Performance Golf Coach:
Rocco Mediate

Profile headshot of Rocco Mediate
10–Time Tour Winner
38-year PGA tour vet
6 PGA Tour wins, 4 Champions Tour wins, including one Senior Major Championship
SiriusXM host of The Rocco Hour
Engaged in a legendary 18-hole playoff against Tiger Woods at the 2008 U.S. Open, an iconic moment in golf history that demonstrated his resilience and sportsmanship
Continued contribution to the sport as a television commentator and golf analyst, providing insightful commentary and analysis to viewers

Rocco Mediate, a seasoned professional golfer renowned for his charismatic personality and remarkable on-course performances, has left an indelible mark on the world of golf. Born on December 17, 1962, in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Rocco’s journey through the sport is a testament to dedication and resilience.

After bursting onto the PGA Tour in 1985, Rocco quickly made a name for himself with his on-course grit and “never-give-up” attitude. Throughout his career, he garnered six PGA Tour victories and four Champions Tour wins, including one senior Major Championship. His most iconic moment came in 2008, when he engaged in a legendary 18-hole playoff against none other than Tiger Woods at the U.S. Open. Rocco’s tenacity and sportsmanship during this electrifying battle earned him widespread admiration, even in defeat.

Beyond his accomplishments on the course, Rocco’s impact extends to his role as a beloved figure in the golf community. His approachable demeanor and genuine interactions with fans have earned him a special place in the hearts of golf enthusiasts worldwide. Rocco’s authenticity and willingness to share his experiences, both triumphant and challenging, have made him an inspirational figure for aspiring golfers and those facing obstacles in their own lives. Rocco often says, “There’s only one thing I know better than Air Jordans and cigars — GOLF.”

In addition to his playing career, Rocco has continued to contribute to the sport as a television commentator and golf analyst, providing keen insights and expert analysis to viewers. His deep understanding of the game and his ability to articulate complex aspects in a relatable manner have further solidified his role as a respected voice within the golfing community.

Rocco Mediate’s journey through the ranks of professional golf embodies perseverance, sportsmanship, and a genuine passion for the game. His legacy serves as a reminder that success is not solely measured in trophies but also in the hearts and minds of those he has inspired on and off the fairways.

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