The ONE Wedge

2024’s Best New Wedges For Amateur Golfers


The ONE Wedge

2024’s Best New Wedges For Amateur Golfers

The ONE Wedge is a High-Performance wedge from Golf Digest’s Top 7 Coach, Martin Chuck, that fixes the root cause of mis-hit pitch shots… from ANY LIE on the golf course. It’s not a training aid. It’s perfectly legal. And unlike other wedges, every single feature was painstakingly engineered to help AMATEUR golfers, not the pros.

It’s powered by Pitch Control Technology that “auto-accelerates” your club through even the worst lies… helping you eliminate chunked, bladed, and mis-hit pitch shots… so you can lower your scores 7-9 shots on average. And it’s equipped with premium features “out of the box”, so you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg upgrading your wedges to get the “good” features.

Hit Perfect Pitches From ANY LIE

Every single feature is designed to react perfectly to all ground conditions and fix the root cause of bad pitch shots.

What Makes The ONE Wedge Different?

Unique Feature #1: 4-Way Auto-React Sole
This 4-way rounded sole reacts perfectly to any lie. We added sole depth that gives you forgiveness. Width that gives you “NO-DIG” security. And a front-to-back and heel-to-toe rounded shape that easily glides through any surface and won’t catch or grab.

Unique Feature #2: Pitch Control Weighting
This gives you “cavity-backed” forgiveness no matter where you hit it on the face. We found the “Golden Ratio” between WEIGHT and MASS, giving players maximum forgiveness when missing high, low, or anywhere on the face.

Unique Feature #3: ONE-Tempo Shaft
Counterbalanced weighting under the grip ensures the clubhead leverages gravity… And easily accelerates through impact – FOR YOU. So all you have to do to hit perfect pitch shots is make your ONE SWING and confidently HIT THE GROUND.

Unique Feature #4: Point ‘N’ Shoot Leading Edge
Unlike the leading edge on most pro wedges that are rounded and LOOK hard to hit… You’ll SEE how much easier it is to aim a straight leading edge at the target. And you can use the alignment marker on top to square up to your target and position the ball in the center of the face — every time.

Unique Feature #5: Control Spin Grooves
We extended the grooves across the ENTIRE face to maximize spin and control on toe or heel misses. And cut them DEEPER to create space so dirt, sand, and grass do not affect your face-to-ball contact. This gives you the most high-performance grooves possible — WITHOUT breaking the rules.

  • Clubhead: D3-D4 Swingweight Pre-Counterbalance
  • Shaft: Stepless, High Balance, Soft Kick Wedge Flex
  • Grip: PG Velvet Pattern
  • Special: Counterweight Under The Grip For Control

Buy today and receive…

  • Bonus 1: ONE Wedge Video Tips & Shortcuts (FREE) — This video training shows you the single best swing and tempo for ALL mid-range wedge shots.
  • Bonus 2: The Up & Down Masterclass (FREE) — Golf Digest’s #1 Shortgame teacher, James Sieckmann, reveals ALL the tricks he’s developed while working with over 150 Tour Pros.
  • Bonus 3: Precision Putting Program (FREE) — Martin Chuck walks you through his most potent putting practice drills to get you the fastest results with the least amount of boring practice.
  • 365-Day Perfect-Pitch-Control-Or-It’s-FREE 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support


The ONE Wedge is available for purchase exclusively at, and will also be available in our Amazon store in the near future. At this time, shipping is restricted to US addresses only.

The ONE Wedge 56⁰ is a versatile sand wedge that also allows you to eliminate your lob wedge if you choose. The 56⁰ ONE Wedge is versatile enough to simplify the number of wedges you carry above your pitching wedge. There are also optional 50⁰ and 60⁰ ONE Wedges to add to your configuration or replace your existing gap and lob wedges.

Pitch Control Technology is a group of innovative design features that accelerate the club through any lie, ensuring consistent performance and accuracy.

The 4-Way Auto React Sole combines the right bounce, width, and sole camber to automatically adapt to different lies, preventing chunking, digging, and catching to produce solid, crisp shots.

This feature aligns the clubface and frames the ball effortlessly, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Control Spin Grooves provide full-face friction for consistent spin, enhancing your ability to control how the ball lands, rolls, and stops.

Control Pitch Weighting offers forgiveness across the entire face, ensuring more ball speed even on mishits in the heel, toe and high on the face.

The ONE Tempo Shaft is designed for tempo, feel, and shot control, keeping your club moving and head accelerating for every shot.

Yes, the ONE Wedge offers online access to its video training system to help you improve your skills and maximize your performance. However, even if you don’t watch any training, the ONE Wedge will almost instantly change your game.

At this time, ONE Wedge is only available in the above men’s specs but is usable by golfers of any gender.

Absolutely! If it doesn’t work for you, you get your money back – guaranteed.

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