Performance Golf Coach:
Hank Haney

Profile headshot of Hank Haney
PGA Teacher of the Year 1993
Golf Digest Top 10 Teacher, 1993-1999
Gulf Coast PGA Chapter “Teacher of the Year” 1984
Golf Digest Number Four Teacher, 2000, 2002
Golf Digest Top 25 Teacher, 1984-1992

Revered coaching legend Hank Haney stands at the pinnacle of his craft, having honed the swings of some of the world’s greatest golfers. With an impressive roster of over 200 PGA Tour professionals and a staggering 70,000 lessons under his belt, his impact on the game is nothing short of extraordinary. Notably, his students have triumphed in every major professional golf tournament, a testament to his exceptional coaching.

Haney’s journey began with humility, but it was catapulted to legendary status when he guided Mark O’Meara to victory in both the Masters and the British Open in 1998. This milestone set the stage for a momentous six-year partnership with Tiger Woods, during which Haney’s expertise played a pivotal role in Woods’ 13 major championship victories.

At the core of his coaching philosophy lies simplicity and efficiency. Haney firmly believes in refining the swing by focusing on fundamentals and eliminating unnecessary motion. Emphasizing that golf is a sport for all, regardless of age, gender, or skill level, he exudes an inclusive and encouraging approach.

Beyond his illustrious coaching career, Hank Haney wears multiple hats as an accomplished author and successful businessman. His books on golf instruction have garnered acclaim, and he founded the award-winning Hank Haney Golf Inc. Presently, he owns and coaches at four top-tier golf facilities spread across the United States.

A true master of the swing, Hank Haney possesses an innate ability to unlock your full potential. Regardless of your skill level, he is dedicated to elevating your game and ensuring a more enjoyable experience on the course. With Haney in your corner, the possibilities for improvement and success are limitless.

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