Tiger’s Former Coach Breaks the Record for Most Slices Fixed…ONLINE!

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If you want to play better golf and maximize your potential, we’ve got one piece of advice.

Stop ignoring your slice!

Don’t kill your distance and chance of hitting fairways by letting this issue continue in your golf swing.

To fix your slice you need to first understand why it’s happening. Once diagnosed, it’s about making the necessary adjustments to fix it fast.

What is a Slice?

This undesirable golf shot that curves to the right (for a right-handed golfer) or to the left (for a left-handed golfer) is a common problem for many golfers. It typically results in the ball starting on target but then veering off course, leading to disappointment.

A slice occurs when the golf ball spins in a clockwise direction (for a right-handed golfer) or counterclockwise (for a left-handed golfer).

This spin causes the ball to curve away from the intended target. Several factors can contribute to a slice; improper grip, open clubface at impact, an outside-to-in swing path, or a combination of these elements.

We go over the difference between a slice and a hook in this blog post, where you can learn more about these shots.

The Truth About Fixing a Slice

Here’s the thing…fixing your slice is simple, even if you’ve been told otherwise.

As Tiger’s former swing coach Hank Haney says, “We have to do one thing. We have to get the clubface square relative to the path of your swing.”

It doesn’t take hours on the range, either.

In fact, Hank has helped more than 110,000 golfers fix their slice without seeing any of them for in-person lessons. If it’s worked for them, it can work for you too.

His proven and simple formula is known as the One Shot Slice Fix.

The Solution: One Shot Slice Fix

The One Shot Slice Fix is an exclusive online video training where you can learn Hank Haney’s tried and true, 5-minute Counter Slice Sequence.

One reason so many golfers simply learn to live with their slice is they think it’s too hard to fix.

But that’s not true, and can be solved after hitting just a few range balls (even without an in-person lesson).

Hank Haney’s proven One Shot Slice Fix will give you the blueprint to learn why slices occur and the easiest way to fix it.

Inside this easy-to-follow video training you’ll find:

  • The ONE major reason golfers slice the ball
  • Three simple drills to create a permanent draw-producing position
  • Hank’s proven technique to add 20-30 yards to your drives
  • How fixing your slice can help you hit more greens

Hank’s proven system is different because most golf instructors refer to the symptoms of a slice – like a steep downswing or outside in swing path instead of focusing on the root cause.

For lasting results in your swing, you need to get the fundamentals down.

Golfer slicing the ball

Why the One Shot Slice Fix is Truly Unique

You may be thinking, how is this different from free YouTube videos or training aids that can help you correct a slice?

First, the teacher. Hank Haney is one of the top coaches in the golf world and has worked with arguably the greatest player in history – Tiger Woods. He’s witnessed golf at the highest level and knows what it takes to eliminate the slice, or as he calls it, the big miss.

Aside from working with Tiger and other professional golfers, his proven method has helped more than 100,000 amateurs in the last two years alone. His system is simple and effective. No fluff, just results.

The best part is that it’s designed to work for golfers of all levels with NO in-person lessons or one-on-one feedback. Simply follow the steps outlined in the videos to see consistent, on-target flush contact on every swing. Improve your swing on your own time!

Additionally, it’s the only slice training program that identifies the ONE root cause of the slice and provides three easy-to-implement drills to fix it fast. Remember, most programs and videos only help golfers cope with symptoms instead of fixing the cause.

Hank makes it easy for golfers of all skill levels to understand why a slice is happening and what to do now to fix it. By fixing the root cause, it’ll be practically impossible to continue hitting a slice.

Next Steps to Fix Your Slice

The sooner you fix your slice, the sooner you can hit it longer, straighter, and hit more greens in regulation. Which will make it a lot easier to score lower and avoid costly blowup holes.

What are you waiting for?

>>Click here to fix your slice FAST.

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