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The StraightAway

This is the world’s FIRST-EVER simple swing technology… that’s proven to give you no choice but to start — and finish — your swing on-track. So you can make consistently flush contact — and stick greens on command.

Unlike most swing trainers that simply address the EFFECTS of a poor takeaway… The StraightAway instantly fixes the ROOT CAUSE of your off-track first move… and ejects fat shots, thin shots, and overall inconsistencies from your game… in just a handful of practice swings each week.

Here’s why the StraightAway is the #1 swing aid for amateur golfers:

  • Instant-feedback StraightAway Tracks give you a visual aid to fix your first move (most important move in your golf swing)
  • Twist-Lock SecureClip allows you to easily attach the StraightAway on ANY club
  • Portable so you can practice literally anywhere (even at home while you’re watching Golf Channel!)
  • Versatile so you can work on your takeaway consistency with different clubs
  • Tested and proven to give you the ONE and ONLY move you should steal from the pros — the Tour Takeaway
  • Plus, the StraightAway works on both right and left-handed clubs.
Just clip it… and rip it!

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The StraightAway System

This in-depth exclusive video training is designed to accelerate your results with the StraightAway.

Inside, David will guide you through proven warm-up and practice routines that you can do at home, on the range, or before your next round — so you transform your first move and make the purest contact of your life.

The StraightAway System is meant to be used WITH the StraightAway Swing Technology so you eliminate any chance of ever making a first move mistake again. These are David’s hard-earned secrets, discovered over his 50-year career.


  • 5 ways to use your StraightAway at home as soon as it arrives on your doorstep
  • StraightAway contact drills that only players who have this system will have access to
  • The 12-inch “first move fix” that will save you decades of struggles working on your swing
  • A distance hack that you can only get using your StraightAway (meaning your friends won’t have this trick!)

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The Perfect Pitch Video Training

This video training walks you through the exact routines David gave ALL seven former world #1s before they went on to dominate Major Championships.

So if you can’t get your ball close to the hole from around the green right now and you always struggle with long, knee-knocking par putts, then the Perfect Pitch Training Program will change that for you — FAST.

This training walks you through a series of exclusive pitching and chipping accelerators AND is guaranteed to get you dialed from inside 50 yards.

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The Pure Putt Method

This training gives you the fastest way to dominate with your putter… WITHOUT spending hours on the practice green.

Inside the Pure Putt Method you’ll discover the ONE simple move that automatically controls your hands, arms, and shoulders to roll pure, accurate putts.

This move eliminates your biggest putting mistakes, including bad tempo… an inconsistent stroke… and erratic flow with the flat stick.

This means you’ll be ejecting 3-putts and shaving even more strokes from your scorecard, starting on your very next round.

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This is your chance to learn directly from David himself — the coach to seven former world number #1s — AND get feedback as he gives a LIVE hands-on lesson and demonstrates all the ways YOU can use the StraightAway to transform your first move, make pure contact, and double your greens in regulation.

And if you have any questions about the StraightAway, you’ll be able to get them answered LIVE… so that you have everything you need to take your game to the next level.

PLUS, you’ll have lifetime access to the replay.

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Scratch Club

Get a 14-Day Free Pass to “The Netflix of Golf” — with the world’s leading collection of advanced tools and training from some of the greatest golf coaches in the world.

All so you can drop 5 strokes from your handicap in the first month alone. (14 days FREE, then $29/month. Cancel anytime)

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“It made it so easy to quit flipping my wrists. I must have hit 8 to 10 shots straight away at the target with a little baby draw. I’m going to use this before every single round.”

Corey A., 19 Handicap