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World’s Most Prolific Golf
Equipment Engineer &
Rocco Mediate Crack The
Code On The First-Ever
“Automatic Swing Trainer”
For Your Driver…

What is it?

It’s the ONLY driver
swing trainer designed
help you…

Dial in your release and infuse lag into your

So you can produce
more speed and
swinging harder.

It has a Compression
“Lag Release” Clicker
(clicks and tells you
when you’re releasing

A fully functional Driver Clubhead (so you can
hit balls with it)

An Easy-Lag Driver Shaft

And a Pre-Molded Grip (removes thinking about
your grip from the equation)

What does it

It forces you to release
the club at the right time
and injects lag into your

So if you’re struggling with

  • an early release…
  • casting your club…
  • or flipping your wrists…

You either won’t hear the click at all…


You won’t hear the CLICK AT IMPACT…

And you’ll know exactly what you need to do to fix it.

Feedback Is Key…
So you don’t do this…

#1: Lose clubface control
and cast the club – no
lag or power

The difference between a perfect release and a bad release is less than a second…

But that small time is where “compression” and “power”

And if you can’t control your clubface…

And release it at the right time…

You’ll never create lag… reach your maximum speed potential… and compress the
ball to launch it off the face.

#2: Miss The Center Of
The Clubface

If you’re releasing the club TOO EARLY or TOO LATE in the downswing…

It’s virtually impossible to hit the center of the face.

#3: Leave The Clubface



When you release the club determines whether the clubface is OPEN or CLOSED at

If it’s OPEN relative to your path…the ball goes RIGHT.

If it’s CLOSED to your path…the ball goes LEFT.

#4: Hit DOWN on the ball

Hitting down on the ball drives your power into the ground instead of into the air.

It costs the average amateur 15 to 40+ yards off the tee… 

And it makes it more likely you’ll come over the top… leave the face open… and hit those weak embarrassing shots to the right.

How does it

First: You Hear The Click
When You Swing

The magnetic “click” tells you how
and when
you are releasing the
  • …without having a coach look at your swing…
  • …without having to film your swing (which adds artificial pressure, stop/start time, and setup inconsistencies)…
  • and without having to even think about it (no swing thoughts)
You simply LISTEN for the click.
  • When the click happens at the ball, you know you’re releasing the club AT IMPACT. That means your club is reaching its fastest speed right at the ball… so ALL your speed is transferred into the back of the ball for maximum distance. (You’re also generating lag.) Repeat as much as possible so the feels transfer instantly to your on-course clubs.
  • If the click happens BEFORE or AFTER the ball, you are releasing the club at the wrong time and will not achieve compressed ball contact. Tweak and re-try.
  • If you don’t hear a click at all, you need to lower the speed setting and make a full swing start to finish to achieve proper acceleration and lag.

Fixing your swing happens rapidly with the Straight Stick Driver:

  • No need to stop and watch your own swing videos…
  • No need to overthink details…
  • No need to mess up your swing adapting to some odd swing aid…
  • No need to wait for a qualified coach to give you feedback.
Just swing it like your own driver
and listen for the click.

Second: The Pre-Molded
Grip You Can Adjust

This ensures your hands are exactly where they need to be for center contact so you can truly focus on
lag and your release.

It’s like eliminating a critical factor in your swing.

If all you did was use the Straight
Stick Driver for its grip, that alone will get you a quick win.

Why does

Your RELEASE Makes Or
Breaks Your Ability To
Consistently Hit Good

So to hit GREAT drives… you need to release the club and reach
maximum speed AT IMPACT!

Fixing This Is The Key To
BOTH Distance And

See, you can swing “on plane”…

But if you don’t generate lag and release it at the right time…

You’ll never hit consistent or powerful drives.

You could hit the gym and swing as hard as you can, but…

If You Don’t Release The
Club At The Right Time –
All That Effort Goes To

You can even learn to swing on the most anti-slice inside-out path…

But if you release the club at the wrong time and have an open clubface relative to that path at impact…

You’ll never compress the ball and you’ll ALWAYS hit a slice.

Are you starting to see why lag is…

The ONLY Thing You
Should Be Focusing On If
You Want To Gain Swing
Speed And Distance…

  • Infusing lag into your swing…
  • The proper release to reach
    maximum speed at impact,
    compress the ball, and add

The Straight Stick Driver
Is Designed to Fix Your
Release And Inject LAG
Into Your Swing – For

All without you even thinking about it.

So you…

  • Generate lag and release the clubface into the most compressed impact position for flush contact…
  • HAVE and FEEL the perfect grip to control your clubface from setup to impact…
  • Start swinging on plane…
  • Drop the club into the slot “by default”…
  • Have no choice but to hit long straight drives.

Can’t I just
do it on

Do you record your swing?

Do you watch it after every single swing?

Probably not.

