All right, guys. So let’s talk about the flop shot. Now when we’re doing the flop shot here, I’ve got a scenario where I just missed a green, and I’ve got more rough, or area here to cover relative to green. When I hit a flop shot, it’s in a scenario where I have not a lot of green to work with, and I’ve got more rough to cover. Now the goal here in the idea is I need to get the ball going higher than normal, and I need to land it soft. So it’s going to fly the majority of the way and land soft. There’s some setup and in swing pieces I need to do to create that.

Part number one is going to be at address. Now I’m going to do this pretty much like a bunker shot. I want the ball to be a little forward. I’d like my club face to be open, probably 30, 40 degrees, quite a bit open. I’m going to have my feet a little bit wider, maybe my weight a little bit more forward, basically just like a bunker shot set up. Face open is the key. I’m also going to lower the handle slightly to add a little bit more loft. You can play around with that, but definitely the face being open.

Now when I go back, when I’m hitting this shot, I do want to have a pretty long swing here on both sides. I’m not hitting a short, little chip shot. I want to create some length, so I can get some speed. I’m going to have some hinge in there to create some speed, and really what I want to try and do when I’m doing this is use the balance. I want the back part of the club to be thudding the ground during my down swing. I don’t want to go really high up and really steep down in vertical.

I want to have a wide down swing here and in my follow through, I’m going to have a lot of release. I want that club head passing my hands and pointing back at me this way. So highest shot here, again, ball forward, face, open, big swing with a bunch of hinge, maybe a little cup in my left wrist. Face should be wide open, big circle. I’m going to let it release, and when I get done, I want the club head to be much higher than my hands. So let’s go ahead and try one here. I want that club creating a nice thud on the ground there.

When I hit one there, now that came up a little bit short of where I wanted my landing spot, but the ball is actually going to roll down the Hill. I probably hit that to about five or six feet. Again, big, long swing here with this. Give yourself some speed at the bottom and make sure you let that club release into the follow through, get the ball nice and high. Club face plenty open on address and open in swing here to hit the flop shot.

After you’ve watched today’s video, I’ve got a few questions for you:

Have you ever chunked a chip or pitch?

Do you struggle to chip the ball close enough to the hole to set yourself up for a make-able putt?

How do you feel standing over a chip from a tight lie where you need to pitch the ball over a bunker?

Are you confident in your ability to pick the ball cleanly? Or are you thinking about what could go wrong?

Do you ever pull out your putter from way off the green just to avoid the “chip yips?”

Either way, you just know you waste too many shots around the green.

In the next video, I’ll explain how the “A.F.S. putting technique” makes your short game easy…

…And gets you up and down in 2 shots 50% of the time or more!

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