Kevin Weeks

Winner of Golf Digest’s Top 50 Teacher Award 10 Years in a row and the top 3 putting instructor in the world

  • Top 3 putting instructor in the world
  • Put in 40,000 hours of scientific research on putting
  • Worked with 100 PGA Tour players
  • Golf Digest Top 50 Teachers 10 years in a row
  • Studied the putting stroke from 27 different camera angles at 8,640 frames per second in his Cog Hill Putting Lab

Golf Background

  • Kevin is well-known for his scientific approach to instructing.
  • His specialized way of coaching started in 1999, when he began painstaking research into putting at Cog Hill in Illinois.
  • Over the years, he built out his very own world-class “putting lab,” in which he spent over 40,000 hours studying putting, examining the stroke from twenty-seven different camera angles at 8,640 frames per second.
  • The result? Hundreds of thousands in tournament winnings for his professional clients and a rock-solid reputation as one of the best putting coaches in the nation.
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Coaching Career

Through his work with hundreds of professionals, junior golfers, and his in-depth research into the sport, Kevin Weeks has had one of the most illustrious coaching careers in golf.

Not only has he provided game-changing instruction to hundreds of players from amateurs to tour-level pros, but he’s also pioneered his own putting devices to improve his clients’ performances on the dance floor.

Kevin’s Dynamic Impact Indicator uses a laser to accurately track how the putter’s face makes contact with the ball, providing directional data in real-time. Along with other cool gadgets like a force plate and a 3D motion capture system, his studio boasts some of the most state-of-the-art equipment in the country.

Kevin’s high-tech tools allow him to study all the nuances in his students’ putting strokes, revealing controversial and counterintuitive yet proven breakthroughs like “path doesn’t matter.” His 30+ years of teaching golfers of all ages,combining his deep understanding of swing mechanics with his unique coaching ability,has led to ten pro tournament wins, twelve All-American golfers, and multiple high school national championships.