Mickelson’s Former Coach And A
Former Product Innovation Expert
At Titleist Make History With This
New Slice-Fixing Driver Technology

This driver leverages the
same engineering as
Pro Racing cars to enhance
precision… speed… stability…
and TOTAL Control —
On The Golf Course…
When It Matters Most

What is it?

It’s a new Driver that
fixes your slice for you
on any
golf course

It’s the only on-course
Driver that combines
AI-driven engineering
and High-Performance Race physics
already proven slice
fix features on the market.

It’s not a training aid…

Use this everywhere you are hitting drives; whether it’s on the course or on the range. ​

It works on the
hardest holes

Take it on the course and experience:

  • Full freedom to swing away
  • Maximum on-course, tee box confidence to pipe straight drives…

Even if you’ve already tried other
slice fix drivers, training aids or drills.

What does it

It fixes your slice by
automatically squaring
your clubface at impact

on the course
it matters.

  • Fixes the hardest part of
    what’s causing your slice right now
  • Combines all the best anti-
    slice features into ONE club
    (creating a phenomenon called “the slice-fix effect”)
  • Measurably increases toe speed in the downswing to square
    the face, relative to
    your path, FOR YOU…
  • Has visual feedback to install an on-plane takeaway and an
    inside-out path (giving you a draw-pattern swing)
  • And most importantly, it turns your slice into a straight shot
    (or controlled cut)

This means you can ​

  • Stop searching for swing-fix solutions that don’t work…
  • Stop hoping that heel-weighted or offset drivers will counteract your slice…
  • Stop waiting for big manufacturers to make a club to fix your slice
  • Stop trying to find more time to re-train your swing to fix your clubface at impact​

Why is that

An OPEN face relative
to the PATH
is the
and ONLY real REASON
you hit a slice

The real root cause of your slice… 

Is an open clubface — relative to the path of your swing — at impact.

Most players KNOW that. 

And while I could break down the old and new ball-flight laws that prove it… 

The bottom line is… 

All slice-fix training, draw-biased
clubs, and virtually every training aid to fix a slice… 

All “attempt” to do the SAME THING
for you… 

Square your clubface relative to the path at impact.

This new driver squares
the face for you


…without needing any

So you don’t do this…

#1: Leave the face wide open to
the path (looping slice)

If the clubface is open even 1 degree to the path of the club… your ball will slice. 

If it’s open 2 or more degrees… 

Well, that’s when you’re losing balls
in the water or searching in the

#2: Have to aim WAY left to
overcompensate (pull slice)

Most slicers think they can aim left to compensate for a slice. 

Truth is… aiming left just creates a bigger gap in the face-to-path number… 

And results in an even larger pull slice… 

Or in some cases… when you do
release it properly — a dead pull left. 

You don’t want that.

#3: Have to play an offset driver
(causes score-killing slice)

These drivers not only look crazy…
and broadcast to the world you’re a slicer…

There’s a more technical problem
that affects your big miss —
especially on the course.

You see, when you set up to the ball with an offset driver… and its closed-face is aiming left…

Your natural tendency is to RE-adjust the face to align with the target.

But the problem is… that means
you’re actually OPENING the face.

And when you open the face even before you start your swing… your chances of getting it back to square at impact are damn near ZERO. 

How does it

Engineering from AI,
Professional Racing physics
Japanese sword smithing
effectively COMBINES

  • THREE Never-Seen-Before
    Slice-Fixing Features…
  • With every other existing,

To get The Slice-Fix Effect.

This New Combination
Of Features Is What
Squares The Face

Unique Feature 1:

AeroSquare Crown

A Driver Crown Can Either
Make — Or BREAK — Your
Directional Control 

And yet, I’ve never seen a driver
crown designed specifically to
increase toe speed during the

Or in other words, help you square
the face automatically. 

But this aerodynamically shaped
crown forces the toe to move as fast
as possible in the downswing… 

Because we carved  “direction-control” channels in the top of the club…

To redirect airflow and create TOE SPEED… around the bottom arc of your swing. 