Who has time to hit record…

Get into position…


Leave position…

Pick up the phone…

Stop it…

Review it…

Think about it…

Reposition the phone…

And get back into position…

For every…single…swing?

No one does.

And even if you do…

  • You don’t KNOW if you’re doing it right…
  • Most videos don’t allow you to see or hear exactly where you’re releasing at your top swing speeds…
  • And the videos don’t tell you what to correct…

And that’s why the hamster wheel of online instruction and in-person lessons keeps spinning… 

Leaving you with an overwhelming amount of swing thoughts and mechanical adjustments that NEVER lead to the distance and consistency you want. 

Why is that? Well…

99 out of 100 Amateurs
Don’t Have The Time (Or
Patience) To Get Proper

Because that requires expensive lessons…

MORE TIME you DON’T HAVE on the range to get results.

Plus, even if you DO get coaching feedback…

This process takes FOREVER to inject lag into your swing and fix your release… 

And while you’re struggling…

That makes it impossible to enjoy the game.

And look, I get it…


Hi, I’m Rocco
Mediate, 10-Time
Tour Winner

I spent years frustrated at how hard it was to get results…

Hoping that I would see a breakthrough…

And I had the time… the sponsorships… and the circumstances to focus 100% on finding the elusive slot, generating lag, and releasing the club at the perfect time.

But now… today… as I get older…

That’s NOT possible… and I have a pretty strong foundation.

So You Can Imagine How Much Harder It Is For Amateurs Like You.

How can I be
sure it will
work for me?

Because amateurs just
like you are…

Already Using The
Straight Stick Driver To
Feel Lag And The Perfect
Release For The First
Time… And Add 15-35+
Consistent Yards To
Their Drives

Watch What Happens
When He Started
Hearing The Click With
The Straight Stick

He started crushing the ball…

Drive… after drive… after drive…

It Really Is That Simple…

Pick your settings…

Take a few swings…

And start hitting dead straight drives.

Just like this student:

He went from casting the club and wasting all his power before he got to the ball…

Causing short, weak drives and inconsistent direction control…

To reaching maximum speed right at the ball and flushing four great drives back to back.

And I don’t think he even realizes how much his distance and accuracy just improved… 

And the best part is…

The Straight Stick Driver
Will Do The
Same For YOU. 

No Guesswork, No
Wondering What To Do
Next… Just Instant

And not only do the results speak for themselves…

The Straight Stick Driver
Engineer Has Over 40
Years Of “Inside-The-
Ropes” Tour Experience

He Developed Clubs For
Lee Trevino, Nick Faldo,
Arnie Palmer, And Jack

After creating more than two dozen patents and over 500 clubhead designs for top companies, he’s simply the most prolific golf equipment engineer in the world today.

I figured, if anyone could crack the code on creating a driver swing trainer that:

1.) infuses lag…
2.) grooves the perfect release…
3.) lets you hit real balls…

Jeff Sheets was the guy.

Does it come
when I
get it here?

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Even though the Straight Stick Driver arrives with the AccuGrip set on strong — and Compression “Lag Release” Clicker set to 90 miles per hour swing speed…

It’s insanely easy to adjust it up or down, depending on where you’re at.

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What if I
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It either infuses lag into your swing, fixes your release, and adds
consistent distance to your tee shots…

Or you get your money back.


Think about that…

When Have You Ever Bought A Club Or Training Aid From One Of The “Big Golf” Companies…

To see how it works for you…

And no matter how much you used it…

Yes, even if you’ve hit balls with it for 364 days…

If you’re not completely happy with the way it has you flushing every drive…

Dead straight down the fairway…

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That said, we only expect amazing things to happen.

How much
does all
this cost?

The Straight Stick Driver

This is a first-of-its-kind automatic driver swing trainer, that infuses lag into your swing… engrains a Tour like release… and gets you FLUSHING the ball…

Without hitting thousands of balls, taking dozens of lessons, or putting in 10,000 hours working on each part of your swing. Instead, the Straight Stick Driver is the fastest way to groove a great release and lag into your swing… in minutes.

Here’s what the Straight Stick Driver does for you:

  • Infuses lag into your swing by giving you audible feedback… so you can feel AND hear when you release the club…
  • Adds 3-10+ miles per hour of clubhead speed (that’s an extra 10-35+ yards of distance… WITHOUT swinging harder)
  • The AccuGrip removes all the guesswork from your setup so you can focus on your lag and release…
  • Instant Audible Feedback on your release (no need to wait for a coach to tell you how you’re doing. Make progress on your terms)
  • And most importantly, it turns your short weak drives into straight bombs

Bonus 1

Hank Haney’s Get Real
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These “cheat sheets” help you prepare for your rounds like a pro, so that every second you spend on the range truly helps your game (no more wasted practice time). 

