Coach To Seven Former World Number Ones —
Including Greg Norman, Ernie Els, & Nick
Reveals His Secret Training Technology
That Fixes Your Inconsistent Swing…

Just Simply… CLIP IT…

And It Dials In The ONE and ONLY Move You Should Ever Steal From The Pros…

What is it?
The StraightAway is the

That is proven to give you no

but to start — and
finish — your swing

So you can make
consistently flush

and stick greens on


The SecureClip allows you to clip the StraightAway to ANY of your clubs — AND hit

That’s right.

While most swing trainers are NOT designed to hit balls…

I’ve engineered the SecureClip so you
never have to worry about carrying an
EXTRA training club in your bag.

Simply clip and secure the StraightAway onto one of your clubs… and start swinging.

The “Screwlocks” Hold The

StraightAway In Place

Under Your Grip…

So the StraightAway never slides…
rotates… or interferes with your natural

AND it works for BOTH right and left-handed players.

That means, no matter who you are… or what handicap you play to…

All you have to do is…


It’s that simple…

It can be attached to any type of club…

It can be stored in nearly any pocket.

What does it do?
It forces you to start on track

You clearly KNOW if you’re starting your swing ON-track or OFF-track.

This “Visual” Feedback
Is Key…

Because now… instead of having to film your swing every time… or have someone watch — and correct — every swing…

The yellow StraightAway Track aligns your club FOR YOU… without ever leaving your address position.

  • No over-thinking.
  • No guessing.
  • No hoping you’re doing it correctly.

Simply point the red track directly
towards your clubhead…

The yellow track out to 45 degrees…

And rehearse your takeaway.

That’s all there is to it.

The StraightAway Tracks
The 3 Most Common

“First Move” Mistakes…

Along with the overcompensations that follow.

So you don’t do this…

#1: Rolled Inside

If your first move is rolled inside in the backswing…

Then you’re off-track.

#2: Pushed Outside

If you start your swing by
pushing your hands away from
the trail leg…

And THEN roll your arms and club inside…

You’re off-track.

#3: No Turn… All Lift

If you’re a player who doesn’t turn your shoulders or hips in your first move…

And you just “lift” the club to the top of your swing…

Well, you already know what I’m going to say…

You’re off-track.

Why is that important?

Your First Move
(The Takeaway) Either

— The
Of The
Entire Swing

And here’s why:

Because your body and club always work
in equal and opposite reactions.

And whether you know it or not…

You ALWAYS overcompensate for an off-track first move.

That’s true — whether you’re brand new
to the game…

A 40-year veteran who still struggles to break 90… or even a tour pro.

And after giving over 100,000 amateur lessons, I’ve found…

Biggest Problem
For 99%

Of Golfers

Because if your first move — or in other words, your TAKEAWAY — is off-track…

You’ll never efficiently get to the top of
your swing…

So you can reliably return the clubface
back to the ball…

To make consistently flush contact.

And you’ll trigger a chain reaction of overcompensations…

That give you NO CHANCE to play
consistent golf.

Tiger KNOWS What Every
Great Player
Knows… The
First Move In Your Swing…


And it’s crystal clear why Tiger is focusing on the first move with his son…

Because when your first move is on-track…

You easily put your club into an elite “top of swing” position…

And AVOID any chance of overcompensations in the downswing…

That cause you to mis-hit the ball.

This Simple Swing
Technology Gives You
But To
Automatically Start
Swing On Rails…

That means:

  • You start your swing in the most efficient position…
  • “Set” the top of your swing the simple way for maximum
  • Reliably return the clubface
    back to the ball for flush contact…
  • And consistently make a repeatable swing…
Can’t I just do it on my own?

The only problem is…

Mastering The Tour
Nearly Impossible

To Do On Your Own…

Because even the SMALLEST change in your swing has a HUGE impact on your results.

Just like opening or closing your clubface
a single degree is the difference between hitting a slice or a hook…

A slight variation in your takeaway literally makes — or breaks — the entire rest of
your swing.

That’s why pros invest so much time, energy, and money into perfecting their Tour Takeaway…

But unlike the pros, you won’t have to spend a fortune on technology or waste years
of your life:

  • No need for $25,000 launch monitors…
  • No need to record your swing at different angles…
  • And no rehearsing this first move literally thousands of times.
How can I be sure it will work for me?

The StraightAway Works
For Everyone…

Brand-New Golfers To Tour Pros

I Perfected This
Training Technology

My 50-Year Hall Of Fame

And I did it while coaching SEVEN former world number ones…

Including Nick Price… Ernie Els… Sir Nick Faldo… and other legends…

Who won an unprecedented TWENTY
major championships.