Just like a race car zips around a
corner at high speeds… 

Without losing control… 

Without losing traction… 

And without losing alignment or momentum… 

This Leverages The SAME
Aerodynamics As
Professional Race Cars To Square
The Face

Robot Test:
Modern Driver VS SF1

Standard Driver

100 mph swing speed

4.5° Face-to-Path (OPEN)

Standard Driver 

100 mph swing speed 

4.5° Face-to-Path (OPEN)

SF1 Driver 

100 mph swing speed 

0.5° Face-to-Path (Square)

SF1 Driver 

100 mph swing speed 

0.5° Face-to-Path(Square)

Unique Feature 2:

Anti-Slice Face

This new Anti-Slice Face Curvature
is made from state-of-the-art professional racing-grade
materials… and molded to create an anti-slice face bulge…

That produces a guaranteed draw-spin— even when you miss the
center of the face…

So you hit it straight
even when you hit it
on the toe.

Hitting it on the toe is a BIG problem, especially for slicers who swing over-the-top.  Because your traditional driver’s face is equally bowed — or bulged — from heel to toe. 

That equally “rounded” face near the toe on your current driver… will make your ball START offline and way in the wrong direction… 

And as a result — CURVE even further RIGHT.

Anti-Slice Face
Curvature Fixes That
Basic Physics

That’s exactly why we FLATTENED any toe curvature on the SF1. 

Because it’s simple physics… 

For slicers, less face curvature in the toe means LESS movement left-to-right…

And MORE of the anti-slice draw-spin that you NEED to shape the ball right-to-left. 

Meaning, the Anti-Slice Face Curvature…

  • Corrects an off-target starting direction of your ball flight…
  • Squares the face to your path FOR YOU…
  • Gives you MORE ball flight control…
  • And enhances the SF1’s Slice-Fix Effect.

So you can have full on-course confidence that the SF1 will set you up to score…

And permanently eliminate the slice that’s stealing the fun from your game.

Unique Feature 3:

Visual Feedback
Takeaway Tracks

These visual feedback lines on the crown dial-in your FIRST move off the ball… to guarantee the club starts STRAIGHT BACK…

And gets your swing on the perfect path from the START.

Because no matter how powerful the AeroSquare Crown is… 

You still have to start the club on the right path… 

So you don’t do this…

Honestly, if the SF1 JUST had the AeroSquare Crown,  Anti-Slice Face and the Takeaway Tracks alone… 

Three features that have NEVER been done before in ANY other driver in the history of golf…

You’d be light years ahead of ANY other “draw-biased” driver that claims to correct your slice.

But we didn’t stop

Because we wanted to harness every advantage possible to square the face relative to the path… FOR YOU. 

That’s why we also took every single slice-fixing feature we could find in other drivers… improved them… AND combined them…

To SUPERCHARGE the Slice-Fix

Feature 4:

Fixed Counter-Slice

Two Fixed weights NOT just in the heel… but also moved BACK to counteract your open face… and NOT affect the sweet spot. 

We had to calibrate the PRECISE place to add FIXED weights that dynamically square your face.

If you have HEEL weights ONLY right now…

That is MOVING your sweet in the HEEL too.
That’s why center strikes can still feel like a miss!

Feature 5:

Draw-Calibrated Face

Offset Driver – 3° Closed


SF1 – 3° Closed 


Offset Driver – 3° Closed


SF1 – 3° Closed 


This face angle is key…

Because it looks, feels, and SITS… just like a NORMAL driver… 

But gives you the squaring effect of an offset design…

FORCING you to stripe dead-straight drives that launch higher… fly longer… and roll out farther in the short grass.

Feature 6:

SF1 Shaft

Just as a professional racing team team wouldn’t
put a 4-cylinder engine in a McLaren and expect championship performance… 

We wouldn’t put a low-grade, stock shaft in the SF1. 

Because the bottom line is… 

The shaft has the power to either make — or break — the Square Face Technology’s slice-fix effect. 

That’s why our head of product development, again used professional racing’s “life or death” quality standards when designing this shaft. 

