The StraightAway

Clip It And Rip It!


The StraightAway

Clip It And Rip It!

Coach to seven former world number ones, David Leadbetter, developed the first PGA-approved training tool that fixes the first and most important move of your swing: the takeaway. From Tour pros to brand new golfers, the first move either makes or breaks the repeatability of your entire swing. And unlike any other training aid in history, The StraightAway gives you real-time swing feedback, from takeaway to impact. This guarantees you make consistent, flush contact, so you can attack flags, hit more greens in regulation, and take your ball-striking to another level.

Unlock your best golf with this versatile and portable swing trainer. One amateur golfer even called The StraightAway “a small miracle,” because even though it works SO well, it fits in the side of your golf bag and weighs less than a sleeve of golf balls. Plus, it works for both right and left-handed players. David Leadbetter’s expert touch is evident in all aspects of The StraightAway, with every detail designed to deliver easy-to-follow guidance and instant swing feedback. This results in an optimal swing path and clubface control at impact. Simply clip it on any club in your bag and immediately experience more on-target golf shots, lower scores, and dramatically better golf — after just a few first-move rehearsals.

Start and Finish Your Swing On Rails With The StraightAway

The StraightAway naturally puts – and KEEPS – your hands, arms, body, and clubhead on-track, so you start and finish your swing on the perfect path for straight and controlled golf shots. Its user-friendly setup and intuitive, colorized design make it an essential addition to your practice routine. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your golf journey, The StraightAway swing trainer is your handheld secret weapon for unlocking precision and confidence on the course. Elevate your game today and experience the transformation firsthand.

You Need The StraightAway If…

  • Your first move is rolled inside in the backswing
  • You start your swing by pushing your hands away from the trail leg, then roll your arms and club inside
  • You don’t turn your shoulders or hips in your first move, and just lift the club to the top of your swing
  • You struggle with consistency and contact, but you’re not sure which of these three mistakes you’re making

In short: if the above applies to you, your swing is likely off track and would benefit immensely from The StraightAway!

What Makes The StraightAway Unique?

#1: The StraightAway Tracks

Designed to ensure a perfect swing path, the Tracks use two colors to guide your hands, arms, body, and clubhead along the ideal plane, so you effortlessly start your swing in the Tour Takeaway position. This visual feedback system eliminates common first-move mistakes by making it clear what’s REALLY going on when you start your backswing. And it fixes an over-the-top swing, flipping your wrists at impact, and a steep attack angle – all by focusing on the first move of your swing: your takeaway. With precise guidance from the yellow and red Tracks, you’ll achieve consistent alignment and a flawless swing without having to film your swing or get any external correction.

#2: The SecureClip

The SecureClip attaches to any standard-sized club, transforming your irons, woods, or even your putter – into a customized swing trainer. And unlike typical training aids, the SecureClip’s “Screwlocks” firmly secure The StraightAway beneath your grip (while also protecting your shaft), ensuring it stays put and doesn’t interfere with your natural swing. This versatile design caters to both right and left-handed players. And it allows you to effortlessly dial in your Tour Takeaway, promoting flush center-face contact and enhancing swing synchronization. All without added “swing thoughts,” cumbersome straps, or external guidance. This makes The StraightAway the fastest and easiest way to improve the consistency, reliability, and precision of your shots.

And whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, The StraightAway provides a simple, structured, and effective way to enhance your swing technique and accuracy, by dialing in the most important move of your swing: your Takeaway.

Precisely molded body from high quality, durable nylon with a special protective shaft liner. Captured screw double clasp mechanism securely holds the device in place. Comes with a carry bag and easily fits in your golf bag.

Package includes: (1) StraightAway training aid, (1) protective travel bag, (1) StraightAway System Quick Start QR code

Buy today and receive…

  • Bonus 1: StraightAway System (FREE) – This is the must-have system that shows you how to use your StraightAway to dial in your Tour Takeaway.
  • Bonus 2: Perfect Pitch Video Training (FREE) – Never miss from inside 50 yards again with these major champ secrets.
  • Bonus 3: Leadbetter LIVESTREAM (FREE) – Join David LIVE online and ask him anything! Replay included.
  • Bonus 4: Pure Putt Method (FREE) – Learn the one move in your putting that shaves more strokes than anything else.
  • 14-Day Pass To “Scratch Club” (14 days FREE, then $29/month. Cancel anytime) – Your step-by-step plan to shave 5 strokes off your handicap THIS month!
  • 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee – If you don’t love it, you don’t pay for it! Period.


You’re in for instant wins with the EZ3!

With the EZ3, there’s no need to tweak your setup, go all-out on your swings, or mess with your technique. Just swing it a few times, and you’ll be hitting high-trajectory shots with pinpoint accuracy and perfect contact.

It’s like a shortcut to fantastic results – the EZ way!

Using a “”standard”” 3-wood is an option. But since traditional, big-brand 3-woods are designed for Tour pros, it takes most golfers weeks, months, or even years – to nail that perfect angle, clubface control, and swing speed. And even then, many players tell us never take their 3-wood out of the bag.