And it’s inspired by a move I’ve seen
dozens of the best players on tour doing right

This breakthrough technology leverages:
  • FIVE decades of knowledge…
  • Studying millions of golf swings…
  • And tens of thousands of hours FIXING swings at every level.

So without ever needing to see me in person…

And guys…

It’s not just me saying this…

One All-Time Great Was
After Seeing

The StraightAway
The First Time…

“The first move… the takeaway…
is the KEY to a good
golf swing.

I’ve played in hundreds of pro-
ams, and the takeaway
is the
most common fault that I see amateurs make.

The StraightAway will perfect
your takeaway.”

Nick Price | 3-Time Major champion and Former World #1
Does it come with anything else when I get it here?

That’s Why You’re Also
A Series Of
Exclusive Bonus Videos

For NEW StraightAway
Customers ONLY


The Perfect Pitch Video

Now, the last thing I want is for you to
start flushing your irons…

End up with an easy pitch or chip shot…

And then screw it up.

I see way too many amateurs losing
strokes from 50 yards and in.

And guys… I don’t care how good you are with your irons.

Even the best players still have to pitch
and chip.

That means your short game can either make — or break — your rounds…

Because if you can’t get your ball close to the hole from around the green…

You’ll always struggle with long, knee-knocking par putts.

That’s why I designed a series of exclusive pitching and chipping accelerators…

To get you dialed from inside 50 yards.


The Pure Putt Method
Video Training

You see, once the StraightAway fixes your contact and consistency…

And the Perfect Pitch Training locks you in around the green…

There’s going to be a LOT more pressure on you sinking putts.

Because now, you’ll be in position to make birdie and par a LOT more often.

That said, if you’re like 90% of the
amateurs I work with… you never REALLY
practice your putting.

Which doesn’t make much sense… since you drive for the show…

But you putt for the dough.

That’s why I’m giving you… my Pure Putt Method Video Training…

The fastest way to dominate with your putter…

WITHOUT spending hours on the practice green.

Because here’s the thing…

Putting Is Simple… But
You Have To
ONE Key Move

You know how with your Tour Takeaway we want your body, hands, arms, and club all moving in one piece?

Well the same is true with your putter.

And in this training, you’ll discover the
ONE simple move that automatically
controls your putter… hands… arms… and

I guarantee when you see how easy this move makes it to eliminate your biggest mistakes…

Mistakes that are ruining your tempo… stroke… and flow with the flat stick.

You’ll be dropping in more putts the very next time you’re on the dance floor.

That’s what this Pure Putt Method training gives you.


The Leadbetter LIVESTREAM

That’s right…

You’re not just getting my best video training today…

I’m also hosting an exclusive LIVE lesson
for early-bird StraightAway customers…

So I can specifically follow up…

Make sure you’re implementing
everything I’m giving you…

And answer ANY questions you may have about the StraightAway technology… the StraightAway System… or your bonuses.

And you’ll not only be able to ask me ANYTHING…

You’ll also SEE me demonstrate key drills and applications I show tour players on a
daily basis.

This livestream training will guarantee you get the most out of your StraightAway

Continue To Dial In Your
And Confidence…

To shave even MORE strokes off every round you play.

This exclusive lesson will be streamed
LIVE the first time…

And viewable on your computer, smart phone, or iPad.

But don’t worry if you can’t make it LIVE…

Because you’ll also have access to the replay — for life.

What if I don’t like it?

You can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re backed by…

The Industry’s LEADING
100% Money
Back Guarantee


PLUS, our unconditional refund policy.

That Means You Can Try
The StraightAway

Out Completely Risk-Free…

And take up to an entire YEAR to see the
difference it makes in your game first-hand.

If you’re not completely thrilled with the way
the StraightAway transforms your first move…

Fixes your swing flaws…

And puts your clubface on the perfect track for flush contact…

Then just send it back, and we’ll give you 100% of your money back.

It either dials-in your contact and accuracy…

Or you get your money back.


Think about that…

When Have You Ever
Bought A Club Or Training
Aid From One
Of The
“Big Golf” Companies…

And had the chance to TEST the product for a FULL YEAR…

To see how it works for you…

And no matter how much you used it…

Yes, even if you’ve used it every day for 364 days…

If you’re not completely happy with the way the StraightAway eliminates your poor contact AND makes you a more consistent player…

All you have to do is send us an email any time within the next YEAR to

And our trained customer support staff will send you instructions on
how to return it…

So we can credit you a payment for 100% of the amount you paid.

That said, we only expect amazing things to happen when the
StraightAway arrives at your door…

And that’s why we have one of the lowest return rates in the entire

How much does all of this cost?

