Performance Golf Coach:
Kevin Weeks

Profile headshot of Kevin Weeks
Top 3 putting instructor in the world
Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher 10 years in a row
Put in 40,000 hours of scientific research on putting
Studied the putting stroke from 27 different camera angles at 8,640 frames per second in his Cog Hill Putting Lab
Worked with 100 PGA Tour players

Kevin Weeks is widely recognized for his scientific and specialized approach to golf instruction, beginning in 1999 with his extensive research into putting at Cog Hill in Illinois.

This dedication led him to establish his world-class “putting lab,” where he invested over 40,000 hours studying putting, meticulously examining the stroke from twenty-seven different camera angles at an astonishing 8,640 frames per second.

The results of his painstaking efforts were remarkable, with his professional clients reaping hundreds of thousands in tournament winnings and Kevin earning a solid reputation as one of the nation’s premier putting coaches. His illustrious coaching career in golf spanned from working with numerous professionals and junior golfers to conducting in-depth research into the intricacies of the sport.

Not only has Kevin Weeks provided game-changing instruction to players at all levels, from amateurs to tour-level pros, but he has also pioneered cutting-edge putting devices to further enhance his clients’ performances on the green.

Among these innovations is the Dynamic Impact Indicator, utilizing a laser to precisely track the putter’s face-to-ball contact, offering real-time directional data. His studio houses state-of-the-art equipment, including a force plate and a 3D motion capture system, allowing him to scrutinize every nuance in his students’ putting strokes.

Through his comprehensive understanding of swing mechanics and unique coaching ability developed over three decades of teaching golfers of all ages, Kevin Weeks students have achieved impressive results, including ten pro tournament victories, twelve All-American golfers, and multiple high school national championships. His evidence-backed breakthroughs, such as the revelation that “path doesn’t matter,” challenge conventional wisdom and contribute to his esteemed status in the golfing community.

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