he shares everything you’ll ever need to turn your fat shots, thin shots, and mis-hits into perfectly flush, dead straight shots…

This program gives you
Jack’s #1 secret… 
How to: “stop hitting at the
ball… and start
through the ball!”

VIP Coaching 

Unlimited Swing

Even though we organized the Perfect Impact Program so the lessons are easy for ANY golfer to follow…

NOTHING beats getting personalized feedback on your swing from a Rick Smith & PGA-certified coach.

And while you’re following the program… you can get one-on-one attention to answer all your questions and assure you’re doing everything possible to get the fastest, most reliable results.

All you need to do is…

  • Film your swing with your cell phone
  • Upload the video into the Performance Golf App (or email it to your coach)…
  • And we’ll immediately review it, check your progress, and give you personalized feedback and advice

And the best part is you get UNLIMITED swing reviews for 30 days… and when you combine the Perfect Impact Program with 30 days of swing reviews… you won’t even recognize the player you’ve become.

Performance Golf App 

(World’s Fastest Growing
Training Platform)

Get instant access to all your training and bonus courses inside this user-friendly app. Never again practice without having your coach in the palm of your hand. 

Inside you’ll find:

  • Rick Smith’s 35 interactive coaching videos within the Perfect Impact Program
  • Customized practice plans you can take to the range (so you’re never alone)
  • On-course strategies you can use to overcome swing thoughts (and dominate under pressure)
  • Personalized swing-fixing recommendations based on your golf journey

Scratch Club

(14-Day All-Access Pass)

14-Day All Access Pass to “The Netflix of Golf” — with a proprietary Maximum Improvement Model designed by some of the greatest golf coaches in the world. Follow the Scratch Club system and drop 5 strokes from your handicap in your first month alone.

Scratch Club gives you a clear step-by-step improvement plan for every area of your game: 

  • Driving Masterclass
  • Better Ball-Striking Blueprint
  • Short Game System
  • Chipping & Bunker Basics
  • Perfect Putting Program & Protocol 
  • Mental Game Mastery 

(You’re getting an all-access 14 days pass, then when you love it, $29/ month. Cancel anytime with one click.)

SwingFix AI

(Early Lifetime Access)

This revolutionary new AI swing coach:

  • Uses your cell phone camera to read  17 data points in your swing… using 3D motion-capture sensors… 
  • Identifies your 4 biggest swing flaws in order of importance (including pre and post-impact)…
  • Gives you customized drills and techniques to improve those flaws one at a time.

This breakthrough AI Swing Coach guarantees you’re always focusing on the 20% that produces 80% of your results. 

And when you’re one of the first people to enroll in the Perfect Impact Program today…. You’re getting access to this technology inside the Performance Golf App.


In-Person “Mickelson

You’ll automatically be entered into a drawing for the IN-PERSON Mickelson Experience. That’s right, you have a chance to win an ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP… where you’ll join Rick Smith for a 2-day LIVE training academy. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you can only get a chance to win when you get the Perfect Impact Program on THIS page.

(Save 80% today on this
page only)
365-Day 100%
Money-Back Guarantee
100% Protected
100% Secured
If at any time within the next 365 days you decide you’re not fully satisfied, simply send us an email at and you’ll receive a 100% full and prompt refund, no questions asked.
“I’m so grateful Rick released this
training. I’ve never seen such an in
depth and impactful program in golf.
My contact, my swing, and my
understanding of the game have
never been better. Thank you, Rick.”
-Ben M. – 16 Handicap

How can I be sure it
will work for me?

The Program Has Already Fixed Impact Issues For Thousands Of Golfers…

Practicing this for 15 minutes… is better than banging hundreds of balls aimlessly every day. 

Highlights Include:

  • The 5 ball Y-to-Y technique that fixes any struggles in the impact zone. This gets you focused on the 20% that’s going to fix your impact faults the fastest.  
  • A “Right-Hand Release” trick that auto-programs your hands, arms, and body to sync up with your club path in the impact zone… without thinking about path or clubface control. 
  • The Reverse Impact Swings that Jack used before every single round. Without focusing on all the segments in the swing you’ve been told to work on… your swing starts moving naturally on the perfect plane in the impact zone…

Highlights Include:

  • Discover the Y-to-Y Faults and Fixes that eject fat and thin shots from your bag
  • A “2×4” drill that makes sure you never hit a shank again
  • The TRUTH about the takeaway: how to fix the 2 biggest takeaway faults amateurs make that ruin contact AND consistency
  • Erase the possibility of a post-impact “chicken wing”, “scoop”, or “flip”
  • Why your grip DOESN’T MATTER
  • The perfect post-impact match up that every great golfer has (and most amateurs don’t)

Another important lesson I work with my students on is how to use things they have in their golf bag – like a headcover… club… tees… and a ball or two…

To get what I call “Feedback Feels.” These help you FEEL the exaggerations that rewire the biggest impact faults.

