The Straight Stick

Set It. Click It. Hit It.


The Straight Stick

Set It. Click It. Hit It.

Perfect your release and start making compressed contact with The Straight Stick – the cutting-edge automatic swing trainer that dials-in your core swing mechanics by giving you instant auditory and sensory feedback.

Crafted to perfection by world-renowned club designer Jeff Sheets and endorsed by ten-time Tour winner Rocco Mediate, The Straight Stick naturally engrains a well-timed release into your swing, while increasing lag and clubface control. Our patented Compression Clicker technology and Adjustable AccuGrip work for any golfer, whether you struggle with casting, flipping, weak, or strong grip. Simply pick your speed settings and grip alignment, and then hit real balls. If it clicks at impact, watch as every shot flies straight at the flag. So whether you’re a beginner, high-handicapper, or even a teaching pro, the Straight Stick improves two of golf’s most important fundamentals — the grip and the release.

Introducing The Game-Changing Straight Stick: You’re One CLICK Away From The Perfect Release

The Straight Stick is an unparalleled automatic swing trainer engineered to deliver pinpoint accuracy and on-course consistency. Eject your early or late release from your bag as your core swing mechanics effortlessly fall into place after just a few CLICKS a day.

Using The Straight Stick is a breeze. First, set your adjustable AccuGrip to keep your hands in the perfect position throughout your swing. Then set our revolutionary Compression Clicker to your personal swing speed. And finally, address the ball just as you would a regular club, and unleash your swing to feel and hear that sweet tour-like release. With just a few practice swings each week, your muscle memory will retrain and retain your release. And your clubface control will become second nature. All those anxiety riddled swing thoughts will melt away and you’ll be striping the ball on autopilot.

Why Choose the Straight Stick?

  • Get instant, audible feedback on where you release the club
  • Synchronize your core mechanics to flush any club in your bag
  • Fix your swing with (or without) hitting balls
  • Infuse unshakable confidence into every part of your game
  • Bid farewell to costly lessons and endless hours of practice
  • Slash strokes from your score

The Straight Stick helps ANY golfer – both brand new players and seasoned experts – dial in their contact and accuracy – at the SAME time. Just swing it like a normal club, make it click at impact, and start attacking flags. THAT’S how you unlock your full on-course potential, regardless of your current skill level.

We’re so confident in The Straight Stick’s innovative design, we offer an unmatched 365-day satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your newfound contact, consistency, and confidence, you get your money back. Period.

So stop struggling with your swing. Order your Straight Stick today and start making flush contact after just a few swings each week.


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Buy today and receive…

  • Bonus 1: Straight Stick Secrets (FREE) – Discover the same drills Rocco uses before every round.
  • Bonus 2: Easy Accuracy Video Training (FREE) – Never miss your target again with what you’ll discover inside this training.
  • Bonus 3: Straight Stick LIVESTREAM (FREE) – Get on LIVE with Rocco and ask him anything!
  • 14-Day Pass To “Scratch Club” (14 days FREE, then $29/month. Cancel anytime) – Your step-by-step plan to shave 5 strokes off your handicap THIS month!
  • 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee – If you don’t love it, you don’t pay for it! Period.


By following the Quickstart videos, you’ll get instant feedback. Swing the club, listen for the click – that’s the key. If the click is missing, your swing might need work, such as being over-the-top or holding off the release. No worries, just do a few more practice swings until you hear THE CLICK. Most players start seeing results quickly – better contact and automatic accuracy – usually after a few practice swings. Have fun practicing and expect those improvements to show up sooner than you’d think!

The Straight Stick works by harmonizing your core swing mechanics throughout, right from your setup to the point of impact. This results in a coordinated interplay: dynamic loft is generated,your inside-out swing plane is synchronized, and the clubface aligns squarely with the intended path at impact.

Consequently, you consistently achieve solid contact with the ball and strike the sweet spot. The outcome? Your shots naturally become more accurate as hitting the center of the clubface becomes second nature.

The Straight Stick Quickstart is like your secret weapon for quick progress. It’s a series of step-by-step videos you absolutely want to check out when using your Straight Stick.

