The Perfect Golf Swing Setup for Senior Golfers

By Performance Golf Zone · · 4 min read
Senior Swing Setup

In today’s YouTube video recap, we’re diving into a game-changing strategy tailored specifically for senior golfers looking to outdrive even their most experienced golf buddies.

Professional coach and Performance Golf instructor Eric Cogorno shares some valuable insight on how to optimize the driver setup and golf swing for enhanced distance without the need for increased effort and risk of injury.

If you’re keen on hitting the ball significantly farther with less muscle strain, watch the YouTube video below or keep reading for a step-by-step guide.

The Senior Golfer’s Secret: Setup and Swing Optimization

A common concern among senior golfers is how to regain the distance they once had in their youth, without increased risk of injury. Unfortunately for older golfers, most modern-day golf instruction available includes intensive swing speed training that just isn’t a smart approach.

To gain more distance while staying healthy, we suggest a more straightforward approach that focuses on the setup and swing dynamics, rather than raw power in the golf swing.

Gaining Distance & Choosing Efficiency Over Effort

To reclaim distance in the golf swing for a senior golfer, the key lies in the setup. Learning how to position the club head to approach the ball from inside and hit it slightly up during the delivery is the first step.

Research reveals that hitting up on the ball, within reason, leads to greater distance with the same club head speed. So, for senior golfers aiming to regain or surpass their past driving capabilities without intensifying their swings, it will help to shift focus to an inside approach and an upward strike.

The Setup: A Pivotal Starting Point

For specific setup adjustments that can make a substantial difference, especially for senior golfers, be sure to watch the video, which emphasizes the importance of recognizing the limitations that come with age, particularly reduced flexibility and rotational capacity.

To compensate, we suggest manipulating the setup to favor a longer backswing, which ultimately translates to more power with less effort.

Cheating the Backswing for Distance

One crucial aspect of optimizing this setup is pulling the trail foot back slightly. By doing so, senior golfers present a more closed stance, and in turn, a longer backswing.

The backswing’s length is directly proportional to the distance achieved – a longer backswing translates to more power with less effort. Golfers are encouraged to feel the trail hip and shoulder moving up and back during the backswing, further enhancing the potential for a substantial drive.

Backswing Turn: The Crux of Distance and Power

Now that the setup is optimized, we can focus on the backswing – a pivotal phase in the golf swing that significantly influences power and distance.

Senior golfers should decide whether they’d prefer a more significant turn through the ball or on the backswing. The recommendation, especially for those aiming to outdrive their buddies, is to prioritize the backswing turn for more power with less effort.

Drill for Backswing Length

For a simple yet effective drill, keep a wide stance, pull the trail foot back, and focus on the trail hip and shoulder moving up and back during the backswing. This creates a more extended backswing and, consequently, a more powerful strike.

Set Up for Golf Swing Success

We hope these strategic adjustments in the setup and backswing can unlock greater potential for your golf game without compromising ease or comfort.

By choosing efficiency over effort, senior golfers can confidently step onto the course, ready to perform their best with a newfound understanding of the optimized driver setup and swing.

Remember, it’s not about swinging harder; it’s about swinging smarter!

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