Best Golf Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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The Ultimate Golf Gift Guide

With the holiday season quickly approaching, you have likely started to consider getting some of your shopping done. The hardest thing about buying gifts for golfers is trying to make sure they are unique, and that they’ll actually use them.

We’ve rounded up some golf gift ideas for you, whether you’re shopping for a beginner or a skilled player. If you really want to level up your golf gifting game, consider purchasing that extra special golfer in your life a round of golf at their dream course, or some kind of annual pass for their usual spot!

If you’re just looking for an easy gift you can grab on Amazon or at Performance Golf, we’ve got a roundup of the best golf gifts of 2023 right here!

Top 10 Best Golf Gifts of 2023

As you read through this best golf gift guide, remember to consider the skill level and current collection of the golfer you are purchasing for. We give you some hints and directions on this below, but this should be a significant consideration when making your final picks.

SF1 (Slice Fix Driver)

The SF1 Driver

If you’re not a golfer, you may not know the dread of the slice. However, if the golfer you’re shopping for has ever mentioned struggling with their ball hitting off course, the SF1 (Slice Fix Driver) is the perfect holiday gift. The SF1 has incredible driver technology that can help with practice and on-course play.

How does this club work?

The SF1 features Square Face Technology, which essentially makes it easier to square the clubface up at impact, hitting a straighter shot.

With the technology incorporated into the SF1 it’s a great fit for golfers on the mid to high handicap scale that struggle mostly with this left to right ball flight. The SF1 driver is a unique gift that will help make golf fun again for the struggling player.


  • Fixes the dreaded slice easily
  • It can legally be used on the course (not just as a training aid)
  • Perfect for a newer player

Sunday Golf Camino Bag

Most golfers have a golf bag that they rely on for day-to-day play. The problem with these cart or stand bags is that they can get heavy and cumbersome to deal with. If you want to get the golfer in your life a really unique and functional gift, the Sunday Golf Camino Bag is a great choice.

This Sunday golf bag is much smaller and more lightweight (3.9 pounds), and it still features a 4-way divider to protect golf clubs.

With a Sunday Bag like this, you can run out to the course for 9 holes, head to the driving range, or even go play a short or executive-style golf course. The Sunday Golf El Camino may not be something a golfer would buy for themselves but after they have one, they will wonder what they did without it!

Features include:

  • Stable base
  • Stylish and high-quality
  • Large valuable pocket
  • Lightweight and fits up to 10 club

Bushnell Wingman View

If the golfer in your life is also a techie, then look no further than this pick! Bushnell is known for its premium golf rangefinders. If you want a really unique and useful golf gift this season, the Bushnell Wingman View is a great option.

This is a golf cart speaker (with magnet) that also features an easy-to-read LCD screen. The screen allows golfers to see their yardage to the front, back, and middle of every green. With the Wingman View you can listen to music, see hazard distances, and access more than 36,000 golf courses worldwide.

The Bushnell Wingman View does not require a subscription and works in conjunction with the Bushnell app.

Features include:

  • High quality speaker that can also be used off the course
  • Allows golfers to get more accurate distances easily
  • BITE magnetic technology creates a strong connection with the golf cart

The Straight Stick

The Straight Stick Driver

A perfect gift for any level golfer, the Straight Stick was crafted to perfection by world-renowned club designer Jeff Sheets and is endorsed by ten-time Tour winner and Performance Golf coach Rocco Mediate. It was expertly designed to perfect your golf swing by providing instant auditory and sensory feedback.

In short, it’s the perfect club for any golfer who wants to improve their accuracy and distance when swinging the golf club.

This golf training aid is available in both 7-iron and Driver variations, as well as options for both left and right handed golfers.

When you purchase a Straight Stick, you also get:

  • 365-day money back guarantee
  • FREE 2-week pass to Performance Golf’s Scratch Club
  • Additional free training videos and livestreams

UnderArmour Tech Polo

The timeless gift of a golf shirt is still alive and well. When you play a lot of golf, you go through a lot of shirts. The UnderArmour Tech Polo is a popular choice to give as a gift due to its quality and fit. It comes in dozens of colors, is made from 100% polyester, and is soft and breathable for those long hours on the course.

