This EASY Drill Drastically Improves Ball Striking in Your Golf Swing

By Performance Golf Zone · · 3 min read
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Are you looking to take your golf game to the next level? Do you find yourself struggling with consistent ball striking? We recently featured a super simple but effective drill on our YouTube channel that will improve your ball striking in no time!

So what is ball striking? It’s exactly as it sounds: making solid contact between the club face and the golf ball hitting the ball. This golf swing skill takes practice in order to hit the ball straight on and accurately control your swing’s trajectory and distance.

The Drill: Maintaining Inclination and Rotation

Be sure to watch the video above for a visual representation of the drill, but we’ve also broken it down for you here! Let’s get started:

Start With Inclination

Begin your setup with a slight tilt forward, ensuring your lead shoulder is lower than your trail shoulder. This sets the foundation for maintaining inclination throughout the swing.

Initiate Rotation

As you start your backswing, focus on initiating a controlled rotation of your upper body while keeping your inclination intact. Imagine turning your torso to achieve a 45-degree angle with the ground.

Add Side Bend

As you continue your backswing, gradually introduce a subtle side bend, particularly on the downswing. This movement complements the rotation and helps maintain the desired inclination angle.

Timing is Key

Pay attention to the timing of your movements. Initiate rotation early in the backswing, followed by adding side bend gradually to avoid excessive tilting or loss of inclination.

Focus on the Downswing

On the downswing, maintain the inclination angle as you rotate your body toward the target. This ensures a clean strike on the ball and promotes a forward low point of the swing.

Accurately Implement the Drill for Better Ball Striking

It’s important to practice drills like this regularly and incorporate this drill into your routine, starting with slow, deliberate movements to ensure proper technique. Using visual aids like mirrors or video recordings to monitor your form and ensure you’re maintaining inclination and rotation throughout the swing.

If you find yourself still needing assistance, you can work with a coach or experienced golfer who can provide feedback and guidance to help you refine your technique.

By mastering this drill and focusing on maintaining inclination and rotation, you’ll see significant improvements in your ball-striking consistency. Remember to be patient and diligent in your practice, and watch as your golf game improves with each round!

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