Highlights Include:

  • How to get instant feedback (for free) that reveals “feels VS reals”
  • A power board secret to unlock maximum speed PAST the ball
  • The headcover hack that guarantees you’re on the perfect path for flush contact
  • How to use your golf glove to lock in your pre- and post- impact Y

AKA how to translate what you practice onto the course

We’re sure you’ve felt the pressure of taking a new “feel” or “technique” out on the course. And if it doesn’t translate to flush shots right away, it feels like you have no chance to come back. 

With Rick’s protocol, that will never happen again. Because you’re about to get the exact same drills and techniques Rick gave Jack, Phil, Rocco, Lee, Vijay, and Greg… that gave them the edge over the entire playing field. And it’ll be the same for you. 

Module Highlights Include:

  • The “Jack” Drill: Here’s what the greatest player to ever pick up a club was thinking before every shot (Sure, you can watch videos of Jack but you’ll never SEE him do this. The only reason we have this… is because Jack only gave it to Rick. So it’s NOT on Youtube.)
  • A little-known trick you can do AT HOME before your round that prepares you to handle any pressure you’ll face on the course with ease…
  • The “tee-time warm up” that preps you physically and mentally to play great golf (takes about 5 minutes)
  • How all the best golfers recover from BAD shots (and never think about them again)… This is exactly how I got Phil to block out the pressure of winning his first Major… and just stay committed to the progression he was working on.  And it’s the same for any player… no matter where you’re at in your golf journey

Once you’ve completed the Perfect Impact Program and seen exactly how to practice the Y-to-Y technique, it’s time to get in touch with your personal Swing Coach. 

Swing reviews is how the best players get better… and you’re no different. Because no matter how long you’ve been playing… no matter how ugly your swing is… and no matter how many physical limitations you have… 

Swing reviews work… and they work FAST.

  • Simply record your swing with your cell phone (we’ll show you how in the app and inside the member’s area)
  • Upload your swing for your coach
  • Review your coach’s analysis and plan
  • Then get back to work as your swing improves using the most interactive coaching model online

The results speak for themselves…

Here’s what your golf transformation looks like…


Fix Your Contact With the Perfect
Impact Progression

Perfect Impact Program

Rick Smith – Coaching Legend

The world’s #1 impact program created to get amateur players dialing in the 20% of the swing that produces 80% of the results. This program eliminates “positional” techniques that leave players confused and getting little-to-no results. Instead it gives you the Y-to-Y in the impact zone that every great golfer to ever pick up a club uses to flush it under pressure.


Get personalized feedback and
unlimited swing reviews from
your “Perfect Impact” coach

VIP Coaching

Rick Smith & PGA Certified Coaches

The swing reviews feedback is what really sets this program apart from anything else out there. For 30 days you can get unlimited swing reviews from Rick and his team to guarantee you never take a step backwards… and only get the fastest, most reliable results.


Shave an additional 5 strokes off
your handicap in the key
areas of the game using the Scratch
Club’s “maximum

Scratch Club 

World’s Best Coaches

Pick an area of your game you want to work on (driving, approach shots, wedges and bunkers, short game, putting, mental game). Learn from the best coaches in the world. Do the step-by-step technique training drills in the accelerator programs… and have fun completing the skills challenges. Track your results on and off the course. Watch your handicap plummet.

Follow the plan… get the
results you want…

What if I don’t like

You’re Getting The

365-Day Money-Back
Plus, our
unconditional “one-
click” refund policy…
That Means You Can Try 
The Perfect Impact Program
Completely Risk-Free

Here’s the deal:

You’re not making a final decision here today. 

You’re simply agreeing to give the Perfect Impact Program a CHANCE to see if it works for you, just like it has for so many other amateurs. 

Because thanks to Performance Golf’s industry-leading ONE-YEAR, unconditional money-back guarantee… you get 365 days to decide. 

It MUST deliver everything we’ve promised here today. 

It must get you to simplify your swing… dial in your accuracy… and give you the most flush contact of your life — or you pay nothing. 

Because you can literally use this program for 365 days, and then, for ANY reason… you can log into your account on the LAST DAY, click cancel, and get a full no-questions-asked refund.

No need to call a phone number. No emailing customer support. Just one click and you get your money back. It’s THAT easy.

(Save 80% today on this
page only)
365-Day 100%
Money-Back Guarantee
100% Protected
100% Secured
If at any time within the next 365 days you decide you’re not fully satisfied, simply send us an email at and you’ll receive a 100% full and prompt refund, no questions asked.
“I’m so grateful Rick released this
training. I’ve never seen such an in
depth and impactful program in golf.
My contact, my swing, and my
understanding of the game have
never been better. Thank you, Rick.”
-Ben M. – 16 Handicap