The StraightAway

This is the world’s FIRST-EVER simple
swing technology… that’s proven to give you no choice but to start — and finish — your swing on-track. So you can make consistently flush contact —
and stick greens on command.

Unlike most swing trainers that simply address the EFFECTS of a poor takeaway… The StraightAway instantly fixes the ROOT CAUSE of your off-track first move… and ejects fat shots, thin shots, and overall inconsistencies from
your game… in just a handful of practice swings
each week.

Here’s why the StraightAway is the #1 swing aid for amateur golfers:

  • Instant-feedback StraightAway
    give you a visual aid to fix your
    first move (most important move in
    your golf swing)
  • Twist-Lock SecureClip allows you to easily attach the StraightAway on ANY club
  • Portable so you can practice literally
    anywhere (even at home while you’re watching Golf Channel!)
  • Versatile so you can work on your takeaway consistency with different clubs
  • Tested and proven to give you the
    ONE and ONLY move you should steal from the pros
    — the Tour Takeaway
  • Plus, the StraightAway works on both right
    and left-handed clubs.
Just clip it… and rip it!

PRICE: $99.00 ONLY $79

The StraightAway System

This in-depth exclusive video training is
designed to accelerate your results with the

Inside, David will guide you through
proven warm-up and practice routines
that you can do at home, on the range, or
before your next
round — so you
transform your first move and
make the
purest contact of your life.

The StraightAway System is meant to be used WITH the StraightAway Swing Technology so you eliminate any chance
of ever making a first move mistake again.
These are David’s hard-earned secrets,
discovered over his 50-year career.


  • 5 ways to use your StraightAway at home as soon as it arrives on your doorstep
  • StraightAway contact drills that
    only players who have this system will have access to
  • The 12-inch “first move fix” that will save you decades of struggles working on your swing
  • A distance hack that you can only get using your StraightAway (meaning your friends won’t have this trick!)

PRICE: $197.00 FREE

The Perfect Pitch Video Training

This video training walks you through the exact routines David gave ALL seven former world #1s before they went on to dominate Major Championships.

So if you can’t get your ball close to the hole from around the green right now and you always struggle with long, knee-knocking par putts, then the Perfect Pitch Training Program will change that for you — FAST.

This training walks you through a series of exclusive pitching and chipping accelerators AND is guaranteed to get you dialed from inside 50 yards.

PRICE: $197.00 FREE

The Pure Putt Method

This training gives you the fastest way to dominate with your putter… WITHOUT spending hours on the practice green.

Inside the Pure Putt Method you’ll discover the ONE simple move that automatically controls your hands, arms, and shoulders to roll pure, accurate putts.

This move eliminates your biggest putting mistakes, including bad tempo… an inconsistent stroke… and erratic flow with the flat stick.

This means you’ll be ejecting 3-putts and shaving even more strokes from your scorecard, starting on your very next round.

PRICE: $97.00 FREE


This is your chance to learn directly from David himself — the coach to seven
former world number #1s — AND get
feedback as he gives a LIVE hands-on
lesson and demonstrates all the ways
YOU can use the StraightAway to
transform your first move, make pure
contact, and double your greens in

And if you have any questions about the StraightAway, you’ll be able to get them answered LIVE… so that you have everything you need to take your game to the next level.

PLUS, you’ll have lifetime access to the replay.

PRICE: $300.00 FREE



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Click Here To Get Your StraightAway So That
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365-Day 100% Money-Back
And Unconditional
Refund Policy

365-Day 100%
Money-Back Guarantee
100% Protected
100% Secured
If at any time within the next 365 days you decide you’re not fully satisfied, simply send us an email at and you’ll receive a 100% full and prompt refund, no questions asked.
“It made it so easy to quit flipping my wrists. I must have hit 8 to 10 shots straight away at the target with a little baby draw. I’m going to use this before every single round.”

Corey A., 19 Handicap

Frequently Asked

If you follow the StraightAway System, the auto-swing technology is designed to get

you initial results after your first few swings.

Most players don’t realize just how much
the mistakes they make in their takeaway
— a.k.a. the first move — are negatively impacting the rest of their swing.

But with the StraightAway technology, you have NO CHOICE but to get into the Tour Takeaway…

And see an immediate change in the overall quality and efficiency of your

In just a few swings each week.

Simple: There’s a reason pros rehearse their takeaway with such precision.

Because they know when the swing starts correctly, it sets off a positive chain
reaction throughout the entire swing:

An on-track first move that efficiently reaches the top of the backswing…

An inside-out downswing…

And the perfect impact position to make flush contact.

And when you’re hitting the center of the clubface more often — you not only
improve your accuracy…

You also gain distance.

The StraightAway fits onto ANY club —
and works the same for righties
and lefties.

