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What If My Straight Stick Won’t
Click Every Time?

If your Straight Stick isn’t clicking every time you expect it to, please watch the video above and follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Break In Your Clicker Manually

When your Straight Stick arrives, use your hand to move the clicker up and down the shaft a few times to break it in — This is called “priming” the clicker.

The clicker is meant to be slightly tight rather than too loose because it’s NOT supposed to click too easily.

It’s designed this way because we want to challenge you to work on your inside-out swing path and proper release into the back of the ball.

STEP 2: Warm Up and Hit Balls First

Make sure you are fully warmed up before taking FULL swings with the Straight Stick.

In order to get the Compression Clicker to function properly, you need to make FULL swings.

Meaning, you should be swinging at full speed, as if you were hitting a ball — even if you’re only using the club to make practice swings.

That’s why we recommend hitting balls and fully warming before attempting to make it click.

Some golfers will attempt to take practice swings with the Straight Stick and it won’t click right away.

This is often because practice swings are made 20 MPH slower compared to your swing when actually hitting balls.

This is why it’s important to warm up, and hit balls with the Straight Stick if it doesn’t click for you right away!

STEP 3: Lower The Speed

If you’ve primed the clicker… warmed up fully… hit some balls or taken some practice swings with your Straight Stick…

And you’re still having issues with the Compression Clicker… then it’s time to move the speed setting from 80 MPH (stock setting) to 60 MPH.

Remember, the settings are based on your DRIVER swing speeds and distance.

Meaning, if you hit the ball 240+ yards… then you would want to swing the Straight Stick at 100 MPH.

But if you only hit the ball between 150 and 175 yards… then you may have difficulty getting the Straight Stick to click at 60 MPH.

Keep practicing… keep swinging from the inside… and really work on releasing the club into the impact position…

And we are confident you’ll soon be hearing that addictive sound — The Click!

STEP 4: Swing Out To Right Field (Inside-Out Makes It Click!)

Here’s the cold hard truth…

80% or more of the customers we’ve seen struggling to get the Straight Stick to click… are all swinging over-the-top.

If that’s you… then we highly recommend you try to feel yourself swinging “out to right field”.

Really concentrating on swinging inside-out and releasing the club fully will assure you start to hear the click!

What If My Straight Stick Is Clicking Too Easily?

If your Straight Stick is clicking too easily, please watch the video above and follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Try Increasing The Speed Setting

Believe it or not, you may have a faster swing than you think!

So the first thing to try is increasing the speed setting.

To do that, you simply unscrew the Compression Clicker, slide it up the shaft to above 100 MPH, and screw the bolt back on!

STEP 2: Check If You Could Be Releasing Too Early

If you swing over 100 MPH (drives go over 240 yards) and you release the club too early by casting…

Then there’s a chance the club will click too easily.

You can fix that by trying to hold off the release… swinging from the inside… and attempt to make it click “later” in the swing.

STEP 3: Send Us A Video Of You Clicking It On 100 MPH Too Easily

If the above steps are still failing you, then please send us a video of your swing while making it click at the 100 MPH setting.

As you know, this is the first design of this automatic swing trainer and it’s possible there is a problem with your magnet.

If that’s the case, we are happy to replace the Straight Stick for you, offer you a refund, or substitute the club for another one of our products.

Please send your video to our customer support team at support@performancegolf.com and they will be happy to help.

What If My Straight Stick Is Clicking And My Shots
Still Aren’t Going Straight?

If your Straight Stick is clicking and your shots still aren’t going straight, please watch the video above and read the guidance below:

First of all, if you’re hearing the Straight Stick click…

That means you’re doing two things really well:

1. You’re swinging from the inside…

2. You’re starting to release the club properly.

So the click is a good thing.

But that doesn’t mean you’re going to hit every shot straight…

You could still close it down and hit a pull…

You could still swing across the ball, make it click and leave the face slightly open, causing a push.

But the important thing is… if you’re hearing the click, that means you are improving your swing plane…

What Are The V-Shaped Arrows For
On The AccuGrip?

If you’re wondering what the V-shaped arrows are for on the Straight Stick’s AccuGrip, please watch the video above and read the guidance below:

  1. When holding the club in your left hand (if you’re
    right-handed), make sure the top V-shaped arrow is
    between your left forefinger and your left thumb,
    and pointing towards your right shoulder (see image).
  2. Then grab the grip with your right hand below the left.
  3. When holding the club in your right hand, the
    V-shaped arrow should be between your thumb and
    forefinger, and also pointing up towards your right
  4. Both V-shaped arrows on the AccuGrip should be
    pointing up towards your right shoulder and right armpit.

How Tightly Do I Screw On The Grip?

After you’ve changed your grip setting, please make sure you COMPLETELY TIGHTEN the screw-lock on the bottom of the grip.

If the screw-lock is left too loose, then there is a chance the upper part of the shaft will not support impact.

Therefore, we highly advise to double check that you have fully tightened the bottom of the grip before hitting balls.

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