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a VIP Golf Experience

Players Leave Our 2-Day Dream Golf Vacations With 
More Progress Than Most Make In 2, 3, Even 5+ Years

What is it?

An immersive in-person golf experience to find and fix your “root swing flaw.”
You’ll work 1:1 and in small groups with one of our PGA-level coaches…
To fix your root swing flaw and make more progress in 2 days than most golfers make in 2, 3, or even 5+ years…
And keep improving your game every month.

What does it do?

Every golfer has 5 swing flaws, but your root flaw needs to be fixed FIRST, or you stay stuck.
When you fix this you create a “domino effect” that fixes 2-3 problems at once… and makes improvement feel EASY.
USGA Handicap chart

Work 1:1 with one of our world-class PGA level coaches to find and fix your #1 root swing flaw and finally get unstuck

Simplify practice with a clear, step-by-step improvement plan for every area of your game

Small group instruction to work on technique training AND skills training… so you can improve your technique AND apply your new skills on the golf course

State of the art swing analysis to  use cutting-edge technology to customize your game improvement plan

Priceless on-course lessons with Guided Course Play to enhance your “Golf IQ” and course management

Immersive, supportive, and judgment-free atmosphere to hone your skills with other players doing the same

And most importantly, have a blast shaving strokes off your handicap at a beautiful golf getaway

So you don’t do this…

Chat messages from a phone
#1: Waste time working on the wrong swing flaw (instead of your ROOT flaw)
Golfer after his swing on a range
#2: Practice without feedback and use the wrong technique in practice…
#3: Repeat the cycle of 1 step forward, 2 steps back and STAY STUCK

Why is that important?

Golfers improve when they work on the RIGHT thing in the right order.
Golfer instructing other golfers

You need…

1: A coach you TRUST

We have VIP experiences with the best of the best like: “The People’s Coach” Martin Chuck, Brian Mogg, John Hughes, Matt Walter, Virgil Herring, Martin Chuck, Jeff Ritter, Adam Porzak, JT Thomas, and more.

2: Who will pinpoint your REAL flaw

Your coach will find the REAL thing holding your game back. This is the area of your game that reduces your handicap the fastest. It could be irons, driving, approach shots, chipping, short game, putting, etc.

3: Show you exactly WHAT to do

They will show you exactly WHAT to do in a fun, immersive, judgment-free learning environment. All recommendations are based on your experience, skill, age, and strength.

4: HOW to apply it to the course to KEEP progressing

Make sure your fix carries over to the course – where it matters most.

5: A plan and personal feedback

Walk away with a plan for improving every month and a private channel to send your coach swing videos so they can guarantee you’re doing things right.

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What coaches can you learn from?

Martin Chuck Profile Image
Martin Chuck
Golf Digest Top 25 Teacher with over 50,000+ happy amateur students.
Rick Smith Profile Image
Rick Smith
Former Coach to “Golfer of the Century” Jack Nicklaus, Mickelson & 75+ Tour Winners.
Brian Mogg Profile Image
Brian Mogg
Golf Digest Top 100 Teacher with over 30 student wins on PGA and LPGA tour.
Andrew Rice Profile Image
Andrew Rice
The “Everyday Golfer’s” Coach, Top 50 teachers in America and Golf Digest’s #1 coach in Georgia.
Erika Larkin Profile Image
Erika Larkin
Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher, #1 Teacher in Virginia, and Golf.com Top 100 Teacher.
Adam Bazalgette Profile Image
Adam Bazalgette
Top instructor and owner of Scratch Golf Academy with over 495,000 YouTube Subscribers and 70 million views.
Plus our other popular PGA-level coaches…

Where do these happen?

We host small, intimate golf events every week at beautiful locations across the country.

Plus, a handful of international camps at breathtaking locations…
Map of the United States with pins showing the cities in which this takes place
Bend, Oregon
Boston, Massachusetts
Naples, Florida
Austin, Texas
Boca Raton, Florida
Miami, Florida
Orlando, Florida
West Nyack, New York
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Rising Fawn, Georgia
Savannah, Georgia
Charlotte, North Carolina
Nashville, Tennessee
Los Angeles, California
Phoenix, Arizona – Winter 2024 and 2025
University Place, Washington
Baja California, Mexico
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Greensboro, Georgia

New locations added monthly

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How do I get started?

Golfer getting a lesson from a pro with text saying 'this could be you'

This could be you if:

You’re healthy enough to swing a club…

Have been playing for a year or longer…

Want to fix the #1 reason your consistency, accuracy, and distance isn’t what you know it should be…

Speak to our team to learn more about Performance Golf’s exclusive VIP Experience.

What if I’m not sure if this is for me?

Each camp has a limited number of spots. They’re first come first served and our priority locations fill up FAST.

The good news is, you’re not making a final decision today.

You’re simply agreeing to speak with our team to see if a VIP Golf Experience is right for you in the first place.

Then they can give you all the details, locations, and packages available that’ll get YOU the results you’re looking for.

To always improving,

Brixton Albert
Founder of Performance Golf

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