The Launch Deck

Fix Your Slice AND Angle of Attack – At The SAME Time


The Launch Deck

Fix Your Slice AND Angle of Attack – At The SAME Time

The Launch Deck is a versatile, portable, and heavy-duty swing training mat that gives you instant feedback on your swing path and attack angle. Designed by Tiger Woods’ former coach, Hank Haney, this first-of-its-kind swing trainer quickly and naturally fixes your slice by grooving an inside-out swing and adds distance by dialing in an upward attack angle. All without adding swing thoughts – or even hitting balls. But what really sets this training mat apart from the rest is its versatility. Meaning, it works for slicers. AND players struggling with a hook or other ball-flight issues can adjust it to solve their specific problem.

The Launch Deck gives you immediate feedback, correcting your wayward ball-flight and adding distance off the tee — after one short practice session. Simply “twist and lock” the Swing Gates to your desired position (right/left slice, hook, or straight), set the mat on a flat surface, tee up or don’t tee it up, and swing through the Gates and over the Launch Hurdle to dial in your inside-out swing path and upward angle of attack

The Launch Deck – The World’s Fastest Slice Fix

Crafted collaboratively with golf legend Hank Haney, this easy-to-use training aid gives you the same potent external feedback that has fixed over 100,000 slices – without needing in-person guidance.Backed by comprehensive research, the effectiveness of external feedback in enhancing golf performance is unequivocal. Scientific evidence from respected sources like the Pinehurst Golf Academy, Journal of Applied Sports Psychology, and the Journal for Exercise and Sports highlights the profound impact of external feedback on accuracy and improvement. The Launch Deck was designed with this data in mind to maximize odds and exponent of improvement in a straightforward and user-friendly manner.

What Exactly Does The Launch Deck Do?

  • Fixes your swing path
  • Forces you to hit up on the ball
  • Increases your ball’s peak point (a.k.a. maximum height)
  • Maximizes your roll for more distance

What Makes The Launch Deck Different?

#1: Auto-Path Swing Gates

The Auto-Path Swing Gates provide real-time external feedback that gets your swing path coming from the inside. This easily and rapidly fixes one of the main reasons golfers slice, helping The Launch Deck earn its title as the “World’s Fastest Slice-Fix.” And The Launch Deck’s user-friendly design makes it simple to fix your slice. Just step up and “swing through the Gates” to naturally retrain your muscle memory. Plus, the Swing Gates’ adjustable, versatile design lets both right and left handed golfers engrain a consistent, grooved clubpath that fixes slices, hooks, and low-launch tee shots – for good.

#2: The Launch Hurdle

The Launch Hurdle optimizes your angle of attack and enhances your ball’s launch angle for higher, more precise drives. And unlike traditional launch monitors, The Launch Deck gives you FEEDBACK that tells you ACTUALLY happened during your swing. By teeing up a ball and focusing on clearing the hurdle, the Launch Deck adjusts your attack angle, and promotes level or upward swings that add up to 42 yards to your drives. This unique, beautifully simple mechanism is calibrated to optimize your attack angle and ensure a natural and effortless improvement in swing technique.

Mat & rubber tee: Molded rubber
Swing gates & launch hurdles: Synthetic rubber
Turf: Synthetic fiber blend
Tees: Wood and/or plastic
Dimensions: 17.25” x 13”

Package includes: (1) Launch Deck mat, (2) Swing Gates (orange), (5) Launch Hurdles (yellow), (2) rubber tees, (10) Performance Golf tees, (1) Quick Start guide QR code

Buy today and receive…

  • Bonus 1: The Launch Deck Distance Accelerator (FREE) – The most effective drills and warms to add even more distance and accuracy to your drives.
  • Bonus 2: The Launch Deck Secrets for Flushing Irons (FREE) – The BEST way to use the Launch Deck to dial in your contact for better ball striking, more consistency, and unrivaled confidence.
  • Bonus 3: Launch Deck LIVESTREAM (FREE) – Get real-time feedback from Hank on how YOU can better use or adjust your practice time with Launch Deck.
  • Bonus 4: 14-Day Pass To “Scratch Club” Gives you the perfect plan to reach your desired handicap as fast as possible.
  • 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee – If you don’t love it, you don’t pay for it! Period.


You’re in for some quick wins! Seriously, the Launch Deck works like a charm from the get-go.

With its unique features – the Swing Gates and the Launch Hurdle – this bad boy is your one-stop-shop to instantly replace your over-the-top swing and with a beautiful inside-out swing path. AND it’ll fix your negative attack angle on autopilot.

What’s the result? Say goodbye to slices and hello to higher, longer, dead-straight drives. And guess what, it only takes a few swings a week. No more overthinking, no more fiddling with complicated mechanics. You won’t be taking steps back to move forward, that’s for sure.

