Golf Digest Top 25 coach releases his
simple distance secret
for golfers over 50
to gain 30+ yards without adding speed…


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve discovered the most effective way to learn golf online is by watching it as most techniques cannot be understood by words and pictures alone. In order to master these drills, you need to watch precisely how they’re done in motion.

Because the video contains customized teaching and drills, the video length will be different depending on which instructor and approach interested you and what site you originally came from. Be sure to watch the entire video to get the full tutorial.

Because we very frequently circulate different instructors, approaches and drills to find what’s working best for amateurs, we cannot guarantee that you will see a link to this particular tutorial once you leave.

When you watch the full explanation in this video, it will ensure you understand how each drill works biomechanically so that you can make it work for you immediately.

Get Instant Access to the
Smart Distance System

Get Instant Access To The
Smart Distance System


Smart Distance System
Video Training… For
Over 50
(instant online access)

Discover how to use Andrew Rice’s simple swing sequence to gain 30+ yards and dial in machine-like consistency in just 15 minutes… without adding rotation, length, swing speed – or swinging any harder. This is the single fastest way for golfers over 50 to gain pain-free distance and start hitting fairway splitting drives.

Bonus: Solid Strike Video
(instant online access)

Because the sequence doesn’t just work for your driver. It helps you make the most flush contact of your life with your irons, too. The trick is, you have to modify the sequence since the low point with your irons is different. Andrew shows you how to do that here and instantly gets you compressing the ball, eliminating fat shots, thin shots, and even shanks so you supercharge your consistency from tee to green.

Bonus: 28-Second Speed
Muscle Stretch Video
(instant online access)

Unleashing more distance without adding speed means you need to relax and release your “speed muscles.” This simple stretch immediately sends energy and power to the exact places in your body to get the most out of what you’ve got. Use this before you play (or even every day) and you’ll play pain-free golf for the rest of your life.

Bonus: Smart Distance
Livestream Academy
(instant online access)

Get a taste of what it’s like to attend Andrew’s elite golf schools… from the comfort of your own home. Ask him any questions about gaining distance or consistency LIVE. And watch one of the best coaches in the world demonstrate the quickest fixes for playing much better golf. (If you miss the live stream, you’ll have access to the replay video.)

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Exclusive “Scratch Club”

Scratch Club 14-Day Free Pass – Advanced tools and training to drop 5 strokes from your handicap. (14 days FREE, then $29/month. Cancel anytime.)

Bonus: Confidential Guide
To Ball-
Striking Equipment
For Guys Over 50
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As you begin hitting long drives that consistently find the fairway, your entire game is going to get better — and you’ll be wondering if you’re using the best gear for your swing and overall performance. Sadly, so many older golfers waste thousands of dollars on the WRONG equipment. But not you, not anymore. This guide will walk you through the best clubs, training aids, and other gear — plus give you coupons worth over $1,000. This alone is worth the entire package.



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“FINALLY… something that lives up the distance claims! I’m 64 years old and just wanted to maintain distance. Then Andrew showed me the smart way to release my speed… and I gained over 30 yards swinging SLOWER and EASIER. I thought it was a fluke but then I hit 11 fairways this weekend and I knew it was the real deal.”

Rich S., 18 Handicap

Rich S., 18 Handicap