That means, you can use the StraightAway to dial in your irons, woods, and even
your putting!

There’s no limit to the possibilities when you dial in Tour Takeaway and swing on rails, from start to finish.

This is a step-by-step system you MUST follow while using your StraightAway
technology to GUARANTEE you get the fastest results.

This proven system works hand-in-hand with the StraightAway…

So you can start and finish your swing on the most efficient track — for flush
contact and overall consistency.

The StraightAway System is based on the EXACT blueprint I’ve used in over 100,000 amateur lessons…

And with every major-winning tour player I’ve ever coached.

Inside the system, you’ll find twelve “do-
this do-that” instructional videos.

These are my best drills and practice routines you should use with your

By following this system, you’ll not only improve your contact and consistency, you’ll become a more confident and
skilled golfer on every level — and enjoy
the game a whole lot more.

The short answer is, yes.

But it would take you a lot longer… and your chances of success are low.

That’s why it’s so important you follow the StraightAway System that is exclusively available for customers of the StraightAway.

As powerful as the system is, it would take you much longer to master the Tour Takeaway without using the StraightAway itself.

Remember, golf is a game of millimeters.

Very slight deviations in your contact, for example, can be the difference between
flush contact and a mis-hit that ruins your hole.

It’s the same with your first move.

So if you want to immediately get into the Tour Takeaway position…

So you can start and finish your swing on-track.

Grab your StraightAway now… and start watching the video training today!

Well, first of all, if that happens you’ll be
an outlier…

Because the StraightAway is based on everything I’ve learned giving thousands
of lessons — at every level of the game.

And it’s already working for amateur players like you.

Still, in the extremely unlikely event it doesn’t work for you…

You’re covered by Performance Golf’s Industry-Leading 365-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee…

You’re covered by Performance Golf’s Industry-Leading 365-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee…

Which includes a no-questions-asked, unconditional refund policy.

If you’re not completely thrilled with the way the StraightAway transforms your
first move…

Fixes your swing flaws…

And puts your clubface on the perfect
track for flush contact — on literally
single shot…

All you have to do is send us an email any time within the next YEAR to

And our trained customer support staff will send you instructions on how to return

So we can issue you a 100% refund.

It’s typically shipped out within 48 hours
of order placement and then takes
another 2 to 5 business days —
depending on where you live.

International customers might need to
wait up to 2 weeks for their StraightAway
to arrive, not including any additional
time for customs clearance.

But if you want to get your StraightAway faster… you can choose priority shipping on the next page and we’ll rush out your StraightAway as fast as possible.

Do that… and you can start dialing in your Tour Takeaway this week!

Yes, the StraightAway works equally well for players of all levels, no matter your
skill level or handicap.

As I’ve said, it’s the ONE MOVE that amateurs should copy from the pros.

This is because players of every level benefit from dialing in a Tour Takeaway, starting the swing ON-TRACK… which ensures you finish the swing on-track and make consistently flush contact.

It’s not a complicated move, it doesn’t require pro-level timing, hand-eye coordination, balance, or strength.

However, the difference between a
perfect takeaway and a flawed one can be

The beauty of the StraightAway is that it helps players of all levels fix this automatically, regardless of their skill

Because It gives you instant visual feedback… whether you’re doing it right
or wrong.

Bottom line is…

There’s always room for any player to improve by using the StraightAway…

You just clip it and rip it.

Yes… even if your takeaway is already as good as Ernie Els…

The StraightAway can help!

Seriously, I’ve worked with Ernie for decades… and still to this day he sends
me videos of his swing to make sure he’s

That means, no matter what level you’re
at today… you ALWAYS have room to
improve and further groove your Tour

I recommend starting EVERY practice session making a few rehearsals with your StraightAway…

And hitting at least 5 to 10 balls.

This repetition will assure your takeaway starts and finishes your swing on the
most efficient path to make consistently
flush contact.

Do that… and your swing will never fail when it matters most — on the course.

When you order TODAY — you get the StraightAway auto-swing technology, plus all the must-have training system and bonuses. This includes:

The StraightAway System, worth $197.

The Perfect Pitch Video Training, worth $197.

My Pure Putt Method, worth $97

And the Leadbetter LIVE Coaching Session with me, worth $300.

Plus, you get the peace of mind of
knowing your investment is protected by
Performance Golf’s industry-leading, 365-
day money back guarantee.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

So if you’re ready to dial in your first
move, so you start and finish your swing
on rails…

And dramatically improve your contact AND consistency…

Then click the button above, secure your StraightAway, and we’ll prioritize your shipment today.

If for any reason you have other questions… feel free to email

And our friendly customer support team will take care of you.