How Golfers Over 50 Are Going From Almost Quitting The Game In Frustration… To Flushing Virtually Every Shot With This “Weird” New Swing Trainer

They were ashamed to admit it…

But these amateurs could barely string two shots together without hunting for another ball in the trees. They’d started to slow their group down… their playing partners were beginning to lose faith… and their love for the game had all but died out. 

And the simple reason was because of 3 basic swing flaws that affect 90% of recreational golfers:

Loss of Clubface Control From Setup To Impact, otherwise known as “casting” the club.

Missing The Center Of The Clubface. Most golfers over 55 struggle with releasing the club TOO EARLY or TOO LATE in the downswing… making it virtually impossible to hit the center of the face.

Leave The Clubface Wide OPEN or CLOSED At Impact, resulting in erratic shots that stack multiple strokes onto the scorecard.

Sound familiar? The good news is there’s ONE solution to every one of these issues…

CORRECT YOUR RELEASE: the crucial process of letting the clubhead turn over as you come through impact.

Recent studies show that swing flaws (related to the release) have led to increased frustration and deterioration in most golfers’ games.

One study indicates that 4 million golfers end up quitting the game in the United States every year as a result.

Which is why this revolutionary “automatic release” swing trainer couldn’t have come at a better time.

Introducing the Straight Stick – the world’s FIRST and ONLY swing trainer that combines everything you need to master your release and contact into ONE.

Finally start controlling your clubface and hit dead-straight, on-target golf shots!

Expensive golf lessons… ineffective training aids… and HOURS spent at the range practicing mechanical swing thoughts are just a few of the reasons golfers with contact problems feel frustrated.

You may end up spending MORE money trying to fix your swing mechanics one at a time… but that can take years and will only make you feel more disappointed and lost on the course.

For this reason, renowned club engineer Jeff Sheets — who’s fitted clubs for legends like Lee Trevino, Nick Faldo, and even the GOAT himself, Jack Nicklaus — designed the Straight Stick training aid to give you “Automatic Release Feedback”.

This makes the Straight Stick the perfect “all-in-one” swing trainer for amateurs struggling with a lack of clubface control and off-center golf shots.

Designed for golfers of ALL swing types, the Straight Stick has a patent-pending Compression Clicker on the shaft that “CLICKS” when you time your release correctly through the hitting zone.

What is “Automatic Release Feedback”?

Automatic Release Feedback is a new type of technology that gives you instant feedback on your swing.

It’s a magnetic ring on the shaft that ONLY makes a sound when you time your release correctly.

When you time your release correctly DOWN and THROUGH the ball, the “CLICK” happens.

When you DON’T time your release correctly, the click DOESN’T happen.

This means you’re not really thinking about much. All you’re trying to do is release the Straight Stick through the hitting zone… making flush contact and accuracy a LOT easier!

It also has a Pre-Molded AccuGrip that puts your hands where they’re supposed to be. This automatically squares your clubface from setup to impact for more predictable flush shots.

That means, instead of using two or three different training aids for contact and accuracy… you can just carry the Straight Stick and get the exact same result!

End the damage to your golf game caused by a poor release

A poor release (especially when combined with an open clubface) inevitably leads to inaccurate shots and high scores.

the Straight Stick’s two revolutionary features help to significantly reduce off-center golf shots caused by a poor release.

Why does the Straight Stick work so well?

Unlike other contact and accuracy swing trainers, the Straight Stick is built with an “easy-lag” shaft and “cavity-backed” 7-iron head. That means you can hit REAL golf balls with it!

The truth is that most amateurs don’t have time to work on all the various mechanics of the golf swing. Nor do they have time to switch between using multiple different training aids to improve (let alone master) those swing mechanics.

That’s where the Straight Stick comes into play.

Its two revolutionary features give you everything you need to hit dead-straight, flush shots in ONE simple training aid. This means you can STOP:

Hitting hundreds of balls at the range…

Grinding over mechanical swing thoughts…

Having a coach analyze your technique…

Spending weeks wondering if your swing is getting better…

Buying training aids that never give you results.

Instead, you can just use the Straight Stick to:

Get instant feedback every time you swing

Take the tedious thinking out of your golf game

Shortcut the time it takes to improve your swing

Make it easier to flush your own clubs on the course

And quickly and naturally become the best ball striker in your group

One of the biggest mistakes amateur golfers make when swinging is thinking about more than one thing at a time.

This leads to confusion, wildly inconsistent shots, and ongoing frustrations that are enough to make many players quit the game for life.

But when you switch to using the Straight Stick, you only need to think about ONE thing: make the magnet “CLICK!” as you make contact with the ball! This allows you to let go of unnecessary mechanical swing thoughts that slow you down and make the game harder!

With the Straight Stick, it’s ONE training aid with ONE swing thought… making it the simplest and fastest way to become a better ball-striker and play the best golf of your life!

Here’s why customers love the Straight Stick:


Eliminate the hassle of owning multiple training aids. Just use the Straight Stick and get the exact same result.


No more switching between using training aids to practice swing mechanics and your clubs to hit balls. This does both.


Simply focus on making the “CLICK” sound through the hitting zone and flush contact becomes second nature.


All the swing mechanics that normally take YEARS to master… all grooved into your swing in just a few minutes a week.


The more you practice making the “CLICK”, the more it naturally turns you into a better ball striker.


Once you start hearing the “CLICK!”, you’ll know exactly what the release should feel like with your own clubs.


Try the Straight Stick completely risk-free for an entire YEAR… and it either turns you into the best ball-striker in your group, or it’s 100% of your money back.

“This forces you to feel the golf swing, it’s almost like I am using my own club.”
– Joe D.
“I was making very consistent contact, really the best shots of my life.”
– Steven C.
“I just got the club clicking and it’s been flying straight every time.”
– John B.

The Straight Stick has already given 22,437+ amateurs the consistent flush contact and accuracy they’ve dreamed of virtually overnight… so they can finally play their best golf!

Find out how to get yours here:

Order the Straight Stick for yourself or a loved one, and have it delivered straight to your door. In no time, you’ll have a release that rivals a touring pro. Even better… you’ll no longer suffer from inconsistent, off-target golf shots that destroy your scores and love for the game!

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