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  • Backed by 6-Time PGA Tour Winner and 4-time Champions Tour winner, Rocco Mediate
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  • Designed by one of golf’s best equipment engineers, Jeff Sheets
  • Instant results – swing the Straight Stick and wait for the “click” to improve your contact

Who’s Behind
The Straight Stick

Rocco Mediate

38-year Tour veteran, 6-Time
PGA Tour winner and 4-time
Champions Tour winner.

Jeff Sheets

Prolific golf engineer who has
customized clubs for over 60 Major
winners, including Sir Nick Faldo, Arnold
Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus.

The fastest growing online golf company in the world, according to
INC Magazine, who has helped over 300,000 golfers transform their
games on every level — by delivering breakthrough teachings from
leaders like Tiger’s former coach, Hank Haney, 6-time Major winner
Sir Nick Faldo, “The people’s coach” Martin Chuck, and many more.

Here’s How
The Straight Stick Works

The Straight Stick is a first-of-its-kind swing trainer that offers INSTANT feedback…

Giving you consistent flush contact and automatic accuracy… on autopilot.

All you have to do is swing it and wait for the “CLICK”. It’s that simple

After just a few minutes of using the Straight Stick, you can:

  • Enjoy the same contact and accuracy benefits as swing coaching — without a coach.
  • FEEL and HEAR a tour-like release in your swing.
  • Have effortless control of your clubface for archer-like accuracy.
  • Enjoy that addictive sound of pure, flush contact.
  • Feel a surge of confidence as you start striping the ball dead straight.

The Straight Stick was created by the same engineer who designed clubs for legendary names like Lee Trevino, Sir Nick Faldo, Arnold Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus and…

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