The Secrets to Longer Golf Drives: Tips from the World’s Long Drive Champion

By Performance Golf Zone · · 4 min read

Want to add speed and distance to your long drive?

When it comes to golf, few things are as satisfying as crushing a long drive down the fairway. It’s a moment that combines power, precision, and a touch of magic. But what if you could consistently add more speed and distance to your golf drives?

In our recent YouTube video “Gain 30+ Yards | Long Drive Champ Shows How ANY Golfer Can Add Speed & Distance,” we delve into some valuable insights shared by Martin Borgmeier, the number one long driver in the world.

Our goal is to help you unlock the secrets to longer golf drives by adding speed and distance.

If you prefer reading, want to come back and save this post for later, or simply want to know even more about adding 30+ yards to your swing, we’ve broken it down here as well!

The Speed Demon’s Wisdom

Martin Borgmeier, often referred to as the “Speed Demon” for his remarkable power and distance off the tee, has a wealth of knowledge to share on adding speed and distance to your drives. He joins forces with JT Thomas of Performance Golf to reveal some game-changing tips and drills.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Dynamic Takeaway

One of the fundamental principles Martin emphasizes is the dynamic takeaway. Instead of relying solely on your hands, he encourages golfers to engage their bodies in the initial phases of the swing. According to him, this is where the power begins to accumulate.

He also mentions that this is a bit of a departure from traditional golf swing coaching, and that to achieve this type of power, there’s a limit as well. Maintaining a balance of power and technique is crucial to finding your best swing yet.

Creating a Trigger

Incorporating a trigger into your takeaway is another key element of adding distance and speed.

This involves shifting from the lead side to the trail side of your body, effectively using your body’s movement to initiate the swing. This early loading of energy into the club shaft can significantly boost your clubhead speed.

Getting Taller in the Backswing

To optimize your swing for longer drives, Martin recommends getting taller in the backswing. This means raising your center of mass, which is typically around your belly button. By doing this, you’re setting yourself up for a more powerful downswing.

Lifting the Left Heel

One intriguing technique that Martin suggests is lifting the left heel during the swing. This not only helps in raising your center of mass but also opens up your range of motion, especially in the hips and t-spine. It’s a simple adjustment that can lead to significant improvements in your swing.

The Impressive Results Are In

So, do these tips actually work? Well, in the video, we see Martin and JT putting these principles to the test. The results are astonishing. By incorporating these techniques, they managed to increase their clubhead speed by several miles per hour in just a few swings. The balls were flying faster and farther down the range.

Your Path to Longer Drives

Martin Borgmeier’s insights are a game-changer for any golfer looking to add more distance to their drives. The dynamic takeaway, creating a trigger, and getting taller in the backswing are all techniques that can unlock your hidden potential. And don’t forget to lift that left heel to maximize your range of motion.

Remember, practice makes perfect. These adjustments might feel a bit unfamiliar at first, but with dedication and consistency, you can incorporate them into your swing. So, why not give it a try? Your next golf outing could be filled with booming drives that leave your playing partners in awe. For more tips, tricks, and professional advice from golf experts, be sure to check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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