Performance Golf Coach:
Brian Mogg

Profile headshot of Brian Mogg
Over 50,000 lessons under his belt
Repeat Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor
Active competitor on The Champion’s Tour
30+ tour wins amongst his students
Repeat Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher
Owns five worldwide golf academies

Brian Mogg Sr. is a true icon in the world of professional golf, with a remarkable career spanning over three decades. He started his journey at the age of 12 in Tacoma, Washington, and quickly rose to prominence, securing victories in various amateur competitions and earning All-American status at Ohio State University. Transitioning to the pro circuit, he went on to dazzle audiences on the PGA and other elite tours, consistently finishing in the top ten.

In 1993, an auspicious moment arrived when Brian’s instructor, David Leadbetter, recognized his talent and offered him a role at the prestigious Leadbetter Academy. This marked the beginning of his coaching career, and after a fruitful nine-year tenure, he ventured out on his own to establish the acclaimed Brian Mogg Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. From its humble origins, the academy has blossomed into a network of five locations across the country, producing an impressive array of tour winners – a testament to Brian’s exceptional coaching prowess.

Even with his coaching success, Brian remains an active competitor on the Champions Tour, defying age and gaining distance off the tee with each passing year. His active playing experience sets him apart as a coach, offering a rare 360-degree perspective on the sport.

with some of the world’s finest golfers, including John Cook, Brad Faxon, Bart Bryant, Skip Kendall, and DA Points. Notably, in 2009, his guidance propelled Y.E. Yang to an unforgettable victory over the legendary Tiger Woods at the PGA Championship. However, one of his most exceptional achievements lies in transforming Bart Bryant’s fortunes, elevating his earnings from $200,000 to a staggering $14 million in his later years.

At the heart of Brian’s coaching lies a unique approach, leveraging his more than two decades of experience competing at the highest level. This profound insight empowers him to revolutionize older golfers’ swings through his groundbreaking Distance Quadrant method, helping them gain distance even as they age gracefully.

Beyond conventional praise, Brian Mogg personifies an unwavering ardor for the game and an unrelenting dedication to enhancing his students’ skills. His imprint on the realm of golf is beyond quantification and will unquestionably leave an enduring mark on golf education for many lifetimes.

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