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Get access to Hank Haney’s step-by-step, breakthrough process for continually eliminating your biggest miss, so you close the gap between your highest and lowest rounds. Become a more consistent golfer who not only shoots lower scores but beats those in your group or club. (Includes 10 never-before-released video clinics)

Total Value: $1290
ONLY $139

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We pay shipping
365-Day 100%
Money-Back Guarantee
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If at any time within the next 365 days you decide you’re not fully satisfied, simply send us an email at and you’ll receive a 100% full and prompt refund, no questions asked.

“With the Straight Stick Driver, I don’t
even feel like I’m swinging any
harder… and I increased my speed by
7 miles per hour… and my distance by
over 20 yards. Everytime I hear the
click… the feeling is so good.”

-Dan C, 19 Handicap

-Dan C, 19 Handicap

Frequently Asked

This automatic swing trainer is
designed to give you immediate

Meaning, you swing the club a few

And listen for the click.

If you don’t hear it… that means you
are most likely swinging over-the-
top or holding off your release.

To fix it, take a few more practice
swings until you hear THE CLICK.

And then hit a ball.

In most cases, players only need a
few practice swings before they start
seeing the results:

Better contact and automatic


The Straight Stick Driver’s
Compression “Lag Release” Clicker
CLICKS when you release the club.

So all you have to do is swing and
wait for the click and you know
EXACTLY what’s going on in your

You will clearly HEAR if you’ve
generated lag and released the
clubhead AT IMPACT (good click),
BEFORE impact (bad click), or no click
at all (bad).

This is a step-by-step video series
you MUST follow while using your
Straight Stick Driver technology to
GUARANTEE you get the fastest

This proven system works hand-in-
hand with the Straight Stick Driver…

Drop the club into the slot…

Infuse lag into your swing…

And time your release perfectly.

Inside the training, you’ll find “do-this
do-that” instructional videos.

These are my best drills and practice
routines you should use with your
Straight Stick Driver.

The short answer is, yes.

But it would take you a lot longer…

Normally grooving your release and
lag into your swing requires days,
weeks, or months on the range.

99 out of a 100 amateur golfers don’t
have the time or patience to put in
this kind of work.

Plus… even if you ARE willing to put in
this kind of work… if you don’t get
FEEDBACK on what you’re doing…

It’s impossible to know if you’re doing
it right.

That makes it IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy the

That’s why the Straight Stick Driver is
so powerful.

Without you even thinking about it…
the AccuGrip and Compression “Lag
Release” Clicker…

Groove natural lag and a tour-like
release into your swing… and get you
striping it.

Grab your Straight Stick Driver now…
and start watching the video training

Well, first of all, if that happens you’ll
be an outlier…

Because the Straight Stick Driver is
already working for amateur players
like you.

Still, in the extremely unlikely event it
doesn’t work for you…

You’re covered by Performance
Golf’s industry LEADING 365-Day,
100% Money Back Guarantee…

Which includes a no-questions-
asked, unconditional refund policy.

If you’re not completely thrilled with
the way The Straight Stick Driver
transforms your distance…

Fixes your mis-hit drives…

And infuses tasty lag into your swing
that adds 15-40+ yards to your tee
shots — on literally every single

All you have to do is send us an
email any time within the next YEAR

And our trained customer support
staff will send you instructions on
how to return it…

So we can issue you a 100% refund.

It’s typically shipped out within 48
hours of order placement and then
takes another 2 to 5 business days —
depending on where you live.

International customers might need
to wait up to 2 weeks for their
Straight Stick Driver to arrive, not
including any additional time for
customs clearance.

But if you want to get your Straight
Stick Driver faster… you can choose
priority shipping on the next page
and we’ll rush it out to you as fast as

Do that… and you can start dialing in
your core swing mechanics this

Yes, the Straight Stick Driver works
equally well for players of all levels.

As I’ve said, it’s the fastest way to
FEEL lag and HEAR a perfect release…
for flushed contact and consistent
powerful drives. 

This is because players of every level
benefit from eliminating the
common mistakes most players
make with their release…

And starting to drop the club into the
slot for effortless power and control.
Swinging the Straight Stick Driver is
NOT complicated…

It doesn’t require pro-level timing,
hand-eye coordination, balance, or

The beauty of the Straight Stick
Driver is that it helps players of all
levels fix these issues automatically,
regardless of their skill level.

Just set it, click it, hit it.

It’s that simple.

When you order TODAY — you get the
Straight Stick Driver, plus all the
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Hank Haney’s Get Real Distance
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That’s over $1,091 in bonus training
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Plus, you get the peace of mind of
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It doesn’t get much better than that.

So if you’re ready to dial in your
contact and accuracy…

Click the button above, secure your
Straight Stick Driver, and we’ll
prioritize your shipment today.

If for any reason you have other
questions… feel free to email

And our friendly customer support
team will take care of you.

I hope that helped… and I can’t wait
to hear how well you play after using
the Straight Stick Driver.