3 Easy Golf Swing Tips for Better Ball Contact

By Performance Golf Zone · · 6 min read
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If you’re like most golfers, chances are you want to improve your contact so you can avoid mishits and play more consistently. There’s nothing worse than hitting fat and thin shots, as it hurts your confidence and makes scoring low nearly impossible.

Don’t worry, fixing your golf swing for better ball contact is easier than you might think. Today, we’ll provide some simple golf swing tips to help you find the sweet spot more often – and avoid the most common mishits in golf.

The best part? You don’t have to overhaul your entire golf swing, and you can do it in 10 shots or less.

3 Easy Golf Swing Tips for Better Contact

Here’s the thing, contact is everything in golf.

If you ever get a chance, we highly recommend attending a professional golf event to watch how your favorite golfers play in person. But before walking the holes and enjoying the sights, head to the driving range.

Listen to the amazing sound they make when they hit ball after ball with incredible contact. It’s one flushed shot after another. They nearly wear down the sweet spot they hit it so well and rarely hit it on the toe or heel (like some of us more amateur golfers).

You’ll notice if you go to your local driving range, it’s a different story. Most likely, you’ll hear a lot of mishits. Some low on the face (thin shots), some high (fat shots), and almost anywhere but the sweet spot.

What’s causing these issues?

Let’s address some of the most common reasons most golfers struggle with consistent contact. Here are three easy tips you can implement in your golf swing today!

Tip 1: Fix Your Posture

The first issue that plagues so many golfers is poor posture. To make better contact, you need good posture from start to finish in your golf swing.

Good posture is athletic with slight knee bend and bending forward at the hips. This will get your chest over your toes and allow your hands to hang below your shoulders.

Proper posture will ensure you can stay balanced throughout your swing and hold your finish. The goal is to maintain your spine angle to avoid early extension and not come out of the shot.

Tip 2: Be Consistent With Your Setup

Many golfers don’t take the extra few seconds to get into the same setup position with each swing. Sometimes you’re too far away, other times you’re too close to the golf ball. When you’re extending or crowding the ball, it makes it hard to find the sweet spot often.

Plus, a lot of golfers don’t have the right ball position for the club they’re hitting. This can lead to thin or fat shots that kill consistency.

The 2nd tip for more contact in your swing is to be consistent and set yourself up for each swing the right way.

Tip 3: Shift Your Mindset

This tip isn’t technical, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a challenge for many golfers. Most golfers try to lift the ball in the air to get it airborne. When in reality, this actually leads to thin shots that are hit on the bottom of the face. So, we suggest for tip 3 to flip that logic on it’s head, and shift your mindset.

Golf is a game of opposites – to hit up, you must hit down on the ground (except with the driver, since it’s teed up). Shift your mental focus and try to practice hitting from a low tee at the driving range and make an effort to break the tee. This will ensure you’re hitting down and getting plenty of forward shaft lean.

Take Your Golf Swing to the Next Level With This Strike Sequence

Image collage of Martin Chuck with him swinging a golf club

So, how can you fix your swing fast to find the center of the clubface more often? Do you need to spend hours on the driving range working on your takeaway, backswing, or downswing?

While those might help, the easiest way to fix your contact is to learn a proven system from a top coach – his name is Martin Chuck. He’s been ranked as a top 10 coach by Golf Digest in 2024-2025 and runs the Tour Striker Academy in Phoenix, Arizona. He is committed to helping golfers just like you hit it better than ever with lessons, golf schools, and a huge lineup of training aids.

Martin revealed that most of what you’ve been told about making better contact is dead wrong. This includes common advice like:

  • Shift your weight.
  • Keep your head down.
  • Maintain a straight left arm.

And more.

Luckily, he’s simplified the process to help you create a more consistent swing. To help you improve fast without getting overwhelmed, you need to learn the Simple Strike Sequence – a revolutionary way to improve your contact in 10 swings (or less).

Simple Strike Sequence

The Simple Strike Sequence video training will help you make the most consistent, flush contact of your life. This online training is available online and you can watch at your own convenience – even if you’re out on the driving range.

Plus, check out these incredible bonuses valued at $647 which are yours, 100% FREE.

  • Simple Strike Driver Series: This video series from Marin Chuck will help you implement the Simple Strike Sequence with your driver.
  • Livestream Simple Strike Training Academy: In this bonus lesson, you’ll get virtual live training with Martin to master this move and answer any questions you might have.
  • Confidential Guide to Ball Striking Equipment: Playing the wrong equipment can make golf so much more difficult! In this bonus you’ll learn the best clubs for you, the best training aids to help with specific issues, and ensure you never have any buyer’s remorse with equipment.

Don’t forget, like all Performance Golf training sessions, this program comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee.

Closing Thoughts

Making flush, consistent contact doesn’t require you to spend hours and hours on the range. Or work every week with an instructor.

The reality is, if you can master this simple aspect of your golf swing, many other areas of your swing will improve naturally. Remember, contact is everything!

To save you money and time, all you need to do is try the three tips we mentioned earlier, and maybe even combine them with the Simple Strike Sequence for the ultimate consistent contact.

Ready for more game-changing swing tips? Learn how to swing like Tiger Woods in 2000 here.

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