It’s designed to work seamlessly with the Straight Stick, helping you master your clubface from setup to impact. You’ll sync up all your core swing moves and nail that perfect contact with automatic precision. Inside the training, you’ll find easy-to-follow instructional videos that show you exactly what to do. These are Rocco’s own top drills and practice routines that pair up perfectly with your Straight Stick. It’s a winning combo to level up your game!

Yes, you can definitely get your core swing mechanics in sync without the Straight Stick. But let’s be real – it’s going to take you quite a bit longer. You’ll have to work on each core piece separately, and that means spending days, weeks, and maybe even months on the range. Here’s the kicker – most everyday golfers, like 99 out of 100, don’t really have the luxury of time or patience for that kind of grind. The issue with tackling each mechanic alone is that there’s this frustratingly long stretch where they just don’t play nice together. Plus, you won’t magically get that sweet clubface control or improved accuracy during this period.

And let’s be honest, trying to enjoy the game when things are all wonky is no fun at all. This is why the Straight Stick is a game-changer. Without you having to overthink it, the Adjustable AccuGrip and Compression Clicker work their magic, getting your core mechanics in sync so you can start nailing those shots. It’s your choice, but if you’re ready to really up your game quickly, we suggest grabbing your Straight Stick now and diving into the video training!

Well, first off, let us tell you, being in that boat would make you quite the exception. The Straight Stick is really making waves for regular players like yourself. But, on the off-chance that it doesn’t quite “”click”” for you (seriously, it’s unlikely) – no sweat. Performance Golf has your back with our top-notch 365-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill guarantee either – it’s an industry leader.

So, if you’re not over the moon about how The Straight Stick works its magic – transforming your accuracy, ironing out those swing kinks, and getting that clubface to kiss the sweet spot on every darn shot – don’t stress. Just shoot us an email anytime in the next year at Our friendly customer support crew will take care of you, giving you the lowdown on how to send it back. Boom, we’ll get you that 100% refund without any hoops to jump through. Your satisfaction’s what we’re all about!

As practice, we ship within 24-48 business hours after you order. Then, you’re looking at an average of 2 to 5 business days for it to reach you. Of course, this varies a bit depending on where within the US you call home.

But hey, if you’re all about speed, you can totally kick things up a notch. Just go for priority shipping and we’ll hustle to get it to you ASAP. Choose from the upgrade options (available on select products only) and you could be diving into perfecting your core swing moves before this week wraps up!

Definitely, the Straight Stick is a game-changer for all golfers, no matter where you are on the skill spectrum. Here’s the scoop: Feeling and hearing that perfect release for killer contact and spot-on accuracy? That’s what the Straight Stick is all about, and it’s a universal deal.

Why? Because nailing that inside-out swing path and controlling the clubface from setup to smackdown is a win for everyone. And the magic is, using the Straight Stick isn’t some crazy complicated ordeal. You don’t need ninja-level timing, superhero balance, or Hulk-level strength.

The real beauty? This tool is like your automatic fixer-upper, working its charm on all those issues, regardless of your golfing mojo. So, whether you’re a golf ninja or just getting started, the Straight Stick is your ace in the hole. Just set it, click it, hit it. It really is that simple.

Alright, here’s the lowdown, when you snag your Straight Stick today – you’re not just getting The Stick itself, but a whole bunch of awesome extras to supercharge your game. Check it out:

1. Straight Stick Secrets (Value: $47): This is like unlocking a treasure trove of golfing wisdom.

2. Rocco Mediate’s Easy Accuracy Video Training (Value: $197): Get ready to level up your accuracy game with some seriously cool techniques.

3. The Straight Stick LIVESTREAM Coaching Session with Rocco (Value: $300): Yep, you’re hanging out with the pro to fine-tune your skills.

4. Trial Access to Scratch Club (Value: $97): Dive into Scratch Club and enjoy the perks.

That’s a whopping $641 worth of bonus training – and guess what? It’s all yours, absolutely FREE, when you get your hands on the Straight Stick today. Let’s not forget the cherry on top – Performance Golf’s rock-solid 365-day money-back guarantee. Your investment is safe and sound.

So, if you’re itching to boost your contact and dial in your accuracy, just hit that button below. Your Straight Stick will be on the way to you ASAP. Got more questions? Shoot ’em our way at Our friendly support squad has your back.

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