Top 3 Golf Swing Secrets from Coach David Leadbetter

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David Leadbetter is a man who needs no introduction, as an iconic coach who has worked with some of the biggest names in golf.

Today we’re sharing some of his top swing secrets, joined by Performance Golf instructor and coach Eric Cogorno in this YouTube video.

These easy-to-implement techniques will help get your swing set up right, so you can be more efficient on the golf course. These drills are simple to follow and can help you practice on your own time to help you better understand your swing setup and improve your golf swing.

Three Golf Swing Secrets from Pro Coach David Leadbetter

For a full visual, be sure to watch the YouTube video above; but we’ll also break down each drill and its benefits here on the Performance Golf blog!

No Takeaway Backswing

This basic drill shows how to get set up properly, by synchronizing your arms and the rest of your body. From address, use your core to bring your hands back to your trail leg. Your hands should be inside of the clubhead in a good takeaway position. When you set up your golf swing correctly, there’s much less room for error.

12-Inch Torso Trick

This is a drill done without the ball, which makes it easy to practice. Start with the club just past the ball; your hands should be in front of your lead leg. Then, use your core to bring the club back to the takeaway position. Your hands should now be in front of your trail leg, and the clubhead should be outside of the hands, setting you up for a perfect swing.

Belly Button Drill

Start by placing the grip of the club on your belly button, hence the name of this drill. Choke down a bit on the club, and use your core to initiate the takeaway, keeping the grip on your belly button as you make your movement. Your arms should maintain a triangle shape through the drill, allowing you to get the right ratio between the arms and the body and minimize extra movements.

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