To do that, he analyzed and studied over 35 different shafts
manufactured all over the world. 

And most importantly, Japan.

The Japanese Cracked
The Code On The BEST
Shafts In The World

And we tapped into their secret.

The best balanced shafts developed in Japan… are ALL inspired by Samurai sword artisans who say:

“In the fierce world of
weaponry… The samurai sword
holds a
place of honor as the
pinnacle of craftsmanship,
functionality and
beauty to create a practical
piece of art.”

And the Counterbalanced SF1 Shaft is just that — a work of honor, craftsmanship and beauty with ONE functional benefit:

To give your clubhead the ultimate control you need to square the face to your path at impact.

How does this shaft
help me?

We carefully balanced the SF1’s shaft weight and moved the balance points closer to the grip.

  • It stabilizes your hands…
  • Creates more LAG…
  • Speeds up your clubhead at impact…
  • And enhances the slice-fix effect even more.

Plus, we reduced the shaft length to 45 inches.

Because it’s simple swing science — the shorter the shaft, the easier it is to generate rotational speed and square the face.

That means, the Counterbalanced SF1 Shaft works WITH your swing… instead of against it like almost every other shaft sold today. 

You can customize your Counterbalanced SF1 Shaft to match YOUR swing speed… or average total driving distance.

Stiff 90+ MPH 225+ yard drives
Regular 80-90 MPH  200-225 yard drives
Senior 70-80 MPH  175-200 yard drives
Senior Plus < 70 MPH < 175 yard drives
Ladies Flex 50-65 MPH < 175 yard drives

Each Flex Option Is
Perfectly Calibrated
Square The Face

Can’t I just
fix it on

Yes, you could…
But in my 40+ years of
coaching, I’ve never seen
a slice-fix work this
reliably ON THE COURSE
where it matters MOST

I’m Rick Smith…

And when it comes to
fixing YOUR slice…


I don’t mess around.

I’ve literally spent my entire 40 plus year career
fixing slices…

And I can tell you this… 

You don’t have the time to practice long enough, OR consistently enough to fix your slice the HARD WAY.

Whether it’s changing your grip…

Or working on your release… 

Or even swinging from the inside… 

That practice time ALL takes away from the reason we golf in the first place… to PLAY — and have fun.

That’s Why I Went On
A Mission With A
Club Innovation
Expert From Titleist
To Bring
You Square
Face Technology

That’s Chris McGinley… 

A club innovation expert who has over 35 years experience working with some of the biggest names in golf.

He’s dialed in clubs for Tour players like… 

Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy, Jordan Spieth, Ernie Els, David Duval, Adam Scott, and Justin Rose… just to name a few. 

This guy spent over 20 years of his career dreaming up… designing… and
innovating technological advancements in drivers at… 


Chris McGinley Says
It Best…

“What I love most about
the SF1 is that it solves a
HUGE problem
for 90% of
golfers — a slice. That’s a
pretty good feeling!”

How can I be
sure it
work for me?

Dozens Of Amateurs
Already Love The Club…

Because it works no matter your

No matter your swing speed…

And no matter how long you’ve been slicing.

The results speak for themselves…

Does it come
when I
get it here?

You’re Also Getting A Series
Of Exclusive

On This Page For NEW
SF1 Customers Only


Sequence Video

The first bonus is an absolute no-brainer and a MUST WATCH. 

I see FAR too many slicers with an extreme over-the-top swing…

And I see those same players out on the range banging balls aimlessly. 

I don’t want that for you. 

Instead, I want to make sure you have my most proven practice sequence to get you swinging inside out.

That’s exactly what the Square-To-Path Sequence does.

It reverses your over-the-top move — in just 5 minutes of practice swings each week…

Giving you a draw-producing path. 

Plus, the Square-To-Path Sequence fixes your swing flaw at the root… 

And gives you a swing path that works not only with your driver… 

But with ANY club… 

Even if you don’t have a lot of time to get out on the range. 

And that’s why I’m giving you my best practice sequence to ATTACK the only thing that could ever hold you back from ENDING YOUR SLICE.


