Coach To Seven Former World Number Ones — Including Greg Norman, Ernie Els, & Nick
Price — Releases His New Training Technology That Fixes Your Contact & Consistency…
David Leadbetter, Nick Price, and dozens of tour pros are calling the StraightAway “the one training aid that fixes the most important part of the swing — the takeaway!” Just “clip it and rip it” and you’ll have a more repeatable and reliable swing after a few rehearsals on the range.
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“I love how you just clip it on any club. And this aid fixes the root of many issues in my swing.”
-David S. | StraightAway Customer

The StraightAway Fixes The “First Move” Of Your Swing So You Automatically Start Your Swing On Rails…

That means:

  • You start your swing in the most efficient position…
  • “Pre-Set” extra power at the top of your swing  – without extra effort…
  • Reliably return the clubface back to the ball for flush contact…
  • And consistently make a repeatable swing…

That produces on-target golf shots… lower scores… and dramatically better golf… After just a few first-move rehearsals.

Here Are The 3 Ways Your
First Move Could Be

Right Now

#1: Rolled Inside

If your first move is rolled inside in the backswing…

Then you’re off-track.

#2: Pushed Outside

If you start your swing by pushing your hands away from the trail leg…

And THEN roll your arms and club inside…

You’re off-track.

#3: No Turn… All Lift

If you’re a player who doesn’t turn your shoulders or hips in your first move…

And you just “lift” the club to the top of your swing…

Well, you already know what I’m going to say…

You’re off-track.

The StraightAway Corrects
The Reliability
And Consistency
Of Your


And unlike most swing trainers that simply address the EFFECTS of a poor takeaway…

Like coming over the top…

Having to flip your wrists at impact…

And struggling to control your clubface.

The StraightAway instantly fixes the root cause of your off-track first move…

And ejects fat shots, thin shots, and overall inconsistencies from your game.

And guys…

It’s not just me saying this…

One All-Time Great Was
SHOCKED After Seeing
StraightAway For
The First Time…

“The first move… the takeaway…
is the KEY to a good golf

I’ve played in hundreds of
pro-ams, and the takeaway is the
most common fault that I see amateurs make.

The StraightAway will perfect
your takeaway.”

Nick Price | 3-Time Major champion and Former World #1

The StraightAway Has Two
Unique Features

Instantly Fix Your
Off-Track First Move

Feature 1

The StraightAway Tracks

Unlike any training mechanism ever created…

The StraightAway Tracks naturally put your hands,
arms, body and clubhead on the perfect track…
so you start and finish your swing on rails.

That’s because…

I’ve used two colors of tracks that guarantee you’re lined up perfectly…

And get you into the “Tour Takeaway” position effortlessly.

So after just a few rehearsals…

You clearly KNOW if you’re starting your swing ON-track or OFF-track.

This “Visual” Feedback
Is Key…

Because now… instead of having to film your swing every time… or have someone watch — and correct — every swing…

The yellow StraightAway Track aligns your club FOR YOU… without ever leaving your address position.

  • No over-thinking.
  • No guessing.
  • No hoping you’re doing it correctly.

Simply point the red track directly towards your clubhead…

The yellow track out to 45 degrees…

And rehearse your takeaway.

That’s all there is to it.

The StraightAway Tracks
Automatically Eliminate
3 Most Common

“First Move” Mistakes…

Along with the overcompensations that follow.

The StraightAway Tracks…

  • Correct your over-the-top path that produces a slice…
  • Prevent fat shots caused by flipping your wrists at impact…
  • And fix your steep attack angle that leads to never-ending inconsistencies.

All by focusing on just ONE part of your swing — the takeaway!


Eliminate Your Rolled
Inside Takeaway


Yellow Track Points Inside Target Line


Yellow Track Parallel With Target Line


Eliminate Your Outside


Yellow Track Points Outside Target Line


Yellow Track Parallel With Target Line


Correct Your All-Arms,
Lifted Takeaway


Yellow Track Points Up In Takeaway


Yellow Track Parallel With Target Line

After Only Minutes Using
The StraightAway…

“The Rest Of My Swing…
Just Fell Into Place!”