The UnderArmour Tech Polo also does a great job of pulling sweat away from the body and drying it quickly. The shirt is great for layering in the cooler weather or helping get through those warm summer rounds.


  • Classic 3-button placket with a modern look
  • Textured and breathable fabric for a fair price
  • Many colors to choose from

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Titleist golf ball box

Even the best golfers in the game lose golf balls from time to time. The Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are some of the best golf balls in the game, and when you go through a lot of them, the price can really add up! Any serious golfer knows that this is a great and practical gift to get they’ll actually use.

The three-piece Pro V1 technology of the balls features a long distance off the tee and tremendous stopping power around the greens. Titleist uses a soft cast Urethane Elastomer Cover that is truly one of the best in the game.


  • Tons of greenside spin
  • Work for any mid to high-swing speed golfer
  • High quality name you can trust

StickIt Magnetic Golf Towel

The StickIt Magnetic Golf Towel is a unique golf gift as it is a golf towel with a small magnet to help it stick to the end of a golf club. When walking up to a green, you won’t even have to carry the towel; just attach it to the club.

With the StickIt, it’s easy to keep hands dry and clubs clean. The microfiber weave does a great job of cleaning debris off of the golf clubs and ensuring they are truly ready for play.


  • Available in several different colors
  • Cleans golf clubs well
  • Made from high-quality microfiber

EZ3 Fairway Wood

EZ3 Fairway Wood

It can be hard to buy golf clubs for players without knowing their specifics. However, we aimed to make that easier with the EZ3 Fairway Wood. The EZ3 is the world’s first 3-wood powered by Easy Strike Technology.

Your golfing friend or family member will get the results they are looking for as soon as they put this club into play. The EZ3 produces a higher launch, controlled golf shots, and a center strike regardless of the lie.

Traditionally, 3 woods can be difficult to hit because of their lower loft. However, with the Pure Strike Leading Edge and Precision Launch Loft, the EZ3 makes it fun to try and go for the green in two.

Features include:

  • Available in Stiff, Regular, Senior, Senior Plus & Ladies Flex
  • Works well for beginners, mid and high handicappers
  • Easier to hit than traditional 3 woods

G-Tech Hand Warmer

With winter golf season approaching, it’s important to remember that some golfers are about to play golf in some less-than-favorable temperatures. The solution for this is the G-Tech Hand Warmer.

The G-Tech is a rechargeable hand warmer that you can wear around your waist as you play a round of golf. The great thing about the G-Tech is that it can be turned to the back so it doesn’t get in the way of the swing.

With 12+ hours of consistent heat, there will be other ways you find you can use the G-Tech over time. We love this gift option as it’s truly made for athletes who need to perform in the poor weather.


  • Trusted by NFL, PGA, and MLB players
  • Easy to wear and still swing the club
  • Rechargeable unit with 12 hours of heat

Golf Training Program

A golf training program from Performance Golf lets you give the gift of better golf, and that’s about as good as it gets!

With options for programs on how to fix a slice, get more distance, create lag, and shoot lower scores, the possibilities are endless. Each of these classes has a different price, which makes it a perfect gift option if you are shopping within a specific budget.

Golfers will have access to the full program and can work at their own pace to become the players they want to be. All training programs are developed with the best instructors in the game.


  • Golfers can work on their own time
  • A variety of pricing options to choose from
  • Short game and long game training opportunities

Most Importantly, Enjoy!

This holiday season, we hope you and your family enjoy time together!

If you’re buying for a golfer, try to consider not just who you are buying for but what type of golfer they are. Do they care about shooting lower, having fun on the course, or finally fixing that slice? Hopefully, these options have made your holiday shopping just a little bit easier, and help the golfer have their best year of golf ever!

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