Swing Speed
Secrets Video Training

Inside this action-packed video training… 

I’m going to give you a simple way to ramp up your swing speeds by three to seven miles per hour. 

So on top of the extra distance the SF1 gives you by straightening out your slice…

Swing Speed Secrets will add another 9 to 25 yards of distance to your drives. 

And that means… instead of a hybrid or long iron…

You’re hitting 6 or 7 irons into greens on par 4s.

And you can practice this system at home… in the office… or on the range. 

It doesn’t require you to hit balls…

It only takes a few minutes each week…

And you’ll start seeing major distance gains almost immediately.


Performance Golf App

(Exclusive Scratch Club Elite 
14-Day Free Trial Included)

You’re getting exclusive access to the fully customizable… Forbes-featured… Performance Golf App. 

This is quickly becoming the #1 golf training app in the world…

So right from the palm of your hand… or from any tablet, laptop or computer… inside the “Apple quality” Performance Golf App you can…

  • Watch ALL your bonus course video training…
  • Engage and interact with an elite golf community…
  • Track your progress on — and off — the course.

If the SF1 is the closest thing to me squaring the face for you…

The PG App is the closest thing to having me right there with you on the range… 

Showing you exactly what to do to get the fastest results. 

Inside The App, You Also Get An All-Access Pass
To Our “Members Only” Scratch Club Elite

Scratch Club Elite includes never-before-seen video training from some of the world’s top golf instructors.

It’s designed to give you a clear PLAN on how to drop enough strokes from your scorecard every month to have a REAL, respectable handicap.

Because as the saying goes, 

“A goal without a plan is nothing but a dream…”

So if your goal is one day to get as close to your desired handicap — as quickly as possible…

Then you need a plan…

Scratch Club Elite Gives
You A Handicap-
Reduction Plan From The
Most Qualified
In The Game

You can think of Scratch
Club Elite as
“The Netflix Of Golf”

Simply login into the PG App or go to performancegolf.com… 

Choose the part of your game you want to improve… 

And you’ll find a clear step-by-step plan from some of the world’s greatest teachers.

And I think you’ll love this part most… you get to take a full 14 days to see how incredible Scratch Club Elite really is.

If you love it, then do nothing and we’ll keep you on as a charter member for a discounted price of just $29/month, which will bill automatically.

You can cancel any time by emailing

But no matter what you decide…

You’ll never lose your premium access to the Performance Golf App and all the bonus training courses you’re getting today.


Chance To Win
The Mickelson Experience
(One Free Entry Ticket)

I’m really excited to give you this next bonus.

Because when you say YES to the SF1 today…

You’ll automatically be entered into a drawing for the IN-PERSON Mickelson Experience.

That’s right, you have a chance to win an ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP… where you’ll join me for a 2-day LIVE training academy. 

That means you get to WORK with me IN-PERSON… and experience the same swing training, practice sessions, and on-course strategies… 

That Mickelson experienced in his prime. 

In this once-in-a-lifetime “Mickelson Experience”… you’ll get exclusive access to my closely-guarded secrets for playing your best golf…

Secrets that will NEVER be released publicly… 

And it won’t cost you a dime

What if I
don’t  like

Your Getting The

365-Day Money-Back

guarantee badge

Plus, our unconditional
refund policy…

guarantee badge
That Means You Can
Try The SF1

Here’s the deal:

If you’re like the overwhelming majority of
golfers who’ve tried the SF1… 

From the very first time you pull it out of your bag you’ll be blown away by how it squares the face for you… 

Reverses your nasty slice…

Or turns your uncontrollable fade… into an ultra-controlled cut. 

Or how it even takes your straight drives and gets the ball turning over right to left… 

Adding distance and tee box confidence you’ve never had before.

