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Eric G. 8 Handicap

“I can’t believe how consistently flush I’m hitting it. And I was
hitting my target every time without even thinking about my
ball-flight!! I love that I can hit balls and see how much
straighter I’m hitting it right away.” –
Matt D. 14 Handicap

Gives You NO Choice But To Make Compressed Contact With
Automatic Accuracy… After Only A Few Practice Swings Each Week…
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The Straight Stick

The first-of-its-kind automatic swing trainer, that dials in your contact and gives you automatic accuracy…

Without hitting thousands of balls, taking dozens of lessons or putting in 10,000 hours working on each core swing mechanic separately. Instead, the Straight Stick is the fastest way to get all your core swing mechanics working together in minutes.

It instantly gives you the confidence to flush any club in your bag. So you can attack flags, shoot lower scores, and finish entire rounds with confidence.

Regardless of your current age, skill or handicap.

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Straight Stick Secrets

Accelerate your results with the Straight Stick. Rocco will guide you through proven warm up and practice routines that you can do at home, on the range or before your next round — so you transform your contact and accuracy even faster.

Feel a surge of increased confidence each time you step onto the course knowing you’re about to consistently make flush, accurate contact — on every single shot.

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Easy Accuracy Video Training

The Straight Stick will already have you making perfectly flush compressed contact, with automatic accuracy… and this video training helps you take that to another level.

Learn the BEST contact and accuracy drills you can use to consistently hit your target, shoot lower scores, and feel unstoppable confidence.

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Straight Stick LIVESTREAM

This is your chance to learn from 6-Time PGA tour winner Rocco Mediate and get feedback as he gives a LIVE hands-on lesson and demonstrates all the ways YOU can use the Straight Stick to transform your contact and accuracy.

And if you have any questions about the Straight Stick, you’ll be able to get them answered LIVE… so that you have everything you need to take your game to the next level.

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