How to Master Your Golf Swing with David Leadbetter’s StraightAway

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David Leadbetter on the golf course, smiling

David Leadbetter is one of the most recognizable names in golf.

You may be wondering, like many other golfers, does David Leadbetter still coach golf? What’s he up to these days?

Well, in addition to coaching many notable names in golf, he’s also developed the StraightAway, a golf swing training aid that’s loved by many to improve their takeaway! Let’s jump into some Leadbetter history, why the takeaway is so important in golf, and how you can improve your swing just by reading this blog post.

Who is David Leadbetter?

David Leadbetter has worked with countless professionals across all tours. This includes seven former world number one players such as Ernie Els, Nick Price, Greg Norman, Nick Faldo, and more. He’s helped players win more than 26 major championship titles!

His career got a major boost in the 1980s when he was working with Nick Faldo, who at the time won six majors under his guidance. Now, we’re happy to say that both pros have worked with Performance Golf to provide expert golf insight through our training programs and training aids to golfers everywhere!

”Your final goal is to convert your athletic swing to pure instinct rather than conscious thought.” – David Leadbetter

His innovative coaching style spread in the golf world, which led him to create the David Leadbetter Golf Academy with an impressive 34 locations across the globe, all teaching his groundbreaking golf methods.

Aside from working with top players, he’s also the author of several bestselling golf instruction books, instruction videos, and training aids. It is easy to see why he’s gained worldwide recognition and made lists like:

  • Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher
  • Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor

To top it off, in 2007, he was also inducted into the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame.

However, he hasn’t just worked with professional golfers. He’s given more than 100,000 amateur lessons as well! It’s safe to say that David understands the golf swing like very few coaches and can help you play much more consistent golf.

Being a student of the game and passionate about helping others, he discovered that in his mind, one move is more important than anything else. Due to this, he partnered with Performance Golf to create a truly one-of-a-kind device to help players fix the biggest issue in golf once and for all – the takeaway.

Fixing the Crucial Takeaway

There are a lot of moving parts in the golf swing but most instructors including David Leadbetter would argue the first move, the takeaway off the tee, is the most crucial.


Because how you move the club to start the backswing impacts your plane, wrist hinge, tempo, transition and downswing. This is why it’s so common to see top players working on the first part of their backswing.

A good example is Tiger Woods when he was seen working with his son Charlie Woods as he learned his dad’s favorite game. They’ve been spotted together on the driving range working on this first move because Tiger knows the importance of getting the club started on the right plane.

Another great example is Justin Thomas – he’s even engineered his pre-shot routine to help him get into the right position once the club is parallel to the ground.

Needless to say if it’s that important for the best golfers in the world, it needs to be a priority in your game too. Otherwise, fat shots, thin shots, and inconsistent ball striking are all bound to happen.

Most golfers make one of three mistakes with the takeaway:

1. Inside Takeaway

This mistake happens when the first move is rolled inside on the backswing and leads a club that is across the line at the top of the swing. It’s also a major reason why so many everyday golfers hit a pull slice.

As David Leadbetter mentioned in Golf Digest article, “Many amateurs have swing issues that start on the way back. They pull the club severely to the inside and around the body and, as a result, roll the clubface wide open. This leads to an awkward and ineffective downswing, resulting in any number of bad shots.”

When the face rolls open this leads to an open face at impact and the pesky slice that so many golfers struggle with.

2. Outside Takeaway

A less common but also frustrating move that can lead to big misses on the course is when the club is pushed outside during the takeaway and away from your body.

When you push your hands away from the trail leg and then roll your arms it can lead to a swing that is too much on an inside to out path. This leads to a lot of blocked shots and snap hooks as the arms can’t keep up with the lower body.

3. Incorrect Arm Movement

The last takeaway mistake is if you lift your arms instead of rotating your body. When you lift the club you’re off track and also losing out on tons of power.

