What is Golf Swing Lag? Understanding the Secret Move of the Golf Pros

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One of the most common questions when it comes to the golf swing is “How do I create lag?”

Expert golfers know that lag is the secret to better ball striking, more distance, and most importantly, striking the golf ball more consistently. If you struggle with fat and thin shots, want to hit it longer, and feel like you’re missing the sweet spot too often…a lack of lag might be to blame.

So what is lag, technically? How do you generate more of it? We’ll answer these questions, in addition to sharing a proven technique that can help you add 10–30 yards to your drives.

Golf Swing Lag – What is It?

First, let’s identify what is lag in the golf swing, as there are so many terms it’s easy to get confused when trying to improve your golf swing.

Lag is created by the angle between the club, wrists and arms in your golf swing. By having the right positioning of the arms, wrists and club when you hit the ball on impact, you create the lag you need. You can see easily in the reference photo below what a good lag angle would look like.

Ben Hogan is one of the best examples of an elite player who creates an immense amount of lag. He’s said in his book and teaching videos that he felt he would lead with his elbows on the downswing to get into this powerful position.

When you create lag, you swing from the inside path – known as an inside to outside swing. Unfortunately, most everyday golfers have an outside to inside swing, which has almost no lag at all.

When you don’t create lag in your golf swing, you’re losing out on tons of distance (sometimes 15-30 yards). Not to mention, an over-the-top motion leads to inconsistent contact and hitting it everywhere except the sweet spot.

How to Create Lag

If you do a quick search on Google or YouTube, you’ll find countless resources and training aids to learn how to create lag. Some of the most common strategies to improve lag include:

  • Clearing your hips faster
  • Releasing the club properly
  • Changing your set-up position
  • Taking the golf club back on a more outside plane
  • Feeling like you’re pulling a chain down to begin your backswing

But is there one move that will help you swing from the inside for a more consistent and powerful golf swing? Or a training aid that will actually help you drop the club in the slot and stop casting or flipping your wrists?

According to Performance Golf instructor Eric Cogorno, these are not the real solutions to creating more lag. In fact, it has nothing to do with training aids or how many lessons you’ve already had, either.

The real culprit for a lack of lag is contradicting golf swing advice that puts your wrist in a bad position. This is why so many amateur golfers struggle to make consistent contact and hit the golf ball.

After seeing this time and time again, Eric created a system to help you finally understand how to create lag.

The Lag Lock Technique

Eric Cogorno understands what it’s like to not create lag, either. He suffered an injury that wouldn’t let his left arm bend properly and killed his dream of playing golf professionally. He couldn’t get the club in the slot no matter what he did.

It wasn’t until he saw a video from Ben Hogan that it all clicked. Ben is one of the best ball strikers to ever touch a club and had more lag than most professional golfers, which is why he’s one of the most consistent players of all time.

Eric started testing this unique strategy and found success faster than ever – not only for himself, but his students too. He coined the Lag Lock Technique and goes against what 99% of coaches say when it comes to producing lag.

Lag Can Be Learned

If you watch a lot of golf videos on TV or YouTube, it’s a common myth to hear that lag is something you can’t learn…it’s something that you either have or don’t have.

But that’s just not the case.

No matter where you’re at now, what injuries you’ve had, your age, or flexibility, you can create lag!

Creating more lag doesn’t come from changing your grip, stance or ball position. It has nothing to do with Sergio Garcia’s tip of “pulling down the chain” either. While that might be what Sergio feels, this isn’t what’s he doing to create so much lag in his swing.

The Lag Lock Technique doesn’t require extra strength, years of playing experience, or excess rotation either. It just requires you to learn one simple move to create lethal lag for more consistency than ever before.

This is why Eric created the Lethal Lag masterclass. It will dispel any confusion about the takeaway and make it easier than ever to learn how to rotate your body properly for more lag than ever.

Creating lag in your golf swing is one of the fastest ways to hit it longer and straighter than ever.

This simple and in-depth training will get you near instant results to understand lag like never before. This is a fraction of the price than working with Eric 1:1 and lets you learn this valuable skill from home (or the driving range) to change your swing fast.

You can also improve your golf swing with the following tips included in the training:

  • The #1 hidden factor that leads to all inconsistent shots.
  • A 30/30 practice plan, which will help you practice like a pro in 30 days or less
  • The Flush Contact Formula, where you will learn how to flush shots consistently without overhauling your golf swing.

Learn more about Lethal Lag now.

Implement Lag in your Golf Swing For Impressive Results

Creating lag in your golf swing is one of the fastest ways to hit it longer and straighter than ever.

To recap, most golfer’s swing planes are too steep and come from over the top (aka, no lag), while elite ball strikers create lag from an inside to outside swing path. This leads to more distance on every shot and makes it much easier to square the clubface at impact.

If you want to learn how to create lag in your golf swing, make sure to check out Lethal Lag by Eric Cogorno. With more than 20,000 in-person lessons, he’s discovered the secret to helping golfers just like you create lag with ease.

Or, if you need help with another area of your game, check out our vast training library. Whether you need to add distance, fix your short game or master your putting, there is a program from a top-rated coach for you.

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