Performance Golf Coach:
James Sieckmann

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2018 National Teacher of the Year
Worked with over 150 tour pros
2019 Golf Digest #1 Ranked Teacher in the World
Best-selling author

James Sieckmann’s journey in golf began when he caddied for his brother Tom at the US Open, sparking his dream of becoming a professional golfer. However, fate had other plans, and he found his true calling on the teaching side of the sport. Under the mentorship of renowned instructor Dave Pelz, James honed his skills, becoming one of Pelz’s most exceptional proteges.

His coaching career took off when he joined various golf academies in the United States, where he helped amateur golfers enhance their skills. In 1994, an opportunity to instruct at the Omaha Shadow Ridge Country Club presented itself, and James seized it. While still caddying for his brother and other professionals, he avidly studied top players like Seve Ballesteros, gaining unique insights into their exceptional short game techniques.

By thoroughly analyzing these players’ techniques, he realized that much of what he had learned in college was insufficient. Determined to master their methods, he developed an impeccable short game system that would later revolutionize the careers of numerous PGA Tour pros and amateur golfers worldwide.

James’s reputation as a short-game guru spread rapidly, and through his brother’s network of tour-level golfers, he began coaching and sharing the knowledge he gained from Pelz and Ballesteros. His influence in the golfing community continued to grow, leading him to receive accolades such as being named National Teacher of the Year in 2018 and Golf Digest’s #1 Short Game Teacher of the Year in 2019.

Throughout his thirty-year career, James has coached over 150 tour pros, including notable names like Tom Pernice, Charlie Wi, Brad Faxon, Matt Harmon, and Kenny Perry. His world-renowned coaching prowess attracts players from all corners of the globe, with some flying in specifically for a few hours of practice with him.

Today, James Sieckmann’s dedication to helping players improve their short games remains as strong as ever. He continues to run the Shadow Ridge Golf Academy and trains PGA Tour pros to elevate their skills and take their game to the next level. His impact on the sport is immeasurable, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of golf coaching and instruction.

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