In The Highly Unlikely
Event You Aren’t Blown
Away By The SF1… You
Can Get Your Money

That means… 

If you DON’T notice your face is more square and flush at impact… 

If you DON’T feel your path more inside, thanks to the Takeaway Tracks and the Square-To-Path Sequence… 

And if you DON’T see the ball not only flying straighter but FARTHER… 

All you have to do is send us an email any time within the next YEAR to support@performancegolf.com

Ship the SF1 back to us… and we’ll give you 100% of your money back.

How much
does all
this cost?

The SF1 Driver

The world’s-first Slice-Fix Driver with Square Face Technology inspired by
professional racing.
The breakthrough combination of innovative new features ALL work together to leverage the laws of directional aerodynamics and fix your slice on the course where it matters most. 

Unlike any other driver out there, the SF1 is designed specifically for the amateur golfer that struggles with a slice. It works no matter how old you are, how long you’ve been playing, or how high or low your handicap is. It’s already becoming the most popular slice-fixing driver on the market today.

Here’s what the SF1 does for you:

  • Squares the clubface to your path for you by fixing the hardest part of what’s causing your slice right now…
  • Combines all the best anti-slice features into ONE club
    (creating a phenomenon called “the slice-fix effect”)
  • The AeroSquare Crown increases toe speed in your downswing to square the face, relative to your path, FOR YOU…
  • Gives you visual feedback to install an on-plane takeaway and an inside-out path (giving you a draw-pattern swing)
  • And most importantly, it turns your slice into a straight shot (or controlled cut)

Swing Away… And Let The SF1 Do All The Hard Work For You!

Bonus 1The Square-To-Path
Sequence Video

This in-depth video training is my most proven practice sequence to get you swinging inside out.

This training is meant to be watched BEFORE your SF1 arrives on your doorstep… 

Because the Square-To-Path Sequence fixes your swing flaw at the root. Meaning, it reverses your over-the-top move — in just 5 minutes of practice swings each week… giving you a draw-producing path. 

Plus, it gives you a swing path that works not only with your driver, but with ANY club… Even if you don’t have a lot of time to get out on the range. 

This is my best practice sequence to ATTACK the only thing that could ever hold you back from ENDING YOUR SLICE.

Bonus 2Swing Speed
Secrets Video Training

Soon you’ll be hitting straight drives with the SF1.

And you’ll want to start swinging faster to get more distance out of your tee shots. 

This video training will increase your swing speeds up to 7 MPH… without having to hit balls. That means you can practice at home, in the office, or even on the range before your round. 

Watch this video training BEFORE your driver arrives and the first time you hit your SF1… you’ll be shocked how much farther you’re hitting the ball.

Bonus 3Performance Golf App
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to Scratch Club Elite)

Get instant access to all your training and bonus courses inside this user-friendly app. Never again practice without having your coach in the palm of your hand.

Plus, get a 14-Day Free Pass to “The Netflix of Golf” — with a proprietary handicap-reduction system designed by some of the greatest golf coaches in the world. Follow the Scratch Club Elite system and drop 5 strokes from your handicap in your first month alone. (14 days FREE, then $29/month. Cancel anytime.)

Bonus 4The Mickelson Experience
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You’ll automatically be entered into a drawing for the IN-PERSON Mickelson Experience. That’s right, you have a chance to win an ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP… where you’ll join me for a 2-day LIVE training academy. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you can only get a chance to win when you get the SF1 on THIS page.

Total Value: $1090
(Save 73% today on this page only)

We pay shipping
365-Day 100%
Money-Back Guarantee
100% Protected
100% Secured
If at any time within the next 365 days you decide you’re not fully satisfied, simply send us an email at support@performancegolf.com and you’ll receive a 100% full and prompt refund, no questions asked.

“The SF1 perfectly squares the face for you. With my normal swing I was hitting consistent draws.”

-Manny T. – SF1 Customer

-Manny T. – SF1 Customer

Frequently Asked

Yes. You can use the SF1 in any tournament sanctioned by the USGA rules of golf.

The Square Face Technology in the SF1 works to square your clubface relative to the path at impact. 

So it immediately fixes the hardest part of what’s causing your slice right now. 

