5 Simple Golf Pitching Tips To Master Your Wedge Game

By Performance Golf Zone · · 3 min read
5 simple tips to pitch like a pro

Golf can be a challenging game, especially when it comes to mastering those more specialized short game shots. Mastering the pitch and chip shots are crucial to shooting low scores. Our expert golf coaches are here to share five simple tips to help you pitch like a pro on the green anywhere from 30 to 50 yards out.

We’ll also share our top golf wedge pick to help you hit the best chip and pitch shots from any lie, so you can go into your short game with confidence!

5 Tips to Pitch Like a Pro

In the video, we join renowned golf coaches Martin Chuck and Eric Cogorno, who delve into the common issues golfers face with 30 to 50-yard pitches. These easy-to-implement tips will help you achieve clean contact and consistent results when pitching the golf ball.

Narrow Stance and Foot Flare

Pitching Tip #1

As with all golf shots, this first tip emphasizes the importance of the setup and stance. Many golfers tend to stand too wide, leading to instability and poor shots.

Keep your feet close together, with about a club head’s width between your heels. Additionally, a slight flare in your toes enhances stability and allows for better hip rotation, making it easier to pivot without excessive lateral movement.

Better Ball Position

Pitching Tip #2

When it comes to the right ball position for pitching you want a relatively centered stance. This placement helps achieve a more consistent strike.

While minor adjustments can be made to control the ball’s flight, keeping the ball near the center is the most reliable starting point. This consistency in setup simplifies the process and leads to better impact and accuracy.

Pivot by Rotating and Relocating

Pitching Tip #3

By starting with the desired end shot in mind, you can control your energy and movement easily.

The goal in the pivot step is to rotate your body and relocate to a balanced finish, ensuring the club doesn’t just pass by but moves in harmony with your body. Feel free to experiment with different swing lengths to find out what works best for you.

4. Stand Up Straight Through Impact

Pitching Tip #4

This one may seem counterintuitive, but rest assured these pros know what they’re talking about!

When striking and the club moves down, your body should be moving up. This movement helps maintain structure and prevents the common mistake of staying too low and restricting your arms. Encouraging a gentle rise through impact leads to better ball contact and consistency.

5. Swing on an Arc

Pitching Tip #5

Finally, understanding that the club should swing on an arc rather than a straight line is crucial.

This natural arcing motion helps gather the ball effectively and ensures a smooth follow through. Try visualizing and practicing this arc in your spare time and you’ll notice you’re shooting more accurate and controlled shots over time.

Pitch Like a Pro With the Ultimate Wedge

By mastering these five key elements you’ll notice you’re pitching with more accuracy and precision up to 50 yards.

If you’re looking for a high performance wedge to help fix the root cause of mishits (including missed pitches and chips) then look no further than the ONE Wedge! This club was designed by pros for amateurs, using Pitch Control Technology that helps accelerate your club through even the toughest lies on the course.

With a combination of these tips, the right equipment and plenty of practice, you’ll be pitching perfect in no time.

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