But if you watch the best golfers in the world, you’ll notice they do not lift their arms. Instead, everything is working together in a one-piece takeaway to generate incredible power with a full 90-degree shoulder turn.

When you make any of these takeaway mistakes, one thing in common happens – overcompensation.

Whether it’s getting steep, a flat swing, or flipping your wrists all of them create inconsistencies in the golf swing that can ruin your round.

So, how can you fix the takeaway and avoid these three common issues?

David Leadbetter has the answer after many years of experience.

David Leadbetter with another golfer

David Leadbetter’s Ideal Takeaway

The solution to fixing the first part of your swing is by developing a “Tour Takeaway.” This is a term coined by David as it’s the only move that guarantees you repeatedly swing on track for more consistency.

The ideal takeaway is not handsy, it’s not wristy, it’s one piece – meaning the hands, arms, body and club all work together. When this happens it leads to a powerful, consistent golf swing.

But how do you fix the takeaway?

Invest in a launch monitor? Watch endless videos on YouTube? Hire a swing instructor?

All of those might help but might not be in the budget for some players. It’s easy to go down the YouTube rabbit hole, but in the end it might make things worse with information overload.

After watching golfers struggle with these main issues for half a century David Leadbetter created a perfect solution – the StraightAway training aid.

Try the StraightAway Training Aid

David Leadbetters StraightAway Training Aid

The StraightAway is an incredibly easy to use device that makes it simple to get into the right takeaway position.

The small, portable device fixes the move that plagues so many amateur golfers and eliminates so many inconsistencies in the swing. Even if you don’t have the time or budget to visit a David Leadbetter academy, you can learn his secret move.

Here’s how it works…

The training aid attaches just below the grip of your club and is small enough to keep in your bag at all times. It helps naturally put your hands, arms, body, and clubhead on the correct path to stay on track. The visual feedback from the device makes it easy to know if your swing is on track – without recording yourself or hiring a coach.

One of the best parts about the StraightAway is that it’s simple and easy to use. You don’t have to use an app on your phone or go through extensive training to make sure you’re using it right.

The other huge benefit of this device is that you can use it on any club and it works whether you’re taking practice swings or hitting golf balls. You can “clip it and rip it” then take it off after a few to feel a better, more efficient takeaway for a more consistent swing.

StraightAway Bonuses

When you purchase The StraightAway, you also get additional bonuses to up your golf game, which makes it a no brainer!

  • Perfect Pitch – While the portable aid can help with your swing, don’t forget about the short game too. This video training to improve your fundamentals from inside 50 yards to save shots from close range and become a more complete golfer.
  • Pure Putt – This video training will help you learn how to putt like a pro without spending hours on the practice green. You’ll learn the one key move that makes putting simple for all types of golfers.
  • Leadbetter Livestream – Ask questions and get real feedback from one of the most successful golf coaches ever. Plus, if you aren’t able to attend it live you will get access to the replay as well.
  • StraightAway System – This video training series from David using the blueprint that he’s used with more than 100,000 amateur lessons and guarantees faster results. You’ll learn some of his most popular drills including the “Set Swing” and “Tour Accuracy” drill for incredible consistency. This will help you practice more efficiently and never waste time on the driving range again.

Don’t forget, with any training aid from Performance Golf you’ll also receive a risk-free 365-day money-back guarantee to ensure it’s everything you hoped for.

Get started with the Straight Away training aid now.

Closing Thoughts

Remember, the first move makes or breaks your golf swing.

Taking the club back incorrectly is the biggest problem for 99% of golfers, but fortunately is something you can fix quickly with tips from top coaches and training aids like The StraightAway.

If you need help with a specific part of your game, make sure to check out our vast training library. These training sessions are self-paced and from some of the top instructors in the game to help you make improvements quickly. Whether you need to improve your swing, dial in your wedges, make more putts or figure out the mental game, there is a video series or blog for you at Performance Golf!

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