Plus you’re also getting instant online access to my Square-To-Path Sequence video training…

This sequence fixes and installs an inside-out path into your swing — in just 5 minutes of practice swings each week.

So to put it simply, with the SF1 and the video training you’ll immediately and permanently eliminate your slice… within minutes of taking your new driver out of the box.

Unlike Big Golf’s one-size-fits-all approach to driver development… or using an offset or heel-weighted driver in an attempt to fix your slice… 

Square Face Technology combines all the best anti-slice technology features into ONE club.

That means the unique features work together to create a phenomenon called the “Slice-Fix Effect”. 

The “Slice-Fix Effect” gives you no choice but to consistently square your face relative to the path… And prevent your slice automatically. 

Without sacrificing clubhead speed, distance or making ANY adjustments in your swing. 

Thanks to Square Face Technology, the SF1 OUTPERFORMS every slice-fix solution I’ve ever come across…

Hands down.

The short answer is, yes. 

But attempting it on your own would take a lot longer… and your chances of success are low. 

Because virtually every slice-fixing technique that’s out there… even my own…  

All “attempt” to do the SAME THING for you: Square the clubface relative to the path of your swing.

But let’s be honest. 

You don’t always FIND a slice-fixing technique that squares your clubface at impact…

And if you do, you don’t have the time to practice long enough, OR consistently enough to make it “stick”. 

So for most players what happens is, their new ‘slice fix’ falls apart ON THE COURSE… when it matters most.

The SF1 changes all that. 

The SF1 squares the clubface for you. So it’s hands down the FASTEST, most RELIABLE way to fix your slice… And crush fairway-splitting drives on command.

Well, first of all, if that happens you’ll be an outlier…

Because the Square Face Technology and Square-To-Path Sequence… give you a draw producing path, and face… and make slicing, near impossible. 

In fact, amateur players like you have already used it to correct their slice. And they’re now hitting draw after draw. 

Still, in the extremely unlikely event the SF1 doesn’t work for you… or you simply don’t love it… 

You’re covered by Performance Golf’s Industry-LEADING 365-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee…

Which includes a no-questions-asked, unconditional refund policy.

If you’re not 100% thrilled with the SF1… 

And how it gives you complete confidence you can hit the fairway on literally every tee shot… 

All you have to do is send us an email any time within the next YEAR to support@performancegolf.com…

And our trained customer support staff will send you instructions on how to return it for a full refund.

It’s typically shipped out within 48 hours of order placement and then takes another 2 to 5 business days — depending on where you live.

International customers might need to wait up to 2 weeks for their SF1 to arrive, not including any additional time for customs clearance.

But if you want to get your SF1 faster… you can choose priority shipping on the next page and we’ll rush out your driver as fast as possible. 

Do that… and you can start hitting more fairways as soon as this week!

Yes, the SF1 works equally well to help golfers of all levels…

Because the professional racing-inspired features fix the biggest reason why you slice… and eliminate your slice permanently by squaring your clubface to the path FOR YOU.

So it doesn’t matter if you have a nasty slice that causes you to lose multiple golf balls each round…

Or a slight fade that makes it hard to score well and can get out of control sometimes…

The SF1 helps any golfer hit more fairways, gain up to 35 yards off the tee… and have FULL on-course confidence so you can play your BEST golf. 

When you order TODAY — you get the SF1, plus the must-have video training sequence and bonuses, including:

The Square-To-Path Sequence Video Training worth $297.

The Swing Speed Secrets Training, which normally sells for $197.

Exclusive access to the Performance Golf App… 

With a free 14-Day All Access Pass to the ‘Members Only’ Scratch Club Elite… 

And last but not least… 

You’ll also be automatically entered into a drawing for the IN-PERSON Mickelson Experience.

Of course, you also get the peace of mind of knowing your investment is protected by Performance Golf’s industry-leading, 365-day money back guarantee. 

It doesn’t get much better than that. 

So if you’re ready to fix your slice…

And hit fairway after fairway – consistently.

Then click the button above to secure your SF1, the first and ONLY Slice-Fix Driver — with Square Face Technology — inspired by professional racing!