Golf’s #1 Female Instructor fixed 20 of the world’s worst swings using a counter-intuitive sequence (All Documented LIVE):


In this video, you’ll discover:

  • The controversial truth behind why Erika Larkin ONLY teaches amateurs… NOT pros!
  • Why you should NEVER try to make a “mechanically modeled” or “consistent” swing
  • A little-known one-legged golfer’s swing sequence the PGA of America silenced because it was “too simple!” (Meaning, it worked so well they wouldn’t sell lessons)
  • And the real reason why swing mechanics are killing your consistency (plus a swing fix you can leverage to make an effortless swing every time)
Frequently Asked Questions
We’ve discovered the most effective way to learn golf online is by watching it as most techniques cannot be understood by words and pictures alone. In order to master these drills, you need to watch precisely how they’re done in motion.
Because the video contains customized teaching and drills, the video length will be different depending on which instructor and approach interested you and what site you originally came from. Be sure to watch the entire video to get the full tutorial.
Because we very frequently circulate different instructors, approaches and drills to find what’s working best for amateurs, we cannot guarantee that you will see a link to this particular tutorial once you leave.
When you watch the full explanation in this video, it will ensure you understand how each drill works biomechanically so that you can make it work for you immediately.

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“I used to hit only a few good shots a round. I followed Erika’s sequence for 10 or 15 minutes… and I can’t quite explain what’s going on with my swing, but I just flushed four shots in a row!”

Daniel H., 16 Handicap

About Erika Larkin

As a Golf Digest Top-50 instructor, Erika’s in a league of her own. Over the last 20+ years, she’s dedicated herself to working exclusively with male and female AMATEUR golfers. And there’s a reason for that. Erika’s teaching method is specifically designed for struggling amateurs looking to never lose their swing.

She’s already fixed 50,000 swings and has a fully booked calendar two years in advance. And that’s because her proven sequence and training work – and they work fast. That’s why players all over the world say, “Erika’s teaching style is the easiest to understand and implement I’ve ever seen.” If you’re looking for a masterclass tutorial on the TRUTH about how to swing a club the way it’s designed, Erika Larkin’s your girl.