Just step on up, swing through those gates, and let your body and brain groove the perfect inside-out swing path and upward angle of attack. It’s a total game-changer!

The Launch Deck is designed with two features that give you instant EXTERNAL FEEDBACK on your swing. So you can simultaneously eliminate your over-the-top swing, fix your outside-in swing path (one of the main causes of a slice), and optimize your negative attack angle (robs 30 to 40+ yards off the tee).

The Swing Gates groove the perfect inside-out path to encourage straight drives, or even baby draws.

And The Launch Hurdles engrain a level, 3-degree positive, or 6-degree positive angle of attack.

The result? Say goodbye to your over-the-top swing, those “left-to-right” nightmares, and tee shots so short you can hear your ball land. And say HELLO higher, straighter drives that fly 17 to 42+ yards farther. And guess what? No need for marathon lessons or endless swing tip videos. The Launch Deck’s got your back. Ready to launch those drives to a whole new level? Then grab The Launch Deck and get ready to take off.

Unlike other fixes, the Launch Deck doesn’t rely on your “inner feel.” Because when it comes to the golf swing, FEEL IS NOT REAL.

Instead, The Launch Deck gives you EXTERNAL feedback, showing you what you REALLY did during your swing and EXACTLY how to fix it. It guides you to swing from the inside, square your clubface, and come into impact with a positive attack angle.

This leaves zero room for old habits to sneak in. And the best part is how naturally the results flow. You can’t even mess it up if you tried, because the feedback is coming from outside yourself. That’s why The Launch Deck is so effective at fixing amateur slices and adding LOTS of distance off the tee.

The Launch Deck Quickstart is our cut-to-the-chase video series that gets you up and running with this swing trainer in a flash, so you can customize it to match your swing. This way, whether your big miss is a big banana slice or a smother hook, you’ll be getting results with your Launch Deck as soon as you unbox it.

That means quick fixes for swing path and attack angle issues right from the start – no confusion, no guesswork. Just instant results. Our aim? You dive in worry-free, knowing exactly how to hit your goals out of the park. It’s your shortcut to swing success!

Straight talk: you’d be a rare case if the Launch Deck didn’t click for you. It’s already acing it for players just like you. Still, on the off chance it’s not your thing, no worries. We’ve got your back with an industry-first 365-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. Yep, that’s a whole year.

Here’s the deal: Try out the Launch Deck, risk-free. If it doesn’t totally rock your world – transforming your swing, optimizing your attack angle, and dialing up your distance – just shoot us an email anytime within the next year to Our trained support team will show you how to send it back and issue you a 100% refund. It’s that simple.

So, whether you want to finally fix that slice or pick up some serious distance, the Launch Deck delivers. And in the unlikely event it doesn’t? No sweat. You get your money back. Period.

For folks in the US, we usually ship your Launch Deck within 48 business hours of your order. After that, it takes about 2 to 5 business days for delivery, depending on your location. Unfortunately, at this time, we are only shipping to customers within the United States.

If speed’s your game, jump on that priority shipping option during checkout and we’ll turbocharge that delivery for you.

Just imagine – you could be nailing those amazing high-launch, straight-as-an-arrow drives the very next time you tee it up. So, go ahead, take the fast lane, and let’s launch your game to the next level!

Yes, yes, and yes. Whether you’re a scratch golfer, 25-handicap, or haven’t broken 100 yet – the Launch Deck will help you hit longer, straighter drives.

Because unlike lessons where you have to pay an instructor to give you feedback on your swing (and then hope you remember the feels when your coach isn’t there)… Or launch monitors that spit out numbers without context… The Launch Deck gives you instant external feedback on every swing you take. The Swing Gates groove a perfect inside-out swing path. And the Launch Hurdles force you to hit up on the ball.

That means you know what REALLY happened during your swing. And more importantly – how to fix mistakes and engrain good habits. So, no matter your skill level, the magic happens naturally – for everyone. Ready to ace those swings? The Launch Deck is your ticket!

Score the Launch Deck now and you’re in for a treat! Snag these top-tier FREE bonuses:

1. The must-have Quickstart Video Series for seamless setup.
2. Launch Deck Distance Accelerator.
3. Launch Deck Secrets for Flushing Irons.
4. The Launch Deck LIVESTREAM.
5. A 14-day pass to Scratch Club – exclusive access!

That’s over $691 worth of extras, absolutely FREE when you try the Launch Deck today. Plus, rest easy with Performance Golf’s unbeatable 365-day money-back guarantee.

Ready to stop slicing, fine-tune your attack angle, and level up your drives? Hit that Buy Now button, and we’re on our way!

Questions? Shoot us a note at or ring us at 1-800-523-5760 – our super-friendly support team’s got your back.

Can’t wait to celebrate your Launch Deck success story!

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