Performance Golf Coach:
Eric Cogorno

Profile headshot of Eric Cogorno
Taught over 35,000 golf lessons in person and 200,000 players online
Pioneer behind the Reverse Slice Sequence and many other training programs
One of Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers in 2023
Golf Digest’s Best In-State Teacher in Pennsylvania
Featured in Forbes

Meet Eric Cogorno, a true golfing prodigy whose passion for the sport was sparked at the tender age of twelve, inspired by his father’s weekend outings with friends. Aspiring to follow in his father’s footsteps, young Eric was given a junior set of clubs and began an extraordinary journey.

By the time he turned eighteen, Eric found himself at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where he simultaneously pursued his studies while working at a local golf course. Serendipity intervened when a professional instructor shared that he’d just earned $50 from a single 30-minute golf lesson. This fateful encounter launched Eric’s coaching career at the Bethlehem golf club, where he climbed the ranks, eventually becoming an assistant pro.

As an in-person instructor, Eric refined his expertise, delivering over 35,000 lessons and honing his teaching acumen. However, his thirst to reach a wider audience led him to embrace the online community. In 2017, he boldly ventured into the digital realm with “Eric Cogorno Golf,” an online training platform featuring invaluable how-to videos tailored to golfers seeking to enhance their swings and improve their mechanics.

Since its inception, Eric’s groundbreaking approach has resonated with over 200,000 subscribers, elevating him to the status of a revered online instructor. The impact of his revolutionary teaching methods has garnered recognition from esteemed publications like Forbes and Golf Digest. With innovative programs such as the Reverse Slice Sequence, Closed Coil System, and Lethal Lag, Eric has undoubtedly transformed the way golfers approach their game.

What sets Eric apart, beyond his expertise, is his amiable and relatable nature. Performance Golf Members find him not only highly likeable but also effortlessly relatable, making his instruction all the more effective and enjoyable.

In the world of golf instruction, Eric Cogorno stands as a confident and modern trailblazer, bridging the gap between traditional coaching and cutting-edge digital training to empower golfers of all levels.

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