Fix your Over-the-Top Golf Swing With This Simple Trick

By Performance Golf Zone · · 3 min read

Quick Fix for a Perfect Golf Swing

Golf is a game of precision and technique, and one of the most common issues that haunt golfers of all levels is the dreaded over-the-top golf swing.

We recently posted a simple but massively helpful YouTube video where we go over some valuable insights and drills to help you correct the over-the-top problem, and quickly improve your golf swing!

The video’s under 7 minutes, so give it a watch for a visual of how to move your body and fix any swing issues you may be having.

However, if you want to learn how to fix your golf swing in a step-by-step breakdown, let’s get into it here!

Understanding the Over-the-Top Golf Swing

To tackle this issue effectively, it’s crucial to understand its root causes. Don’t worry, this is a common error and pain point for many golfers. Plus, it’s easy to fix! Your golf swing will improve in no time with this simple trick.

The problem of an over-the-top golf swing often stems from a combination of improper arm and hip movements during the swing.

The over-the-top occurs when the downswing path is excessively steep and outside-in, causing the club to approach the ball from an “over-the-top” angle.

This leads to poor ball contact and a tendency to slice the ball, and typically results from improper body and arm movements during the swing, making it challenging to achieve accuracy and particularly long distance in golf shots.

So let’s get into correcting each movement, then bringing them together for one overall quick fix!

Correcting Arm Movements

The first mistake is an incorrect arm movement, where the arms are pulled too far behind during the backswing, leading to an over-the-top downswing.

To fix this, keep the lead arm in front during the backswing, creating more room for a smoother downswing path.

The Right Way to Loop Your Arms

Building upon the corrected arm movements, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of looping your arms correctly.

By positioning the arms more in front during the backswing, golfers can create the perfect setup for a well-executed downswing. This simple yet effective drill can be a game-changer for those struggling with the over-the-top problem.

Addressing Hip Movement

In addition to arm movements, improper hip movement during the backswing is the 2nd key factor contributing to the over-the-top swing.

When the hips move forward during the backswing, it leads to steep downswing angles, resulting in inconsistent shots. Watch the video for a demonstration of a practical drill that encourages you to keep your hips back, enhancing body inclination and facilitating a smoother downswing.

Combining Arm and Hip Movements

Finally, we’re ready to combine the proper arm and hip movements.

By mastering both aspects of the swing, any golfer can overcome the over-the-top problem and start hitting flush golf shots straight down the fairway. It’s the perfect recipe for consistent and satisfying rounds of golf.

In the quest for a perfect golf swing, correcting the over-the-top problem is a crucial step.

You’re Ready to Hit the Golf Course

We hope you liked our video EASY Fix For An Over-The-Top Golf Swing, and that it provides valuable insight into this common problem.

By understanding the root causes, fixing arm movements, and addressing hip movement, you can unlock the secrets to a smoother, more consistent golf swing.

Say goodbye to the over-the-top swing, and hello to a much improved performance on the golf course!

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