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Would You Like To Make More Progress In 2 Days Than Most Golfers Make In 2, 3, Or Even 5+ Years?

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Imagine making more improvements in your game on a 2-day “golf vacation” than most golfers make in 2, 3, or even 5+ years.

If you…

Have been playing for a year or longer…

Are healthy enough to swing and play golf…

And you want to fix the real reason your consistency, accuracy, and distance isn’t what you know it should be?

You’re just a few tweaks away from a BIG breakthrough.

But the only way that happens is having an experienced PGA-level coach find and fix your #1 swing flaw for you.

I’m not sure if you realize this…

But every golfer has a main swing flaw that creates a series of compensations and inconsistencies.

If you can find and fix your root flaw?

Your contact, consistency and handicap progress leaps and bounds.

This is exactly what our 2-day VIP Golf Camp experience is designed to do.

What Is It?

An In-Person “Customized Swing Fix” VIP Golf Experience (And Vacation!)

Every month we host 2-day golf vacations at exclusive locations around the country.

You and a handful of select players receive “a golfers dream treatment”…

Where you work 1:1 and in small groups with our PGA-level coaches find and fix your REAL swing flaw.

Your real swing flaw is the core issue that causes other compensations in your game.

When you find (and fix) yours…

Contact, consistency and handicap progress leaps and bounds.

It’s not uncommon for golfers who fix their root flaw to shave 2, 3, even 5 strokes off their scorecard within a month.

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Results From Golf Camp Alumni

Some Of Our World-Class Coaches That Will Find & Fix Your #1 Swing Flaw

Martin Chuck Profile Image
Martin Chuck
Golf Digest Top 25 Teacher with over 50,000+ happy amateur students.
Brian Mogg Profile Image
Brian Mogg
Golf Digest Top 100 Teacher with over 30 student wins on PGA and LPGA tour.
Jeff Ritter Profile Image
Jeff Ritter
Golf Digest Top 100 Teacher and Top Teacher in Oregon.
Andrew Rice Profile Image
Andrew Rice
The “Everyday Golfer’s” Coach and Golf Digest’s #1 coach in Georgia.
Adam Porzak Profile Image
Adam Porzak
Top Ranked Teacher in California and the fastest growing instructor in the world. Projected to have 30+ golfers on Tour in the coming years.

Finally Discover What’s Missing & Fix It

Many golfers feel like their game will get better with time.

Time is NOT what’s missing.

You’ve beaten guys who’ve been playing longer than you, right? I have.

You’ve gotten beat by guys who’ve been playing shorter than you, right? I have.

If time was the key factor, neither of those would happen.

You or any golfer can shortcut the learning curve by years (even decades) when you fix your core swing issue.

When you do that, all the pieces come together.

This is exactly what our VIP Experiences are designed to do.

Hosted Beautiful Locations Across The Country

Blue Map Marker IconBend, OR
Blue Map Marker IconDeerfield, FL
Blue Map Marker IconOrlando, FL
Blue Map Marker IconWest Nyack, NY
Blue Map Marker IconSan Diego, CA
Blue Map Marker IconLake Geneva, WI
Blue Map Marker IconZephyr Cove, NV
Blue Map Marker IconRising Fawn, GA
Blue Map Marker IconHuntersville, NC
Blue Map Marker IconPhoenix, AZ
Blue Map Marker IconEdison, NJ
Blue Map Marker IconMurfreesboro, TN
Blue Map Marker IconUniversity Place, WA
Blue Map Marker IconBaja California, MX
Blue Map Marker IconMontego Bay, Jamaica
Blue Map Marker IconAnd more to come…
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What To Expect During Your VIP Experience

  • PGA Level Coaching: Receive one-on-one-coaching personalized coaching to fix your root swing flaw and make significant strides in your game.
  • Small Group Instruction: Gain invaluable golf insights in a small group setting. This type of coaching fosters rapid improvement for golfers of all playing abilities.
  • Immersive Learning Environment: Enjoy a supportive judgment-free atmosphere to focus on honing your golf skills with other players doing the same.
  • Guided Course Play: Discover priceless on-course lessons to enhance your “Golf IQ” and course management. Many golfers save 3-6 strokes with this alone.
  • State-of-the-Art Swing Analysis: Benefit from cutting-edge technology that reveals club and ball data to help fine-tune your swing. Golf science meets golf results.
  • Early Access to Revolutionary Golf AI App: You’ll be one of the first golfers to benefit from a revolutionary golf app that uses artificial intelligence to provide real time feedback during your practice sessions.
  • Exclusive Perks and Gifts: Enjoy other special bonuses and gifts for being a VIP.

Here’s What Others
Are Saying

This investment pays you back
for as long as you play the game

If you were to invest in these game-improvement resources, coaching, and other benefits on your…

Your investment would be upwards of $25,000-$30,000.

The good news is, when you attend one of our VIP Experiences you won’t invest anywhere close to that.

We carefully crafted VIP experience packages to be affordable for different budgets.

Considering everything you’re getting and the amount of progress you can make in 2 days to fix your real swing flaw…

You’re getting a steal to attend an immersive, fully-stacked, unforgettable golf vacation.

In fact, attendees from past events have been astounded by the value, care, and support they receive.

They say this investment has been the second best investment in their golf. The first investment being their first set of clubs to get started :-)

If you want to fix your underlying swing issue and upgrade your golf game to a whole new level…

Speak to our VIP concierge about attending an unforgettable golf camp and let’s make it happen…

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Brixton Albert
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