The Second Feature
Makes The StraightAway
The Most
Versatile Swing
Technology In Golf

Feature 2

The SecureClip

The SecureClip allows you to clip the StraightAway
to ANY of your clubs — AND hit balls.

That’s right.

While most swing trainers are NOT designed to
hit balls…

I’ve engineered the SecureClip so you never have to worry about carrying an EXTRA training club in your bag.

Simply clip and secure the StraightAway onto one of your clubs and start swinging.

The “Screwlocks” Hold The
StraightAway In Place

Just Under Your Grip…

So the StraightAway never slides… rotates… or interferes with your natural swing…

AND it works for BOTH right and left-handed players.

That means, no matter who you are… or what handicap you play to…

All you have to do is…


It’s that simple…

Just attach the StraightAway on any club…

And within seconds…

It’s ready to dial in your Tour Takeaway…

And synchronize your swing for flush center-face contact.

WITHOUT adding mechanical swing thoughts…

WITHOUT having clunky straps and lines attached to your body…

And WITHOUT needing a coach to guide your swing ON-TRACK.

It Works Whether You Hit
Balls… Or DON’T Hit Balls!

Either way, as long as you’re following my system with the StraightAway…

You’ll instantly dial in your Tour Takeaway…

Swing on-track and make dead-center, flush contact.

All with more consistency… reliability… and precision than ever before.

And the best part is…

The StraightAway doesn’t just work when it’s clipped onto your club…

The Results Are
You Take It Off!

Here’s What You’re Getting Today:

  • The StraightAway (works for both left or right handed players): The world’s FIRST-EVER simple swing technology… proven to give you no choice but to start — and finish — your swing on-track.
  • David Leadbetter’s StraightAway System you must follow, where he shows you step by step how to warm up and practice with the StraightAway to fix your first move, first.
  • You’ll also have access to David’s Perfect Pitch and Pure Putt video training. And he’s only giving these to player’s using the StraightAway.
  • Exclusive access to hands-on feedback and training with the coach of 7 former world number ones — David Leadbetter.

The Industry’s FIRST 365-Day
100% Money Back Guarantee


Take up to an entire YEAR with the StraightAway — to see
the difference it makes in your contact and accuracy firsthand.

If you’re not completely thrilled with the results it gives you…

Then just send it back, and we’ll give you 100% of your
money back.

It either dials-in your contact and accuracy…

Or you get your money back.


If you’re not completely happy with the way it has you swinging on rails…

All you have to do is send us an email any time within the next YEAR to support@performancegolf.com

And our trained customer support staff will send you instructions on how to return it…

So we can credit you a payment for 100% of the amount you paid.

That said, we only expect amazing things to happen.

The StraightAway Is A True
Breakthrough In Golf
Training Tech…
Get Yours Today
For Just $79
& We Pay Shipping in the USA!
365-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
And Unconditional Refund Policy
Backed By Our 365-Day,
100% Money Back Guarantee
& Unconditional Refund Policy

You Can Order By Phone!
If you have any questions or if you’d like to order by phone, call our friendly 
customer service team at 1-800-523-5760 (Monday – Friday, 9:00 am-5:00pm EST).
You can also send an email to support@performancegolf.com.

“You Simply… CLIP IT & RIP IT
It’s THAT Easy!”

Here are some of the reasons golfers are saying this is the easiest — yet most effective — training aid they’ve ever experienced…


You don’t need to spend hours on the range getting used to the StraightAway.

After only a few practice swings, you can remove it…

And watch as you start flushing shot after shot.


Unlike most training aids that are bulky and awkward…

The StraightAway fits into any pocket of your golf bag.

That means, take it anywhere you go…

Clip it on any club in your bag…

Rehearse your first move…

And hit balls KNOWING your Tour Takeaway is on-track.


Meaning, not only do the results go with you… everywhere you play.

But more than that, you can use the StraightAway on ANY club in your bag…

Yes, ANY club… even your putter.

And with what I’m to give you next you’ll have a step-by-step guide on all my best tips and tricks!