Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor Erika Larkin says this USGA-approved driver fixes your slice FOR YOU – on the golf course


In this video, you’ll discover:

  • The REAL reason no other slice-fix works for you on the course where it matters most (hint: you don’t need more swing thoughts!)
  • How this new no-fail slice fix leverages the science of race cars to give you a slice-fixing visual…
  • What it takes to eliminate a decade-long slice without hours on the range, taking lessons, or investing thousands of dollars in training…
  • Why no swing technique, offset driver, or training aid works as fast or reliably as this new slice-fix solution…
  • The “on-the-course” Slice Fix Erika Larkin has been perfecting for over 20 years (and why she’s finally releasing it to the public now)
Frequently Asked Questions
We’ve discovered the most effective way to learn golf online is by watching it as most techniques cannot be understood by words and pictures alone. In order to best understand this demonstration, you need to watch precisely how they work in motion.
Because the video contains customized demonstration, the video length will be different depending on which instructor and approach interested you and what site you originally came from. Be sure to watch the entire video to get the full tutorial.
Because we very frequently circulate different instructors and approaches to find who connects best with amateurs, we cannot guarantee that you will see a link to this particular tutorial once you leave.

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SF1 Slice-Fix Driver


The SF1 Driver

The world’s first Slice-Fix Driver with Square Face Technology inspired by professional racing. The breakthrough combination of innovative new features ALL work together to leverage the laws of directional aerodynamics and fix your slice on the course where it matters most.

Unlike any other driver out there, the SF1 is designed specifically for the amateur golfer that struggles with a slice. It works no matter how old you are, how long you’ve been playing, or how high or low your handicap is. It’s already becoming the most popular slice-fixing driver on the market today.

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“The SF1 perfectly squares the face for you. With my normal swing I was hitting consistent draws.”

Manny T., SF1 Customer

About Erika Larkin

As a Golf Digest Top-50 instructor, Erika’s in a league of her own. Over the last 20+ years, she’s dedicated herself to working exclusively with male and female AMATEUR golfers. And there’s a reason for that. Erika’s teaching method is specifically designed for struggling amateurs looking to never lose their swing.

She’s already fixed 50,000 swings and has a fully booked calendar two years in advance. And that’s because her proven sequence and training work – and they work fast. That’s why players all over the world say, “Erika’s teaching style is the easiest to understand and implement I’ve ever seen.” If you’re looking for a masterclass tutorial on the TRUTH about how to swing a club the way it’s designed, Erika Larkin’s your girl.