What is this charge on my credit card from Performance Golf?

“PERFORMANCE GOLF” appears on your credit card billing statement when you purchase an online video training course from Performance Golf. It also appears when a subscription renews.

It may show up as:


Questions about a charge?

Call: 800-523-5760

If you have any questions or concerns about a charge from Performance Golf on your credit card, call 800-523-5760. Someone from our friendly customer support team will be happy to look up your order and provide any information you need.

How to see what you were charged for

The quickest way to see what you were charged for is to call us at 800-523-5760. Or you can email support@performancegolf.com.

Performance Golf helps golfers lower their handicap in 3 ways. If there is a charge from us on your credit card, then it is for one of these 3 items. Click to learn more:

Once again, if you have further questions or need any help, our team is here for you.

Call us at 800-523-5760. Or email support@performancegolf.com.