To make pure flush contact like the pros, there’s only one simple move you need to copy from them. What is it? The first move, your takeaway!

Because I’m telling you now, an OFF-TRACK takeaway is the root cause of inconsistency in your game. Meaning if you start to swing wrong, you’ll always struggle with poor contact like fat shots, thin shots, and other mis-hits that make it impossible to play consistent golf.

YES! The first move is really that important, but it’s usually the most overlooked aspect of amateur golf training, and it’s the reason NO other tweak you make in your swing works long-term.

So if you want to:

Fix the ROOT cause of your contact issues…

Build a reliable swing that delivers the clubface square to the ball every time…

And start repeatedly flushing accurate golf shots like the pros…

David Leadbetter holding the StraightAway attached to a club

Then you need to get your takeaway ON TRACK. Here’s how…

So What Exactly Does The StraightAway Do?
The StraightAway
There are 7 reasons this new swing tech is blowing up the industry…
Three different golfers tee'ing up
1. First, It Gives You NO CHOICE But To Automatically Start (and Finish) Your Swing On Rails…

The StraightAway is a simple piece of swing tech that attaches to any club and gives you instant visual feedback every time you take the club away.

This automatically fixes your first move because you’re now starting your swing “ON TRACK”… which significantly increases the chances of delivering the clubface back to the ball with precision. This makes flush contact way easier and more repeatable!

This is what all the great players are doing right now. And it leverages something the great Tiger Woods was recently caught teaching his son.

Two different golfers tee'ing up

Why are Tiger and all of these pros working on their takeaway?

Because every great player knows… the first move in your swing is everything in golf. And it’s the first reason the StraightAway is helping so many amateurs make the most consistent, pure contact of their lives.

2. Second, The Results You Get Using The StraightAway Are Insane…

It literally auto-corrects your swing. So you go from slices, hooks, fat shots, and thin shots to consistently flush shots on command.

And don’t just take my word for it. Look at any of these golfers. Look at their swings before and after they used this swing tech.

Golfer wrong way vs right way
Golfer wrong way vs right way

These golfers all went from hacking their way around the course to flushing pure, accurate golf shots after just ONE practice session.

Golfer wrong way vs right way
Golfer wrong way vs right way
Golfer positions per handicapImage showing a golfer being on track
3. The Third Reason, Of Course, Is That This Swing Tech Works For Any Golfer…

It doesn’t matter if you’re just picking up the game or if you’ve been playing for decades. With this simple device, you’re guaranteed to fix embarrassing mishits in a matter of minutes. It’s really that simple.

That means you can hit more accurate shots out of the center of the face:

WITHOUT spending hours doing boring drills…

WITHOUT hitting thousands of balls at the range…

And WITHOUT making complicated changes to your swing…

Two different golfers tee'ing up

Instead, the StraightAway gives you ONE single point of focus:

Take the StraightAway pointer back over an alignment rod, and let it rip!

4. The Fourth Reason Is That The Results Happen Fast…

Most guys simply don’t have the time to hit thousands of balls every week. But with the StraightAway, all you need is a few minutes, and you’ll be hitting it flusher than you ever thought possible.

This means you can:

STOP watching hours of YouTube videos trying to find “the next best swing tip”

STOP spending money on lessons that leave you feeling more confused than when you started…

and STOP spending money on training aids that don’t fix the root cause of poor contact!

Because the StraightAway starts your swing on the same takeaway track as the pros, meaning you can launch more straight shots, have more fun on the course, and find your ball every time!

Three different golfers tee'ing up
5. The Fifth Reason This New Swing Tech Is Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before, Is Because The Certainty of Success Is So High…

The success rate crushes anything in the golf industry. Simply clip it onto any of your clubs, take a few practice swings, and then kiss goodbye to your frustrating mishits for good.

This means NO MORE:

Having a coach analyze your technique on the range…

Having to waste time filming your own swing…

Or having to grind over confusing swing positions…

Instead, the StraightAway gives you NO choice but to:

Start your swing in the most efficient position…

“Set” the top of your swing the simple way for maximum power…

Reliably return the clubface back to the ball for flush contact…

And make a repeatable swing every single time

All in just a few minutes a week!

6. To Give You TOTAL Certainty This Device Will Work For You, The StraightAway Comes With A 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee…
Two different golfers tee'ing up

Performance Golf is so confident the StraightAway will completely TRANSFORM your swing, they’re offering a 100% money-back guarantee for 365 days, which is unheard of!

That means you can try the StraightAway completely risk-free for an entire YEAR…

And it either turns you into the best ball-striker in your group, or it’s 100% of your money back.

Think about that for a second…

Even if you don’t open the box for 3 months… or you try the StraightAway for 364 days and you aren’t hitting 10 to 14 greens in reg every round… then simply call or send our friendly customer service team an email, and they’ll refund you every cent. No questions asked.

100% Money Back Guarantee Seal
Collage of golfers holding The SF1
7. And Finally, The StraightAway Has Already Helped 50,327 Everyday Amateurs Transform Their Golf Game

Performance Golf’s mission is to do the OPPOSITE of traditional golf companies.

That means instead of forcing customers to buy multiple swing trainers for different swing mechanics, they set out to create ONE training aid that simplified the swing down to a single swing thought… and they succeeded.

Since then, the StraightAway has given thousands of golfers the consistent, repeatable, and RELIABLE contact they’ve dreamed of virtually overnight… so they can finally play their best golf!

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