7 Summer Exercises to Keep You in Shape on the Golf Course

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Golfers walking on the course in sunlight and fog

Summer is an awesome time to take your exercising and fitness routine outdoors and enjoy the fresh air (even if you aren’t playing golf). For maximum performance and reducing the risk of injury, golf requires a combination of strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance.

The seven golf exercises below can help with all of those skills to improve your overall health and ultimately, help you hit lower scores on the golf course!

These options will work for any golfer looking to stay in shape this summer. It’s important to note these suggestions are generally low-impact, endurance-based activities that are great for senior golfers who aren’t looking to lift heavy weights in the gym or run a marathon to stay in shape.

Be sure to stay hydrated, and if you’re in a super hot location, try exercising in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are at their mildest.

7 Golf Exercises and Activities for Summer Fitness

Why not try something new this summer? Try some of these activities that you’ll actually want to do, and are great ways for your entire family to join in. Bonus? They’ll help you stay in shape for the golf course.

1. Walking

Don’t underestimate it: walking is one of the best outdoor exercises to turn into a daily habit this summer.

The benefits of walking are endless; it can reduce the risk of common health problems like obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Not to mention, you don’t need any exercise equipment and it’s easy on your body.

Did you know that the average American only walks 3,000 to 4,000 steps per day according to the Mayo Clinic? Some studies have found that getting 10,000 steps in per day can have a big impact on your overall health. Plus, increased endurance from walking can make walking a round of golf a lot easier and improve your stamina on the back nine.

Try tracking your steps with a wearable device and set a daily goal. To make it more fun, listen to your favorite podcast or an audiobook, include your family and furry friends or break up your workday with a lunchtime stroll.

2. Swimming

Swimmer swimming in water

With the warmer weather, make sure to get outside and enjoy the benefits of hopping in a body of water, whether that’s a pool, the ocean or lake! Like walking, swimming can help your endurance and improve your cardiovascular health. Plus, it can help you build muscle, burn a ton of calories, and is very easy on your joints.

A stronger body from swimming can also help improve your posture too, which is something every golfer can benefit from. Proper posture can not only help your golf swing but also help you avoid common golf injuries, specifically with the lower back.

Swimming alongside regular stretching routines can help your body stay flexible and improve your performance on the course too.

3. Biking

Biking is a fantastic way to boost your cardiovascular fitness while also strengthening your legs and core. Stronger legs and core can help improve your shoulder turn and build a more consistent golf swing.

Whether you enjoy road biking or mountain biking, this activity can improve your endurance and help with posture too. Biking also promotes better joint health and can be a fun way to explore new areas and stay motivated. Not to mention, you can bring the family with you and make it a fun activity to do together and enjoy some amazing scenery.

There is a hidden benefit of biking for golfers too – learning to disassociate and maintain focus. As mentioned in Golf.com, “If you can disassociate between shots — taking a mental break to think about your favorite TV show, sports team, what you want for lunch or maybe a favorite vacation spot — it will help keep your mind focused during the important part of the round, when you are executing shots.”

This mental skill is vital if you’re playing in tournaments like a twilight league, club championship, or member-guest event.

4. Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Stand-up paddleboarding is an often overlooked but highly effective exercise for golfers and a fun way to exercise outside. This activity requires a strong core, good balance, and upper body strength – all of which are crucial for a powerful golf swing.

Some of the benefits of stand-up paddleboarding include:

  • Better balance
  • Full body training
  • Easy to get started
  • An excellent calorie-burning workout
  • A very social activity that you can do with others
  • It’s a great activity for all ages – from kids to seniors

Paddleboarding on a lake or calm river can also be a peaceful way to clear your mind and improve your focus. Both of which can translate to better performance on the golf course by developing a stronger mental game.

5. Outdoor Strength Workouts

Want to work out but don’t want to miss out on the good weather? Try a park workout instead, as it’s a great alternative to going to the gym and also fun for the whole family.

Some ideas for outdoor exercises include:

  • Pushups, tricep dips (try on a park bench) or pullups
  • Core exercises
  • Jump squats and lunges
  • Body weight squats and lunges

Add 3–5 exercises together in a short circuit and repeat several times. To make it even more challenging, add in some short sprints to help develop more explosive power in your golf game.

Also, make sure to read our list of other golf exercises to transform your golf game.

6. Hiking

Hiker hiking in the mountains

If you want to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature with friends or family, find a local state park and choose a trail! Think of it like next-level walking, as hiking can provide even more health benefits. It’s also a low-impact activity, unlike running.

The benefits of hiking are quite impressive and include:

  • Improves sleep
  • Builds strong muscles and bones
  • Decreases muscle tension and anxiety
  • Reduces blood pressure

Once you’re comfortable in more challenging terrain, you may not find the need to jump in a golf cart on a course with hilly terrain, and opt for walking instead.

7. Outdoor Yoga

Want to improve your physical and mental skills for a more complete golf game? Then it’s time to try yoga – even if it just means setting up a mat in the backyard.

Outdoor yoga is a fantastic way to improve your flexibility, balance, and mental focus, all of which are essential for a good golf game. Practicing yoga can enhance your range of motion and core strength to avoid common golf injuries. Plus, more flexibility means a bigger shoulder turn and more power on every drive.

Yoga also helps reduce muscle tension, improves posture, and promotes relaxation, leading to more control and precision in your golf swing. Don’t forget, the mental game of golf is nearly as important as your actual swing.

Incorporate Movement into Your Daily Routine for Better Golf Performance

Now that you have a list of fun ideas for exercise this summer, add them to your daily routine.

Whether it’s swimming or biking in the morning, or adding a family walk in the evenings, the more you make them part of your routine, the more likely you are to stick with them and reap the benefits!

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