That’s what makes the EZ3 a game-changer. It’s tailor-made for us everyday golfers, so there’s no need to overhaul your swing, pound endless balls, or hit up in-person lessons. The moment you unbox it, you’re primed for pure, center-face shots off the turf – from ANY lie – that head straight on target and help you shoot lower scores. Seriously, it’s like unlocking the easy mode for golf. Just grab the EZ3 and your game gets an instant boost.

The EZ3 is the ONLY 3 Wood built with Easy Strike Technology, custom-made for us everyday golfers.

If we may say so ourselves – it’s worlds apart from your regular 3 wood. You won’t believe the difference in your ball flight. And guess what? You don’t need to change a thing about your swing.

It’s all thanks to the wizardry of the Easy Strike Technology:

1. The Precision Launch Loft – sends the ball soaring high off the turf.
2. The Pure Strike Leading Edge – catches the ball flush, no matter where your club hits.
3. The Zero-G Clubhead – launches your ball dead center off that HOT clubface.
4. The High-Velocity Shaft – revs up your swing speed with less effort.

That’s why golfers all over are swapping out their old 3 woods for the EZ3. It’s like a golfing fairy godmother – seriously, you won’t believe the magic it brings to your game!

The EZ Swing System is a step-by-step approach-shot system, Forbes featured instructor Eric Cogorno discovered and perfected while giving over 35,000 amateur lessons. And it’s designed to do ONE thing: turn your 3-wood into your “confidence club.”

And this system is a match made in heaven for your EZ3, because it cranks up your contact, dials in laser-like accuracy, and adds serious distance with your 3-wood – after just a few range sessions.

What’s cooking inside? A treasure trove of gold, my friend:

1. The 5 Fairway Wood Fundamentals for smooth sweeps – no swing changes needed.
2. The “Attack Angle Advantage” – your ticket to high, soft landings from any lie.
3. Clubface Control Trick – master it in 5 swings flat.
4. A swing speed boost without breaking a sweat.
5. A nifty ball position drill that makes 3 wood as easy as a 7 iron.

But that’s just the beginning. There’s tons more packed inside the EZ Swing System. And guess what? It’s all yours FREE when you snag the EZ3. Talk about a win-win!

Now, let’s keep it real. The EZ3 has already helped thousands of golfers – both brand new and experienced players – start hitting great approach shots from ANY lie. So our confidence is through the roof.

But hey, let’s say by some cosmic fluke, it’s not your thing or doesn’t hit the spot. No sweat! You’ve got the industry’s FIRST 365-day “Easy-To-Hit-Or-It’s-Free” 100% Money Back Guarantee in your corner.

No questions, no fuss. You’re not digging it? Email us within a year at, and our expert support squad will guide you on sending it back for a full refund. It’s like golf insurance – swing with ease, my friend!

We process and prepare almost every EZ3 order within 48 business hours. After that, it takes around 2 to 5 business days for shipping, depending on where you live in the U.S. Quick note: Right now, we’re exclusive to the U.S., so sorry to our pals abroad (stay tuned for the future though!).

Need to swap your 3-wood at warp speed? Snag priority shipping on the next page. We’ll go into turbo mode to get it to you, pronto.

And you could be firing off those pure, sky-high fairway shots as early as your next round. Ready to rock? Click away!

Absolutely, the EZ3’s a game-changer for all golfers. It’s like the secret sauce that levels up your game, whether you’re a rookie, a mid-level pro, or a seasoned vet.

So you’re going to nail those sweet, center-face strikes from the fairway, WITHOUT changing your swing. And unlike those cookie-cutter 3-woods, the EZ3 isn’t picky—no need for crazy attack angles or supersonic swing speeds.

Again, all thanks to the Easy Strike Technology, your “wingman” for solid contact, built just for us regular folks – any age, skill level, and shape. So, brace yourself for those pure, right-on-target shots off the turf.

Nab your EZ3 today, and you’re in for a treat – the EZ Swing System is on the house. And you ALSO get:

🎁 The Easy Tempo Technique and Winning Wedges – two video courses starring Forbes-featured instructor Eric Cogorno and the legend, Sir Nick Faldo, showing you how he developed one of the most rhythmic swings in history AND a dominant short game – a $294 value!

🎁 Access to the EZ3 LIVESTREAM Coaching Session with Eric Cogorno – worth $300.

That’s over $594 worth of bonuses, all on the house when you try the EZ3. And the cherry on top? Performance Golf’s unbeatable 365-day money-back guarantee. How’s that for peace of mind?

Ready to rock those high-flying, dead-on shots off the ground? Hit that Buy Now button and let’s get your EZ3 shipped to your doorstep before you know it.

Got questions? No sweat. Pop us an email at or dial us up at 1-800-523-5760. Our friendly team’s got your back!

You’re on the path to golfing glory, my friend – with the EZ3 leading the charge.

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