Hit Solid Golf Irons With This Easy Drill Video

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Hit solid irons

If you’re struggling to hit your irons consistently, we have an easy drill that can transform your downswing and help you hit your irons with more consistency than ever! Performance Golf coach Eric Cogorno shares this step-by-step drill on our YouTube channel and we’ll give a quick recap here.

Hip Rotation in the Downswing

For many golfers, achieving proper hip rotation through the downswing can be a persistent challenge. This simple yet effective drill is designed to enhance hip rotation, improve contact, and increase the consistency of your iron shots. Whether you’ve been struggling for years or just started noticing issues, this drill might be the game-changer you need.

The Drill: Improving Your Hip Rotation

Step One: Setting Up

  1. Grab a Club: Hold the club just below your belt line with your lead hand on the front end and your trail hand near the club head.
  2. Positioning: Your palms should be pointing behind you.

Hit solid irons instructions 1

Step Two: The Focus

  1. Push with Your Right Hip: As you swing, focus on using your right (trail) hip to push the right side of the club forward through the ball and into your finish position.
  2. Resist with Your Right Hand: While pushing the club forward with your hip, use your right hand to push the club back behind you until you feel the pressure on your hip. This resistance helps enhance the hip rotation.

Hit solid irons instructions 2

Step Three: Achieving Proper Hip Rotation

  1. End Goal: Aim to get your hips fully square towards the target, with your right hip even with your left.
  2. Visual Cue: Watch the club head relative to the golf ball. It should move past the ball if done correctly.

Hips are square to the target line

Benefits of the Proper Position in Your Downswing

  1. Forward Low Point: Increased hip rotation shifts your low point forward, ensuring you hit the ball first and the ground second.
  2. Consistent Contact: With proper rotation, you avoid fat or thin shots, leading to more consistent, solid strikes.

Advanced Cues: Enhancing the Drill

Right Knee and Foot Positioning

  1. Right Knee Alignment: Alongside your right hip, your right knee should also align with your left knee.
  2. Trail Foot Position: As you push your hip through, your right foot should be up on its toes with shoelaces pointing towards the target.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

  1. Hip Line: From a down-the-line view, your hip, knee, and foot should stay inside a vertical line drawn from your toe.
  2. No Forward Movement: Ensure your hip doesn’t move towards the ball but stays within the toe line.

Your trail foot should be up on it's toes with laces facing the target

Grab Your Irons and Try the Drill!

This hip rotation drill from Eric Cogorno is designed to enhance your downswing, improve contact, and increase the consistency of your iron shots. By focusing on hip movement, knee alignment, and foot positioning, you can achieve a solid, reliable swing. Give this drill a try and share your experience. For any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment on Eric’s video.

Improve your game with this simple yet powerful drill and watch your iron shots become more solid and consistent than ever before!

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